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Weekly Open Games — это проект для людей, которым интересен хардкорный тип игры. Мы стараемся максимально эффективно использовать структуру, слабые и сильные стороны, а также технику и вооружение различных сторон конфликта, но не ставим перед собой цель провести 100% сбалансированного боестолкновения. Командная игра, командное взаимодействие — фундамент нашего проекта.
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Island Altis divided to the two parts. Western part is controlled by Russia and eastern part is controlled by NATO. Russia decided to build strong border line with defensive objects to prevent spread of the NATO influence and spread over Altis island. As the situation escalated the US army on the eastern part of the island is preparing to perform push through the border. They strive to secure military base behind the border to get pivot point for further advance. The border will not be easy task for attacking side as it is guarded by fences, bunkers , watch towers, mine fields and barriers. Attacking side decided to use advantage of the night vision technology and attack will be performed in dark.

Attacking side can use special truck with winch to pull antitank hedgehogs of the way.

Each bunker is equipped with static weapons. Some weapons are placed on telescopic table to increase vertical range.

Attacking side has Engineer Squad Vehicle with plow to deal with minefields.


Uniforms photo.


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Number of participants
  • Year
  • Time for a mission
  • Weather
    00:00, Clear Moon
  • Attack side win conditions
    Main building in the military base is captured.
  • Attack side vehicles
    20×M1151 M2HB
    1×MTVR (Repair)
    1×MTVR (Ammo)
    1×MTVR (Refuel)
    1×MTVR (Winch)
    1×M1133 MEV
  • Defense side win condiotions
    Main building in the military base is defended for 120 minutes.
  • Defense Side technique
    1×GAZ-66 (Ammo)
    1×Ural-4320 (Fuel)
    1×Ural-4320 (Repair)
    1×GAZ Vodnik (Medical)
    10×KORD (6U16)
    1×Fagot launcher
  • Mission features
    Anti tank hedgehogs can be draged by winch.
  • Type
  • Island
  • Mode
  • WEST side
    US Army
  • EAST side
    Russian Federation
  • Attack Side
  • Defense Side
  • Thermal sights mode
    Выключен / OFF


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@Masaker  Sorry for delay. Here is a list of things you should fix + suggestions. Your mission description is in English completely, so I decided to reply in English, thought it will be easier for us.

  • User only lowercase letters for mission pbo name. (Rule 1.1) 
  • You need to add Russian translation for tasks, briefing and additional information. You can keep English version. (Rule 3.5)
  • It's prohibited to use any symbols (including space) in scripts name. Example equip\B\MG Assist.sqf. (Rule 5.4)
  • You should place all scripts (except loadouts files) to scripts folder. (Rule 6.1) 
  • You need to add sides screenshot on briefing (Rule 3.7)
  • EOD squad vehicle screenshot has wrong resolution. Set  width='400' height='250' and it will look ok. Also, is Striker screenshot necessary?
  • I suggest to lower object view distance at least to 2500 meters and terrain view distance to 5000. With this amount of objects can make it unplayable.
  • Try delete as many unnecessary objects as you can, check spawns, check Crossing point. Server doesn't show good performance more than with 500 objects, you have 3345. Decrease amount of buildings with interior. 
  • Disable simulation for all rest objects, that  you don't want to delete: walls, ramparts, fences and etc on spawns and key points of both sides. There is a lot of objects, especially on Crossing point. Also on Bluefor HQ spawn screens are visibly colliding.
  • Few problems with buildings on Crossing point. Terrain is clipping through 2 "Barracks (w/ Interior, EU)". Stone wall is clipping through "Guard house". Police station with arab symbols looks weird on Altis, in my opinion.
  • Check hedgehogs along the border and winching lorry in editor, they are floating few meters above ground, check another objects on map.
  • Lorry with winch loose 100% of fuel, after I pull first hedgehog. Is it by design? If yes, I suggest to mention it in description.
  • Did you forgot to place loading screen picture?
  • When West wins, message is "Hotel captured". In WMT Capture points module. Is this text correct?
  • equip\B\repair truck.sqf - you have dragon ATGM inside, but no scope (ACE_M47_Daysight). Was it done by design?

P.S. Mission looks great, if you need help with translation to Russian, you can ask me.


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Hello @Sharif

Thank you for your inspection of the mission. We were able to fix almost all of the mentioned issues and new version 1.0.2 was uploaded.

  • Name of the mission file was converted to lower case
  • Spaces was removed from mission files
  • All mission scripts was moved to directory called scripts
  • Uniforms image was added to the briefing
  • EOD vehicle photo was removed from the briefing
  • Object view distance was lowered to 2500 m
  • Terrain view distance was lowered to 5000 m
  • Number of mission object was reduced by 1100
  • Simulation was disabled for significant number of objects
  • Buildings was reorganised to prevent clipping with terrain
  • Hedgehogs starting position was checked to prevent starting in air
  • Winch lorry behaviour description was added to the briefing
  • Mission end messages was corrected to fit the scenario
  • Loading screen image was added
  • The Dragon ATGM is only in the ammo lorry not in the repair lorry and it is indented to supply weapon squads when they run out of the rockets. No scope is necessary to be in the lorry as the squad is equipped with the scope.

Only remaining issue is the translation to Russian. We would like to take your offer to make translation for us. Give me know whether you need send briefing as plain text from us or whether you will extract text for translation from mission pbo.

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у Инженеров синих доступен арсенал при взаимодействии с инженерной техникой, проблемы с рацией, аптечка в уазиках. @Masaker

Edited by emty

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Очень мало медиков, очень мало медицины, очень мало фпс, нет жгутов, ужасная структура отделений. Сама задумка с рашем через одни ворота очень хороша (нет). 

Edited by Zwierdik

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2 hours ago, MaDnEss said:

Полагаю, что такой формат миссии больше подойдет для игр в 60-80 человек, но не для 193 и уж темболее не для 215

Я так не думаю. Граница была довольно широкой, и атака могла атаковать как с севера, так и с любого другого направления.

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Проблема даже не в этом, а в фпсе, который был в районе 15-20, а на деревянных пк его скорее всего вообще не было, да и скопление стольких юнитов на таком ограниченном участке просто убьет сервер

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12 часов назад, Zwierdik сказал:

Очень мало медиков, очень мало медицины, очень мало фпс, нет жгутов, ужасная структура отделений. Сама задумка с рашем через одни ворота очень хороша (нет). 

Просто атака по какой-то удивительной причине оставила грузовик с тросом на старте. Собственно поэтому в одни ворота и бились. Картодел дал механики, их решили не использовать. В принципе так часто бывает на мисках, где есть что-то сложнее захвата зоны.

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I uploaded new version of the mission. Some problems with the equipment were fixed. More medical material was added. Some objects in the border crossing were rearranged to prevent problematic collisions with passing vehicles.

In order to solve performance problem, we have to first determine, what was the reason for the higher server load.

  1. Was it caused by large number of object in the mission?
  2. Was it caused by high number of players concentrated in small area?

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