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  1. I can confirm that the whole MOR squad knows about this and that he (Rambo) violated both WOG and MOR rules by this. I also can confirm that Rambo knew about the fact that he was out of the clan and there was enough time to communicate with us on this topic (one or two weeks before this mission).
  2. Oh, you are back @GRIDOS I want Chocolate ice cream, please.
  3. I think this was a good plan, it took me as a surprise completely but when we speak about the gameplay, there was just a very few people that actually did something in this mission, with the replay you can see that even half of the people who parachuted died, but on the other hand, victory in 20 minutes is something that counts and so congratulation to @Qvazar for it after all. PS: Это нет руж это тактика
  4. Oh, so that is why you spend so much time far away from the zone, funny and sad in the same time is that Djek later goes into the zone just to be killed by a friendly-fire...
  5. When you really know that you are having a bad day? First mission (Rasman armored) - We successfully landed on LZ but got literally rekt by FRWL tank, the only man who survived was @Vitalya Second mission (Бойня в администрации) - I expected the enemy to go as fast as possible to the zone through the forest but really not that fast when this was a second mission, my mistake and I already apologized before the mission ended, fun fact, even my first commanding ever on Arma 2 was better compared to this one (or at least take a long time before the finish). Third mission (FOB 270) - MOR slotted with FRWL to one team, I decided to try being a driver of BTR-80A with @Novihak, again the disembark of infantry was without any problem, after a few seconds the only thing I saw was a flames and the smooth transition to the spectator, haven't even heard that TOW hit us. Fourth mission (Blind) - The only mission that I enjoyed and thanks to BTK Hall who piloted the heli we had good fun with @Aja on M2 side gunner slots.
  6. That was a good move @ZAMPOLIT ... Until the rocket came
  7. Two moments of the last mWOG
  8. There is a link for the map if anyone wanna want to check it out in the game https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950966660
  9. @LEYDEN CTU I am with you, @Aja suggested this map a long time ago and it would be a great addition along the Lingor. @Avarax Yes, you are right about the space it takes on HDD (more like SSD in my case) but wasnt there a topic by @sup whatever it is or isnt a problem for people? Most of the votes were positive and resulted in the amount of addons we have today. PS: In total I have around 100 GB of Arma 3 (vanilla + all DLCs + WOG addons) and still see no problem in it, for example Kingdom Come Deliverance has also around 72 GB...
  10. I think this is the reason :)
  11. Hello from WW2 OFCRA event
  12. @Mattoni I think you have new heli friend (he was the pilot that drop 1DSHR SPN on Malden)
  13. I forgot to say something, we should rename Winged Infantry mission to Winged Inferno as it is more fitting for it

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