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  1. До

    Каковы будут шансы сыграть миссию Вилла Абу Хаджара? Любые ставки?
  2. @Dgors We were so lucky, @Kubajs21 quickly moved to the left and it worked
  3. Some interesting notes from changelogs @ Fixed M2 Bradleys hull hitpoints being immortal @ Fixed M2A2 (basic without BUSK) was missing tracks hitpoints @ Fixed ZU-23-2 was giving radar lock warning ^ Increased minimal hit for ERA blocks so they are no longer triggered by 12.7mm rounds @ Fixed too big RPG-7 dispersion AFRF and USAF have most of the changes, GREF and SAF only minor As many of you know, vanilla RHS RPG-7 was broken very much, WOG RPG-7 was working correctly, thanks for it. I hope the RHS vanilla version will now work too.
  4. Info from Steam page World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Strong teamplay, national armed forces, real locations, full body awareness and a versatile customization system all contribute to the authenticity of the modern combat experience enhanced by other essential elements such as a robust ballistic system, advanced armors and life-like weapons. Produced in cooperation with military R&D centers and consultants, World War 3 shows the consequences of every battle in the context of a global war campaign on a strategic war map. KEY FEATURES: Modern Battlefield Experience World War 3 presents a modern conflict with tactics, techniques and procedures inspired by true combat engagements. All of this packed into two exciting game modes. Warzone offers opportunities for dynamic, intense firefights in teamwork-focused battles of infantry and armored units over fortified points. The tactically-oriented Recon allows players to cooperate within small reconnaissance squads left on their own to survive and capture high-value targets in hostile territory. Together these modes create a coherent gameplay experience aimed at presenting the actual feel of modern warfare. Real Life Locations We are proud to give you one of the most realistic levels in the history of FPS. Join the battle on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow. Take advantage of the urban environment to surprise enemy forces and dominate the battlefield. Versatile Customization Find your own unique combat set fitted to your needs and style without being bound by classes or roles. Choose from hundreds of combinations of unique weapon parts, attachments, skins, camos and paints. Same rules apply to vehicles, tactical gear and uniforms. If it’s possible in real life, it’s possible in World War 3 - simple as that! National Pride World War 3 is heavily grounded in military realism, offering accurate depictions of weapons, uniforms and equipment of national armed forces. All of it to inspire you to make the war effort personal and prove that your country is the dominant force on the battlefield. All maps are based on real-life locations such as the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow (more locations planned) recreated with an unprecedented attention to detail. Strong Teamplay World War 3 supports team-based gameplay rewarding the initiative in playing as a part of a squad. Responsible cooperation within a squad is the best recipe for combat effectiveness. Players can choose between assuming the role of an Attacker or a Defender, and use any gear available to support their playstyle – what matters is the victory. Armor vs Projectile The most authentic bullet vs. armor system in the FPS genre to date, achieved through years of research and development with military professionals. Ballistics, a weight system, full body awareness, vehicle physics, and an extensive customization system all affect the gameplay in a meaningful way. Strategic War Map To show consequences of every battle, player performance is rewarded with resources used to conquer or defend a territory. Gain additional bonuses via the metagame and turn the tide of war! Every destroyed vehicle, every kill, every bullet fired, every achievement affects the big picture presented on a constantly evolving, interactive war map eventually covering the entire planet. Community Driven Development World War 3 is being developed by competitive gamers who grew up playing FPS games. As an indie studio we strongly believe that community input is crucial in creating enjoyable and memorable games. We want to invite all of you to take part in the common effort of making World War 3 the game you always wanted to play. My opinion (Sixor) In my opinion, big surprise which was revealed on E3 and a title that I will follow for sure and most likely (depends on a price) also test or buy in Early Access. One downside which I see already is the performance, not sure if they gonna be ready to make the servers and the game run smooth as it is said in the video posted above.
  5. Gonna play the beta but not even thinking about buying, I stopped buying BF games after Hardline and kinda am happy about it. As a (COD) Black Ops fan, I was a bit more interested in Black Ops 4 until they said there will be no classic campaign... Not the only one who stopped buying BF or COD games for sure, cos I heard both EA and Activision are going down hard with sales, yet still they are swimming in money after so many years of success.
  6. @GuRuu One more clip from OFCRA - :D
  7. Really want to know your opinion guys , will translate all the poll questions into russian ASAP right in the same topic
  8. I decided to start this poll after a long time playing with the various weapons that are possible to play on WOG or Arma 3 in general. AKM, especially in the last games I played, felt like a giant RNG weapon that may kill in one shot but also may not after many shots fired.
  9. This sentence may sound good in russian but it feels weird in english, maybe change it to something like this - Fixed the Commander, Gunner and Driver seat switching for Soviet / Russian tanks. Now you can't do it (#95). Anyway, thanks for another great update and keep them coming, I hope RHS will also do their part and release the big fix for vehicles one day. Another thanks for english translation, I did similiar thing for MOR website back in the day when A2 updates were released but now I dont have to
  10. Interesting Fallujah style map
  11. @crabe We went there to stop the LAV but @Spreekill.exe stopped working, you can hear me yell that they are coming, I even baited them to shoot me so BMP has enough time :D