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Sixor стал победителем дня 2 августа 2017

Sixor имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  1. Sixor

    The key to the north

    I am looking forward to play this mission but isn't there a bit too much armor on the defend side? Is it because the attacking side has thermal?
  2. Sixor

    Обновление сборки WOG 18.03.2019

    OFP version
  3. Sixor

    Обновление сборки WOG 18.03.2019

    I hope so, both are great!
  4. Sixor

    sunday 17 march pvp missions

    MOR and BTK will come, I will try to get the people
  5. @GRIDOS Give me Ice Cream! @BadMeme will deliver it to me
  6. Sixor

    Последний Шанс

    @Theory There is a small problem with Squad numbers (in slots there is, for example, Alpha 3-5 but in the briefing, the same squad is 3-3) other than that good mission in my opinion.
  7. Sixor

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    I will tell @Aja ASAP, he should have a new version ready (some fixes were made)
  8. Sixor

    Обновление сборки WOG 19.02.2019

    YuEmod looks great, good addition
  9. That is true, I remember @Octopus already did it in her mission This mission had a briefing in both English and Russian.
  10. That is a good point, but you still got a majority of people speaking Russian including Czech and Slovaks (we are mostly trying). I am not convinced just with the possibility of switching statistics into other languages. For me WOG was always a so-called "Russian project" and we had the honor to be invited to stay on such project. I never really heard a description of WOG as the International project, and I am sure never did @Orracle before or @Kubajs21 told me. They always spoke about WOG as "Russian project" but of course anyone can prove to me that I am wrong, maybe I am just mistaken.

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