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  1. Sixor

    Event: WOG vs SolidGames

    I recommend you guys who were on the ground, to check the jet fights in the video later, that was something and Lotos almost outmaneuvered both enemy jets himself, holy shit this was great to watch Я рекомендую вам, ребята, которые были на земле, позже посмотреть бои самолетов на видео, это было прекрасно, и Lotos почти переиграл оба вражеских самолета, черт возьми, это было здорово смотреть
  2. Sixor

    Event: WOG vs SolidGames

    @Kostize I just remembered that in the second mission (War for peace) there was a box in the medical tent with virtual arsenal enabled but there was nothing to choose from there so it was quite ok and compared to other problems it was nothing really
  3. Sixor

    Обновление сборки WOG 27.12.2021

    @crabe I suggest also adding this along with Enhanced Movement, should be lighter and is more actual. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2034363662
  4. Me after seeing another Perma on the tribunal
  5. CU and @ZAN seeing the tribunal today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXLicO0CRvk
  6. Today on OFCRA, author @ilbinek https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1170270743
  7. @Heizy This was actually german team FJB, usually they play better than most on OFCRA but this was just bad, It started with teamkill from Stadler who killed a guy who was shooting at you...
  8. Если я знаю, мод жив, но... не на воге
  9. Sorry, impossible for me to travel one month back in time
  10. @TRUE I am just watching the replay, not the best achievement to die first of all as a side leader, I am guessing that must be a record (if we take only non-restarted missions).
  11. Sixor

    Sand Wall

    Проблем в том что Avarax нет з Česká republika, он з Slovenská republika, ну ты был очень близко правды, кто-то еще однажды назвал его отважным поляком
  12. Sixor

    WOG 190 Russian Border Never Ends

    @ZAMPOLIT Nice with this it will be easy to attack... Oh, wait nevermind...

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