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  1. Today on OFCRA, author @ilbinek https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1170270743
  2. @Heizy This was actually german team FJB, usually they play better than most on OFCRA but this was just bad, It started with teamkill from Stadler who killed a guy who was shooting at you...
  3. Sixor

    Ивент WOG vs OFCRA 23.09.2021

    Full mission recorded and commented by Liru миссия записана и комментирует Лиру https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1157109740
  4. Если я знаю, мод жив, но... не на воге
  5. Sixor

    Ивент WOG vs OFCRA 23.09.2021

    Еще немного информации от меня Сюда добавляю скриншоты самой миссии
  6. Sixor

    Ивент WOG vs OFCRA 23.09.2021

    Some more info from me Here I am adding some screenshots from the mission itself
  7. Sixor

    Ивент WOG vs OFCRA 23.09.2021

    My Plugins folder task_force_radio is 0.9.12 teamspeak_control_plugin is the default feature of TS (the only one I use) TFAR is 1.0
  8. Sixor

    Ивент WOG vs OFCRA 23.09.2021

    @Dekfor There is no need to delete the 0.9.12 plugin, I am using both and switching between them. Right now I am not completely sure how I did it but here is a picture of the plugins in my Teamspeak.
  9. Sorry, impossible for me to travel one month back in time
  10. @TRUE I am just watching the replay, not the best achievement to die first of all as a side leader, I am guessing that must be a record (if we take only non-restarted missions).
  11. Sixor

    Sand Wall

    Проблем в том что Avarax нет з Česká republika, он з Slovenská republika, ну ты был очень близко правды, кто-то еще однажды назвал его отважным поляком
  12. Sixor

    WOG 190 Russian Border Never Ends

    @ZAMPOLIT Nice with this it will be easy to attack... Oh, wait nevermind...
  13. Sixor

    Western Wind

    The legend is back!

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