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Sixor стал победителем дня 2 августа 2017

Sixor имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  1. Funny that it was L-13 Qvazar, he can speak english but possibly forgot to check your name
  2. And East still won this mission after so many teamkills?
  3. I just hope this means that the Wednesday games will stay and we will play also in Sunday
  4. Wow, AK-74u power is so strong, some AT ammo? :D
  5. When @Stealth brings this mission to the topic, I want to here apologize to @MrMaster and @GuRuu for teamkill, not really a good mission for me to say the least, in connection to this, congrats to @LEYDEN CTU for good play in BMP, failed to kill you when I had a chance Even though this time the mission went so bad for our side, I want to thank @Rob for making the remake, it brought some good memories back from A2 days.
  6. @Marty So when I destroyed that GAZ Tiger, I got you teamkilled, NICE ... Ehm sorry
  7. Sixor

    Обновление сборки WOG 01.10.2018

    Reduced yes, removed no. I sort of like this effect. Is it possible to only apply it for all MGs? Anyway thanks for the update @MSC PS: Do you think that the new map Rosche, added by WOG³ is interesting enough for us? I would rather have Celle (or maybe both) in addons.
  8. This is not from WOG, this is from OFCRA but it is too good that I think it would be a shame not to post it. I hope you enjoy it, it supposed to be a funny moment more than anything else
  9. @Makaveli Ok, it happened. One thing I must admit @Mattoni was kinda slow with the briefing, which is understandable since we do it in both english and trying in russian. @Makaveli I think @Mattoni came too far with this sentence (quote) This weekend wasnt ideal at all and one day or one mistake should not reflect your work, so keep it in mind, @Mattoni was quite right about today. @sup That is actually a great idea, we usually play some missions on our server, I guess there will be enough people from MOR tomorrow.
  10. @GuRuu I dont think the downvotes should be meant to you, I think the problem was mainly on driver, I guess in every Hummer there is a GPS, and the lines were drawen left of you, so no reaction to it at all

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