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  1. You parked in the wrong place... next time, use the places designated for it
  2. @MaDnEss Feature request: pls add some handcuffs to improve the enjoyment of the mission.
  3. Ziki_CZ


    So... We crashed into one tree in Chernarus, right here... And then just flew over here, to Takistan...
  4. Ziki_CZ


    The moment when you don't have enough players from your clan to take all slots in the squad and you have to fill it with newbies/Одиночки.
  5. The selfie stick is more dangerous than I thought...
  6. Ziki_CZ

    Обмен опытом

    Today's Special Offer: The KURVA course - Join to MOR clan today and get a 25% discount on the first Czech language lesson! *The beer has to be your own! Isn't included in the price. The PUTA course - Spanish language for beginners and for advanced speakers as well! With friendly native speakers from CTU clan! One football lesson is included in the price! Warning! The offer is time-limited! Do not hesitate! *But it is at your own risk!
  7. It's easy, I didn't. Destruction of the house was a certainty. Especially when I had about 7 rockets for rpg inside my backpack, I didn't want to go inside when I was so heavily loaded. I thought there were more enemies there (when all the CTUs died there), so I shooted some rockets inside all the other houses in this compound. And when I missed the rockets, I wanted to go inside the compound with Beast to clean it up, but at this time Alex reported on the radio that he had a lot of contacts on his position, so we get into the hmmwv and went to help him, but he was killing all of them, so when we arrived there wasn't any fun left for me or Beast there.
  8. Revenge for fallen Argentine friends
  9. Ziki_CZ

    Arma Tactical Combat Campaign #9

    Nemesi from the Italian BDR is looking for clans for the TvT campaign. And he asked me to let you know about this event. (Btw I think some of you (IMB,...) know him from Rolling Thunder events.) Here are some basic informations: What is ATC: ATC is a campaign, a series of battles between two organized factions. Each campaign simulates operations between two opposite companies consisting of infantry squads, armored, recon, logistic sections and air support, reflecting nearly real combat balance, leaded by the respective faction commanders. To learn more please visit the website: http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/ - Battle day and time is Sunday at 20.00 CET (19.00 UTC) - The actual start of the campaign is to be decided after the general meeting and test battle. A preliminary test battle will be held on Dec 2nd (see below) - Registrations: http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=586 - Player count: our target player count for the campaign is 120 (60 vs 60) Campaign #9 presentation: http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/atc9-campaign-presentation/ Schedule: General Meeting Nov 25th, 20.30 CET (19.30 UTC) General Test Mission Dec 2nd, 20.00 CET (19.00 UTC) Possible campaign start Jan 13th, to be confirmed after the preliminary battle Registrations: we would like to meet the player count goal of 120 before the general meeting on Nov 25th. After that the registrations are still possible for reimplacements or to meet player count. To learn more see: http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/atc-9-campaign-schedule/ If you are interested you can register directly or for more info, you can join on the ATC Discord to ask organizers there. https://discord.gg/ezZruJc
  10. Ziki_CZ

    Rosche Germany

  11. Ziki_CZ

    WOG³ (08.06.2018, 09.06.2018)

    I think the RHS penetrator system does not work on vanilla vehicles (especially after Tanks DLC) because there is no config with AIS CE data for vanilla vehicles. The same applies to other mods (3CB, BWA, FFAA, CUP, ...). All vehicle configurations and HEAT/HEPD ammo and rockets would have to be modified so that these mods (and vanilla) are compatible with the RHS armor system. Look at:
  12. Ziki_CZ

    WOG³ (25.05.2018, 26.05.2018)

    When you're not lucky

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