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  1. Ziki_CZ

    WOG³ (08.06.2018, 09.06.2018)

    I think the RHS penetrator system does not work on vanilla vehicles (especially after Tanks DLC) because there is no config with AIS CE data for vanilla vehicles. The same applies to other mods (3CB, BWA, FFAA, CUP, ...). All vehicle configurations and HEAT/HEPD ammo and rockets would have to be modified so that these mods (and vanilla) are compatible with the RHS armor system. Look at:
  2. Ziki_CZ

    WOG³ (13.10.2017, 14.10.2017)

    Someone needs a gun to kill, somebody just takes a look :D
  3. Ziki_CZ

    WOG³ (18.08.2017, 19.08.2017)

    Excuse my bad English, but I hope you can find the meaning I wanted to write: It's a bug, it also happens in vanilla (so its BIS fault). (Longer arma/ofp users know how it is with netcode and where calculations are calculated (shooting, movement,...). So it is not surprising.) It usually happens when a player leaves the vehicle. He normally runs out and he normally moves, but some players see him still in the vehicle. And so he can kill you the "ghost" without seeing him. But this that it happens to somebody in the free space, I see it on the first time. But it is highly probable that it has the same denominator. I know it sometimes did not help nor reconnect when I saw it on the Liberation server. And It happened once in coop action too approx 2 months ago, people never saw me outside of the car, but they saw me several times in every vehicle where I was in sometimes. (For them I was 3 times at the end of the mission in 3 different vehicles). This is the photo of the mission, I'm on it twice: https://scontent.fprg2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/19221455_1741454409216646_2990138669443970362_o.jpg?oh=a732f2cf7503872bd3a2d856f276caef&oe=5A255386 But on this event I saw it in pvp/tvt for the first time when it happened to one of us as well (I think hunt, on the ocap he was still in the car). The problem is that the player himself does not have the chance to find out that he is in this bug for any other player. he doesn't necessarily have to be buged for all players! (I checked this out last week) I have a couple of friends in BIS, I'll try to find out if they know about this bug, because for pvp/tvt it's a pretty significant problem, but I can't promise anything. The question is, how to proceed if re-connection does not help? Disconnect completely from mission? Otherwise it would be considered a violation of the rule 0.4.1. "Using of game bugs" (?). Arma is not a perfect game, but it's a perfect random bug generator.
  4. Ziki_CZ

    WOG³ (21.07.2017, 22.07.2017)

    But in RHS it works slightly differently.
  5. Ziki_CZ

    Баги ACE3

    Important for missionmakers! Do not use the RHS AK74 (all variants AK(S)-74(N)(GP)) in missions. They have badly set sights. RHS AK74M variants working without problems and AKS-74U(N) too. I reported a bug to RHS. http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=3161 It is possible to use Izhmash AK 74 from NIArms, but not Izhmash AKS-74U. (BTW in the separate NIArms AKS-74U works fine. Maybe on wog is an old version.) This has been fixed in version 0.4.3.