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  1. Ziki_CZ

    Афганская Дорога

    PG-7VM cannot be loaded in rpg-7
  2. @Qvazar This is a problem brought about by medical rewrite. The full-auto is broken, often it happens that none of the hits does any damage to the target. Somehow, information packets are lost between the server and the final victim (your target). It is better to use a semiauto, there is a greater probability that some intervention will be "real". (I thought it is only a problem on WOG, where the FPS server is relatively small and unstable (see graphs on stats, where FPS jumps between ~ 12-35 FPS), but now on Thursday I saw the same situations on OFCRA where far fewer people and the FPS server are bigger and stable.)
  3. @ZAN I know, how you feel.
  4. @neVALYAshka How? I don't remember ever working in an explosives factory. :D
  5. From what I saw in the spectator, the first shot missed by about 20 meters, the second was a direct hit to the centre. The same tank then received at least two more hits from something near Rasman.
  6. @grk in your place (if I knew there were MOR lads) I would do the same
  7. Ziki_CZ

    Rasman armored

    I think it would be good to split those spawning positions of the groups. When 100 players from one side spawn at one small area and on the other side of the map another 100 people as well, then the problems we saw at the beginning simply arise.
  8. The Aja's screaming makes me feel soo good
  9. Shhh... don't tell anyone from FRWL about it. I'm still pretending it wasn't me...
  10. @Sixor It must be deMORalizing, right? :D I hope that you will fix it soon...
  11. You parked in the wrong place... next time, use the places designated for it
  12. @MaDnEss Feature request: pls add some handcuffs to improve the enjoyment of the mission.

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