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  1. pls, someone please fix the ACOG... Zeroing in on 300 meters instead of 100... The chevrons on the scale don't correspond to the distance at all now... it's all shifted by 200 meters (I don't know who thought of such a stupid idea... it's fine everywhere else, only on WOG it's broken like this)
  2. Ziki_CZ

    Ивент WOG vs OFCRA 23.09.2021

    Here are their other rules. https://www.ofcrav2.org/en/how-to-participate/rules The biggest difference from the WOG is that stealing enemy radios is prohibited and there is completely different definition of lonewolfing (one player may be no more than 200 metres away from the player furthest from him...).
  3. @Mattoni just took seriously the words of one old madman...
  4. Here's an explanation of why I use RPG with OGs so much instead of rifles. The old man hands tremor... and wog stamina doesn't help much either.
  5. Ziki_CZ

    Ивент WOG vs SG

    @Theory There is one week left until the event. Any new info? Missions, SG modpack, time, SG rules,...
  6. The only target was [̶M̶O̶R̶]̶ @Mattoni. The rest (those unfortunate 10 lads) was only OG7 collateral damage and self-defence...
  7. This is almost a year old, but I rediscovered this record and uploaded this week.
  8. Ziki_CZ

    The Union Jack

    This commentary applies to not only this mission and does not suggest any specific measures for improvement, just an idea to think about: Honestly, there are real suggestions on how to balance vehicles. But that still doesn't resolve gameplay for infantry (especially defence side). They will still be destined to be shot only. Which is about 40% of the players on the server who have a very limited chance of interesting gameplay. If I overdid it, if the AI were replaced, the crews of the attacking armoured vehicles would probably not see a difference... Attacking infantry (40% of server players) defend the perimeter around vehicles, spot enemies and guide armoured vehicles on targets (at least partially some gameplay - teamwork) (although the last two things, due to thermal optics, are weakened quite a bit) and then recharge the zone and finish cleaning some hills from the rest of enemies present. And only 20% are the crews in the vehicles who actually play and the whole game built on them. Numbers are approximate, I don't know the exact %, but somehow it will be. By usually, there are 2 in the vehicle (driver, shooter) and 6-8 infantry, ie 20-25%; then + engineers, some pure infantry squads/teams and SF, HQ -> that is that 20% of players (and maybe less %). For me, who plays purely as infantry on WOG, such missions are well watched on youtube, but playing them is disgusting. (This was more typical of TSG. But lately, this is beginning to become a significant problem of this project. Saturday's mission "Actions to Peace" was a pretty similar story in that spirit.)
  9. It can be based on RHS AINET system for T90 (?) http://www.rhsmods.org/w/t90
  10. Ziki_CZ

    Ивент WOG vs SG

  11. Ziki_CZ


    My standard RHS AKM which I get every time...
  12. Ziki_CZ

    Ивент WOG vs AFI

    One view/record from AFI side. If you find another let me know, I wonder ;)
  13. its reminded me this bug (maybe there will be some connection, donno...)

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