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  1. That was a good move @ZAMPOLIT ... Until the rocket came
  2. Two moments of the last mWOG
  3. There is a link for the map if anyone wanna want to check it out in the game https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950966660
  4. @LEYDEN CTU I am with you, @Aja suggested this map a long time ago and it would be a great addition along the Lingor. @Avarax Yes, you are right about the space it takes on HDD (more like SSD in my case) but wasnt there a topic by @sup whatever it is or isnt a problem for people? Most of the votes were positive and resulted in the amount of addons we have today. PS: In total I have around 100 GB of Arma 3 (vanilla + all DLCs + WOG addons) and still see no problem in it, for example Kingdom Come Deliverance has also around 72 GB...
  5. I think this is the reason :)
  6. Hello from WW2 OFCRA event
  7. @Mattoni I think you have new heli friend (he was the pilot that drop 1DSHR SPN on Malden)
  8. I forgot to say something, we should rename Winged Infantry mission to Winged Inferno as it is more fitting for it
  9. Sixor

    Anzac Day

    Please check (EAST) ДРВ uniforms, @Aja told me that they are marked as DLC content!
  10. All credits goes to @Vizard_ If you like the video consider upvoting here as well, thanks and enjoy!
  11. More funny and sad in the same time is the fact that there were so many other things that happened in this mission. From spectator you could see T-80 upside down (which later flipped and used 5thPK to destroy BMD-2) after a few meters there was another T-80 stuck in water and somehow even this Abrams ended up here. MOR Abrams stopped like a meter away from the actual river and we were scared as hell Until now I had no idea about KND BMP stuck in corner of the map... So many things... PS: Question to mission makers, any Celle mission coming? I like Rosche but there seem to be often problems with this map and Celle is similiar and was fun for me on Arma 2.
  12. Sixor

    Blood & Steel

    @MaDnEss Medics OPFOR side (3-4) doesn't have much medicine (actually there is no medicine in the backpack of each medic and you need to take it from the truck) and also there is surgical kit missing completely but otherwise, the use of GAZ-66 with Medic flag is a good idea in my opinion.

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