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  1. Sixor

    Weekly Open Games 11.06.2020 - 13.05.2020


    FRWL renamed the team?
  2. Sixor

    Cuba Libre

    I suggest switching the M16A4 to M16A2 or at least changing the ammo from M855A1 to M855 because the M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) was introduced in June 2010 and the year of this mission is 1999, apart from that the M855A1 is a bit overkill (in A3) compared to AKM (89) ammo in my opinion.
  3. Welcome to North Korea, the overlords expect you to kill the enemy with the power of will.
  4. Sixor

    Марш-бросок на Приштину

    One thing to note, MCV-80 / FV510 that we currently have in files are the 40 mm Bofors versions and not the 30 mm Rarden (correct me if I am wrong) and so I would not go into much of the historical side of things and would rather see the mission more balanced @Avarax. EDIT: The version is correct for the time, 30 mm Rarden with manual loading. I had no idea this version was added into the WOG addons.
  5. Sixor

    Марш-бросок на Приштину

    I am confused right now... Mission description says that year is 12.june.1991 Wiki link says that in reality the year was 12 June 1999
  6. Sixor

    Star Citizen

  7. Sixor


  8. It is not every day when you see someone surrender on WOG or mWOG let alone the wish to surrender and get shot @Tvorogok Luka strong, Shilka weak
  9. Sixor

    WOG Rally Competition

    @TRUE Second Rally announcement has a different date in the picture compared to the text, time is right on both.
  10. Sixor

    WOG Rally Afterparty

    @Aja vs @Terablick vs @Sixor after the main event of WOG Rally (22.03.2020). @Sixor point of view, whole track, added music as the original sound was broken.
  11. Sixor

    WOG Rally Competition

    Thank you @TRUE for this event, I finished the race when we went for a fun round and started together with @Aja and @Terablick and the track felt good, maybe great even in some parts but not easy for sure (which is exactly what Rally should be). Seeing now the recorded stream of ALC and they were clearly ready for the event and went really clean and fast, starting as third they made the best effort to also finish first, great stuff by them and also many great moments on other streams and videos, thanks also to everyone who joined the event and helped it in any way, was fun for me and I am sure for others as well. Tomorrow I will also edit and add my video and I hope to see a similar event in the future.
  12. Sixor

    WOG Rally Competition

    @Sixor will be replaced by @Devildog
  13. Sixor

    WOG Rally Competition

    Uniform of Skoda MORtorsport (Devildog and Terablick) Skoda MORtorsport.txt
  14. I see nothing wrong with the new update
  15. Sixor

    WOG Rally Competition

    @TRUE Will you give the crew a radio? I would love to have intercom like in the newer TFAR but radio can still do the trick Here is an example from Dirt Rally, notice how they actually make it feel like a real intercom.
  16. @LEYDEN CTU It is the time again of my birthday and last time (I am sure you will remember it) I got as a present the ban on WOG (thanks @Theory ) and this time I got a new PC! Yay!... ...Broken, so maybe another month the PC will be back and fully working... maybe... I wonder what will happen next year, maybe a car crash or something?!...
  17. Sixor

    WOG Rally Competition

    Водитель - [MOR] Devildog Штурман - [MOR] Terablick
  18. @LEYDEN CTU Careful man you are stepping on lava True that anyway
  19. @Mattoni I think everyone forgave you after we played the second mission
  20. Sixor

    Номинации WOG 2019

    Maybe here is good to mention, that the cause of teamkills (was Aja) were helicopter crashes, from what I remember at least 3 times. The numbers are high though for one reason or another.

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