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Весь контент Sixor

  1. Subtitles will be added soon, enjoy!
  2. Sixor

    Various moments of WOG (01)

  3. @crabe You know @Kubajs21 was a bit pissed off, he described it in his way I can't judge the first mission as I was still working on the second one, but the result is the opposite On the other hand, I want to thank everyone in Side 1 for the second mission today, although we didn't win the mission, I feel like nobody gave up. This was my first big mission to command and so it has been a great experience for me.
  4. @LEYDEN CTU To be honest, I am ok with it. We talked about it with @Aja whole mission to make sure it will not happen again. For me, this is more important than just stats. Anyway the picture is funny, good job!
  5. I want to add also that one of the players of SB also took a slot but they properly asked about everything in both Russian and English language (second video, time 14:10) and we answered that everything is ok and they can go together. RutMen made many violations in my opinion and not just one.
  6. Sixor

    Weekly Open Games 18.01.2019 - 19.01.2019


    Боевики for the win!
  7. @Serpov Another great video, and stop killing me so often!
  8. Sixor

    Обновление сборки WOG 11.12.2018

    Another great update, thanks!
  9. Just for the info, the game update that should have been released around the time of mWOG is delayed.
  10. @Lankaster @Semi and I was in fear that whole KND will be soon flanked
  11. Holy shit that second video! That can be the closest miss ever
  12. Hmm interesting, I guess I saw that before
  13. Funny that it was L-13 Qvazar, he can speak english but possibly forgot to check your name
  14. And East still won this mission after so many teamkills?

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