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  1. Not the best mWOG this week for me
  2. The order from Avarax was clear when the Bradley will not be destroyed with last three shells, ram him and let Avarax disembark to finish the job. As you can see, everything worked out... differently
  3. This TvT will be played 18 of April, one week later. MOR is on OFCRA in a mixed group called simply CZ (aka Czechoslovak group) and we started there about two years ago. Don't expect the same quality as WOG but they made some progress, they are using SWT Markers and their own system similar to WMT module (freeze time and other).
  4. I want to say thank you to everyone from side 2 on the second mission today. I am sorry for being very slow, this is maybe only the second time that I command the attack, I am usually commanding only defense missions (excluding one A2 mission where both sides could take each other zone). Special thanks to @Kubajs21 who help a lot with the command.
  5. I totally forgot about this video, yeah the same bug...
  6. LAV-25 A2 with Thermal vision yes
  7. Sixor

    Бросок Кобры

    1. I can agree with vehicle balance but there is nothing else that can swim (or is it?), overall balance seemed fine as there was around 33 vs 33 and later when time ran out there was 20 vs 20. @neVALYAshka consider or think about a different vehicle instead of BMD-4M, when you find no good alternative, maybe leave it like this. 2. I am not sure what is really a problem here, the only problem that I see is the time, this mission is using a full scale of Chernarus + the sea, due to this fact two hours are not enough. Why? Because attackers are going uphill all the time, defenders are going downhill all the time, simple as that. I would recommend adding another 20 minutes. From my point of view, the mission is good, using the whole map with also water is a good idea and I really was afraid that this mission will have no balance at all and we die in the first few minutes on the beach, some changes can be made but that can be said about every mission.
  8. @MSC Fire addon is crashing the server, please check it again
  9. Sixor

    The key to the north

    I am looking forward to play this mission but isn't there a bit too much armor on the defend side? Is it because the attacking side has thermal?
  10. Great video and well played
  11. I hope so, both are great!
  12. Sixor

    sunday 17 march pvp missions

    MOR and BTK will come, I will try to get the people
  13. @GRIDOS Give me Ice Cream! @BadMeme will deliver it to me
  14. Sixor

    Последний Шанс

    @Theory There is a small problem with Squad numbers (in slots there is, for example, Alpha 3-5 but in the briefing, the same squad is 3-3) other than that good mission in my opinion.
  15. @crabe You can be a cameraman
  16. Sixor

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    I will tell @Aja ASAP, he should have a new version ready (some fixes were made)
  17. YuEmod looks great, good addition
  18. That is true, I remember @Octopus already did it in her mission This mission had a briefing in both English and Russian.
  19. Yeah, no more exceptions
  20. That is a good point, but you still got a majority of people speaking Russian including Czech and Slovaks (we are mostly trying). I am not convinced just with the possibility of switching statistics into other languages. For me WOG was always a so-called "Russian project" and we had the honor to be invited to stay on such project. I never really heard a description of WOG as the International project, and I am sure never did @Orracle before or @Kubajs21 told me. They always spoke about WOG as "Russian project" but of course anyone can prove to me that I am wrong, maybe I am just mistaken.

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