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LEYDEN CTU стал победителем дня 19 февраля

LEYDEN CTU имел наиболее популярный контент!

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    Завсегдатай форума
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    Buenos Aires
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    Death Metal

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  1. WOG 2 Tribute
  2. прекратите играть в vtn в течение нескольких недель ... пришел ACE, вскоре BMP DLC и визуальный зум
  3. 7 gb update? agrege some addons or remove on the list?
  4. I began to have lag, i said to CTU guys i try to reconnected right away and that they would wait for me there. that took me about 10-15 min. I could not connect to the server. just when I could connect the rest of CTU had already advanced but were immobilized by a bmp on the hill, we should destroy the bmp to ensure entry to the target, Master went to the hill and I took the opportunity to move for bihind the hill. the rest advance to the order of God and make it possible for them not to be killed by the bmp from the hill. 4 guys CTU go to zone, master shoot AT to bmp (i think master hit / papale but bmp continuous shoot) when I was behind the bmp very close I finish the mission for losses of our side, it was a good mission, I only apologize for that last delay that (I do not have the crystal ball) but it could have been a victory in some possibility, I do not know how many enemies were still in the area, but some casualties we made there and good chances to destroy bmp on the hill
  5. -Я только что узнал, что DAP и DAK разные игроки -в какой-то момент я вернусь к VTN!
  6. porn-corn for fighters, spaciva!
  7. happy birthday @crabe
  8. its the zoom cooming kostize!