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  1. the sanction debate comes even blow by blow, yuki hit first but kostize with a hook recovers, we'll see what the VAR says
  2. How do we almost win? WE WON! ahh wait....... the VAR still didn't say I charge, I'll keep waiting!
  3. Запомните навсегда победу на Фаллудже, мы никогда не забудем, hasta la victoria siempre!
  4. by the way, what beatings were the missions these days ... 50 vs 7 players in several of them, I do not remember these results so long ago
  5. ahh it's fine ... it looks like we play from here, that's why I looked familiar
  6. dbm Are you playing from Argentina?
  7. It is a mixture of Spanish with Russian, we are all gallinoska! it comes from the word GALLINERO, it's like saying "the plebs." before starting the games, some "ACHINOSKA sloti" is heard on the speaker and well, the story goes that it was mixed with some extra wine and a Nigerian said: what did they say in Russian? GALLINOSKA? GALLINERO+ACHIINOSKA = GALLINOSKA

    Выбор миссий для игр

    It would be good to rethink the work plan, there are several new editors who can contribute with new ideas or missions, you can start doing missions for mWOG and after 3 correct missions you can apply to do large missions (just to give an example) Publishers with an old reputation can continue editing, I think they will not need more control of their missions (although they may fail or forget something) the important thing is that new worker ants have the possibility of growing in some way, have some credit this, unless they are played in mWOG, since if the missions remain in the freezer like walt disney, they may get tired and stop editing at some point. I think the hardest part is the control of the missions, there must be few people who want to control the shit that others do (gora gora style) but well someone must swim in there and advise and help. I know it is not easy and it takes time tedious, but someone should take that position where possible. it would be good if the new editors control the missions between them and that the production controllers get a final version as much as possible to expedite the matter. It is also good a greater rotation of the missions, I think there are many of them new and not continue playing blind or Zargabad mosque (I love those missions and I congratulate the designers since they are great missions, but not to play them every week) I reached see markings in advance on the map "here will be the ctu ambush" by the enemy, they are already played by heart and there is not much to think about. I know that there are many people capable or eager to help in the cause. Do administrators always choose the same missions? that the administrator chooses a mission personally and the second is through a virtual lottery generator. this will give a variety of choice to the missions and we will have a rotation without repetition
  9. Все вернулось к нормальному состоянию

    sunday 10 Nov Op Imperio del Sol

    The last 15 slots remain....dont sleep

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