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LEYDEN CTU стал победителем дня 13 января

LEYDEN CTU имел наиболее популярный контент!

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    Печатная машинка
  • День рождения 22.04.1984


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    Buenos Aires
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    Death Metal

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  1. ohhhh harrosho nice update with RHS hummvies and ZOOM! great work for rhs studios
  2. С пилотом, которого (dark) ты позвал ... они будут играть на арфе.

    Liberation Berezino Attack Side

    On a sunny afternoon the part arrived with a mission, that mission that is always desired, difficult where you look but a future challenge. When I opened the map I found that we had to liberate the town of Berezino, the population had been oppressed by General "Margarete" for some months, arrival Christmas this general had not delivered to the population the "salat olivie" and banned the sound of the balalaika at night. This created the call of the revolution. They say that a dark pilot tried to escape together with some representatives but crashed in the attempt. Our plan was oriented to the following format - "SMIRNOFF" A Mechanized Infantry Regiment - "POLKA" a squad guerrilla - "SNAKE" observation and scout - "TOTO" SPN squad - "CONDOR" Recon Air and Logistics The OFFENSIVE device had 2 fronts, to the north it would move the most numerous and shock group "SMIRNOFF" supported by "SNAKE", "TOTO" and the eyes of "CONDOR". Towards the south a front would be created using the guerrilla to disconcert the enemy trying to attract more units towards the south, these would have the difficult task of attracting the enemy without advancing and thus achieve to stretch the defense as much as possible. With this we would achieve numerical superiority in the North. To then capture the Hill "MESSI" that we assumed would be an important bastion for the enemy. since from there was a great visual to the town of Berezino. North Front I decided that Devil's Castle would be our base of operations in the first instance. For this "SNAKE" should move forward to the position and try to secure the area, since we had received information on 2 snipers roaming the area Castillo del diablo LZ with all the possible speed "CONDOR" should transport to "TOTO" towards the LZ LIMA leave a radio operator and 2 sppoters. then leave our assault unit in the LZ TOTO on the coast, in the first instance in case there is a serious enemy presence thrown into the sea. In case of not having moors on the coast, CONDOR could throw them on the coast and not waste time. LZ LIMA FOR TOTO 1 LZ TOTO 2 If the enemy did not discover the presence of TOTO on the coast, it could help us to infiltrate MESSI and destroy the possible presence of armor. After disembarking, they had to go to build the bivouac and wait a while in the shadows to give the enemy confidence that no one was there. VIVAC TOTO F2 that area was chosen as it would conceal and cover for TOTO. It would be a good route to take the hill "MESSI" the hill MESSI PELE and MARADONA HILLS in the background the messi hill once they were observed by TOTO 1, SNAKE and CONDOR we would secure the points "PELE" and "MARADONA" to then go for "MESSI" attacking at the same time from the Wisky for our armor and for the Echo by TOTO to not give escape to the enemy in the area and thus ensure a good position and the destruction of at least some enemy BMP, Then we would leave some armored in Messi and begin the descent with the infantry towards the goal. SOUTH FRONT Regarding the South front they would have a difficult task and without armored support. We had to create a non-existent front (up to a certain time) of assault to stretch the enemy's defenses and achieve the greatest numeric superiority to the north, but when a breach opened the SUR would advance at all costs. If the enemy detected our great strength in the north, he should move his defenses to the North and our forces would advance. It had to be positioned in 3 different points, both flanks had 1 AGS each. Every 10 min aprox they had to shoot rounds of AGS on the hills to give the blood to the shark and attract them to the south. when they were given the assault order we had to use a guerrilla war to create chaos in the enemy, using a large separation between each element, thus achieving thrusts from different directions and avoiding the fire of AGS or BMP enemies since they would not have remote support honestly I do not have much to say, everything we programmed in the manual during some previous days was what was done in the mission, despite the fierce resistance of the enemy, nothing forced us to change a route or planning during combat. Therefore, beyond the result, everything planned was executed in the right way, we were very close to victory, In any task you can win or lose, the important thing is the nobility of the resources used, that is what is important. I only have to thank everyone for their performance in combat and the camaraderie despite speaking different languages all helped to get ahead despite the adversities! I apologize if someone does not pass it in a good way, try to give prominence to all divisions in due course, without forgetting fun over all things I want to thank gonzo for the help with the translation and first when he came to find me, since I had 2 ñeris (sixor-aja) who had them stay very close, had intentions to take my wallet for some Argentine coins, the next will be! (patan) - "SMIRNOFF" A Mechanized Infantry Regiment - BE-5th PK - RSG -ATW - FOX - LG "POLKA" a squad guerrilla - URAL- RS - CTU "SNAKE" observation and scout - DMB FOX "TOTO" SPN squad - DT "CONDOR" Recon Air and Logistics CTU DEVASTOR
  4. i take comand saturday, thanks!
  5. If someone leaves the command or something, we can take it

    С Новым 2019 годом!

    good comrades!!! from the CTU we want to thank you for supporting us a year more and for always sharing this great passion that unites us in the virtual battles, thanks for sharing your follies with us. We wish you all the best to finish this year with your loved ones, eat and drink a lot! even though we are 17,324 km away WOG is our house! From some remote Somalia the CTU wishes you a happy year! We raise our glasses full of drink to celebrate for it!

    VTN: Обсуждение

    @Dock reporte de granadas
  8. Does this have anything to do with the graphic configuration? the left side is my camera at 2500 meters of sight ... to the right as the enemy saw. I could never see the enemy armored, only some tracer in the distance

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