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  1. I invite you to go through this podium ...something you will win for sure!
  2. there are dances from nigeria invoking the grim reaper that comes with its sharp sword this week
  3. Apodo del infractor : nevalyashka Cláusula de la regla violada : 0.1 Cláusulas violadas adicionales: 1.4 Fecha de la violación: 22/01/2020 Número de misión: 1 Nombre de la misión: monte verde Con respecto a quién se violaron las reglas: Participantes del proyecto Testigos de la violación (si corresponde): Participantes del proyecto Descripción de la violación: En las acciones de LEYDEN NEVALYASHKA, observo el uso deliberado de los defectos del juego a mi favor. Incapaces de levantar el cañón de la pistola verticalmente hacia arriba y debido al eje limitado de la escalera, los jugadores del lado 2 físicamente no tuvieron la oportunidad de matarlo. Reglas violadas: 4.1 o 0.1 administracion
  4. мрачный жнец был острым ... многие были взяты к стене на этой неделе
  5. I don't know what you're talking about Tentetyus, the votes are for politicians and here we come to have fun. apart with flyer we understand each other very well, he sends me hiphop songs and everything! do not comb your hair that you do not appear in the photo here
  6. flyer: It seems to me that you are too pending on me or the ctu... in your place, just as an advice, I would tell you to put more emphasis on the administration of the project, since you are quite random there and a string of important things are happening, I will not talk them here, but start by working on the other side of the counter and pay attention to what really matters that is the project itself
  7. mission Zelenogorsk 1.3 3-2 attack side not ammo rpg
  8. @Russ Ivan краткое изложение ситуации мы прогрессируем

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