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  1. долгая жизнь
  2. It is the paranoia of playing with Russians! They are everywhere! At night I listen to shullman and his screams
  3. проходят годы и дух "DARK" все еще присутствует

    CTU momentos WOG Agosto

    WOG Momentos Agosto 2019
  5. Momentos agosto!
  6. daaaap fix the hummviee
  7. For our part everything is fine, accidents happen! stop listening to hard bass .... Death Metal is better
  8. Good missions yesterday, enough action on all fronts! In the 2nd mission, something happened with the m2 of the vehicles that did not work, Were the vehicles manufactured by vtn yesterday? and we had an accident in the convoy, hard bass and vodka are not compatible for driving...with apologies it would have been good... 2 Nigerians will be left without playing a mission for 2 hours at the beginning

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    @senpaii our driver disconect and boom
  10. gopnik=ñeri=azard Я только что расшифровал еще одну замечательную головоломку Заказ товара не меняет факторов
  11. we try to come, repositori link?

    Uniforms Guide Arma 3

    Надо немного заглянуть за дерево, индейцы медленно развиваются вместе с русскими ... они всегда процветают вместе с Шуллманом!

    Uniforms Guide Arma 3

    Молодец товарищ!!!
  14. We were ordered to move south, the "gaucho" team with 4 elements and an gaz with ags was all our logistics. Level 467 would be our observation post, we had a good kill zone for the ambush before a possible rush or lz of the enemy, we had the height and a good coverage of the stones. We arrived at our post of observation and a helicopter was heard that was coming to our direction, having no visual, we did not know if it was landing or splashing, we deployed a line to cover as much ground as possible at full speed. Having no vision about what was happening with that helicopter, forced us to go down and face the enemy's side and that would possibly expose us to the enemy. it is reported by radio that the helicopter was landing and that there was a LAV !!! curva!!! What we never imagined was the size of the enemy operating force at the landing, we expected to find at least 1 team or some advanced observation team. and tremendous surprise !!! our machine gunner was already in position with visual, sniper and grenadier too, I was carrying the MAW but the damn stones of malden hindered my speed, (if I had thrown the "pepa" (AT) with the MAW to the helicopter I think it would have been another story) by not to be able to shoot, I order the machine gunner to start opening fire on the enemy troops, I was able to shoot a few seconds later with the MAW. The priority to see the scenario was: destruction or damage of the LAV and disorganize and bring down the enemy infantry as far as possible, we were 4 against more than 20 enemies! the first casualties with the machine gun were noted and the chaos kingdom in the infantry, could only be grouped in a giant stone towards its right flank, we could impact the LAV on 3 occasions, due to the magnitude of the enemy this was a business for us , it is ordered to shoot until the ammunition is exhausted, our shooter was shot down and the grenadier seriously injured, ordered to flank the machine gunner in the east the enemy position to gain time and I go in urgent search of our gaz with AGS to sweep the area from the West, we knew that the enemy was beaten and morally low, it was time for the final touch. When I flanked the gaz and positioned myself to begin suppression, I received an AT right in the middle of the windshield and was sent to play the harp. the rest of the mortals fought with knives until the end. Undoubtedly, this mission will always be remembered, a pity that could not contribute to the final outcome of the battle, but at least we had breakfast with a headache at the Shullman early Thank you commander for your choice and for trusting us to send the Nigerian gang south, we always love suicide missions! Our salary is semechki for fighting whoever!
  15. la historia real con palasur en ts wog EXPECTATIVE REALLITY
  16. drunk with water? czech ! take vodka please blyachy
  17. what days play vietnam wog?

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