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  1. Aja

    Обновление сборки WOG 17.09.2018

    Nice, that player dont even recognize the existence of "vanila vanila". :-)
  2. Best map in A3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32941
  3. Aja

    Обновление сборки 14.05.2018

    "Suppression no longer has a whiteout effect" Thank you a lot! This post process effect was non-sense and annoying as ****. And pls, fix the binoculars optics, the "movie like" interface is stupid, i want back classic circle with mildot, as was in ACE2 or actually is in vanila ACE3.
  4. Aja

    Dubrovka 30.12.2017

    Sorry for marker didnt work. I prepare plan and Terablick give the order (he come late). But that was good fun indead:-)
  5. Aja


    Introduction: Both side in this mission have freeze time zone for the first five minutes, but the zone disappears after 5 min with hint "war begin." And both sides can attack by will, but USMC need to have minimal one soldier in zone, the soldier called Lewis is minimal. But today I was chatting with player after mission (that was 5. mission I think with 15+-ppl), and was alerted, that in one bookmarks in briefing section is sentence:"УСМК запрещено покидать синюю зону." which can be translated (by google): "USMCs soldiers should not leave a zone". Question: I would like to ask, if that mean, that no-one from USMC should not be able to leave, or whole side completly should not leave (is ok, if one stay in zone, like classical hold zone task). Apology: If is the first option right. I would like to apology for multiples leaving the zone in this mission during last year (?). Also I would like to apologize to everyone who’s I instructed, that they can leave zone. Especially I would like to apologize those guys who get in firefight with me on east side from zone today. Defense: I always play this mission as the attacking side. Because I thought, that it is easy to win with a lot of RPG, that you can destroy 60% of the city from range (don’t count the M2). But about more than year ago I saw that blue can easy flank you from behind on your "RPG artillery" spot. And from that time I played minimal 6x as attack and instructed others to leave city and cover their flank and also when I was in attack (minimal 4x), I count with the possibility to be ambushed on the most exposed place.
  6. Aja

    MOR missions

    expand mwog_99_the_finest_hour_v1_9_3_expand.zargabad.pbo Expanded version have bugged radio for expanded slot (every radio with number #50). An for next time will be added freeze-time and fixed russian version of briefing.
  7. Aja

    WOG 28.07.2017 - 29.07.2017


    Repaired version of second mission at 28.07.2017 was added to wog forum. mwog_99_the_finest_hour_v1_9_3.zargabad.pbo
  8. Aja

    MOR missions

    Critical bug was repaired in mission (in init.sqf after one loop with wiev distanc no other script was done anymore, so the loop was moved out of init.sqf file), this mistake was occured when mission was altered for wog, so i didnt noticed it before. Also, russian version of briefing was added (thx Dekfor), which should be visible on russian version of instaled game (need to have original russian version, change language is not enought for test). mwog_98_the_convoy_v1_3_3.Chernarus.pbo wog_172_filthy_armor_v1_3_3.Beketov.pbo mwog_99_the_finest_hour_v1_9_3.zargabad.pbo
  9. Aja

    MOR missions

    My missions generate the briefing by mission parameters; it depends how many vehicle will be in game, how long the game will run, etc. The briefing is separated in folders "briefing#". I know that the briefing is in English only, but I would like to not use google auto translate, because it could looks weird. If I get a volunteer, I can prepare Russian variant of briefing by "stringtable.xml". I added the mission parameters for set-up the view distance before mission, there are two variant and admin can choose which will be applied, default is low view distance. the_finest_hour: In this mission can be set up how many vehicles will be in game and how many men need to be in zone. So the mission can be played even in small number of player. But for this mission I strictly recommend use defaults view distance, for slow computer (older than 8 year, or amd) user. mor_98_the_convoy: There can be choosed how many vehicles will be in game and how long the game will run: 50/70/90 minutes. filthy_armo: There can be set the size of mission: Big= many tanks, more mines, more static defense, 90 min for mission, destroy 2 target, capture 2 zone; medium= some bvp, 70min, 1 zone, 2 target to destroy; small=50min, no tanks, only brdm in defend, 2 target to destroy. P.S. All soldier with short range radio need to activate radio by "shift+L". Have a nice day [MOR] Aja
  10. Aja

    WOG 26.05.2017 - 27.05.2017


    Friday second mission: "mWOG 119 Холод v1.0c" not work because of problem with forced addon:addOns[]={"uh1_reskin_wdl"}. So I suppose we are going to play v1.1 instead.
  11. Aja

    Weird graphic change in A2

    After a few months playing A2 on HD530 (integrated graphic in my CPU) I finally bought a new GPU, but something weird happen! I am used to play arma with this look: old graphic But after changing gpu i have problem to recognize a real world against a game! new graphic

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