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  1. Aja

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    Changed spawn of attacking side. Added BTR60 for attack side. Transport pick up changet for BTR40. //All changes for balanc reason
  2. @Yuki_Hattori @LeerY_LOBSTER_ No Engineers and no repair box for more immersion could fix all the problem. If vehicle get hit, it is out of game forever.
  3. Aja

    Six days in Fallujah

  4. Aja

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    Description fixed and some other minor fix, more in patch notes.
  5. You hit our troops in head with machinegun barrel, when they walk around. I did nothink:-)
  6. I think, that there is no reason do dig deeper in this shits. This is Russian project, nothing will be translated, we need to deal with it. Also Me and Sixor know, that we are unable to cross red line, but we didn't know where the red line is located in jungle exactly, so we act in good hope. Personally, I am ok with punishment. At least there is precedent and probably there will be new rule for mission designer.
  7. That feeling when you go in jungle looking for red line.
  8. Aja

    Six days in Fallujah

    Six days in Fallujah View File US Army and US Marine Corps holding building and surrounding areas in the center of city. wog_140_six_days_in_fallujah_10.fallujah.pbo Submitter Aja Submitted 02/03/2019 Category WOG Number of participants 140 Year 2004 Time for a mission 100 Weather Clear Attack side wins condiotion Capture all 3 zone Attack Side technique BTR 60, T-72 2x, ZSU-23-2 4x, BTR-40 DSKM 2x, Car M2 4x, Trucks Defense side wins condiotion Hold at least one zone Defense Side technique AH-6 2x, UH-60- 2x, LAV25 2x, Hummer M2 2x, Hummer MK19, MRAP M2, M113 med, Fuel Truck, Repair Truck, Javelin 2x, Mortar 62mm Mission features Zone have three layers: Outer layer can be captured by side with more soldier. Middle layer needd 2x more attack side for capturing and inner zone in building need to be cleaned fully. Zones can be taken back. Buliding in middle cannod be destroyed Type WOG Island Фалуджа Mode Захват/оборона WEST side USA USMC EAST side RESISTANSE side Militia Revolution Brigade Attack Side Resistance Defense Side West  
  9. Aja

    WOG 32 Dirty Armor

    1) Fixed ammo in vehicle (testot on bad setuped server) 2) Fixed forced wox_extra (again) wog_32_dirty_armor_12.chernarus.pbo wog_32_dirty_armor_12.chernarus.pbo
  10. Aja

    WOG 32 Dirty Armor

    1) Added tank trap to prevent CTUs suicide tactic. @LEYDEN CTU 2) Added rock to south to balance entrance routs 3) Unlocked vehicle in defend base to prevent complication with one squad have difficulty to enter vehicle in same causes. CHECKED: Compatible with a new "CSW" ammo system for machine guns.
  11. Aja

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    Work with new "CSW" ammo system for machine gun. (checked)
  12. New opportunity for urban combat: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27224 Good feature for team-play: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28888 Best map ever: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32941
  13. Aja

    WOG 32 Dirty Armor

    It was (missclick by accident) unchecked target debugging instead of fly model. Now fixed, sorry for mystification in post above. Game type setup to default "Undefined game mode" and number of player set also to default max: "0" and min: "0". Sorry for misunderstanding, i thought you want from me to choose current game mode, not default.
  14. Aja

    WOG 32 Dirty Armor

    1) Briefing misspellings fixed 2) More realistic fly model is now optimal. There is no heli. 3) "undefined game mode, min/max 0, 0." ?? checked and work with no problem. 4) Identify body enabled (I dont like it.) :-) 5) GP ammo deleted from inventory of some soldier. (Napa side was copied from blind.chernarus mission) 6) _this addItemToBackpack 'ACE_surgicalKit'; Added to NAPA medic. But I prefer to not have professional medic in not professional army because of role-play. 7) Moved one satchel from every hmmw to backpack of demolition expert to not confuse player. 8) Added one back pack to every hmmw for balance reason. 9) Reduced number of ammo and number of backpack in box at NAPA spawn. Some ammo from box moved to backpack of mg ammo bearer. 10) 1/3 of mine moved from NAPA box to sapper backpack. 11) Added mag for secondary weapon at sql and demolition man slot. @MrPurple
  15. Nice, that player dont even recognize the existence of "vanila vanila". :-)

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