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  1. Why is Iroquois overpowered?
  2. Aja

    WOG 32 Dirty Armor

    It is looks like after downgrade of TFAR to v 9.12 this mission work again correctly, uploaded on server, tested a little bit... we will see more at live test.
  3. Aja

    WOG 32 Dirty Armor

    So don't change class-name every month:-) First time there was change of class-name of Leopard, last time change of personal radio which fuck-ed all slots..., During this week-end I am going to reserve some times to actualize this mission, I promise!
  4. The only one real forested map....
  5. I am a simple man, I heart Lineage theme so I make thumbs up!
  6. We play wog on whole map. So if mission designer do not prohibit to go in desert with no grass (or there is river obstacle in map), it is naive from defense to think, they are indestructible from some side. The defend side should always think about the plan in 360 degrees. If we played on Altis, it would be even more obvious that enemy can flank with ships around...
  7. My BRDM swallowed many bullets and grenades while i was covering my friends in arm. And when enemy tried rush to me with hmmwv and tryed to kill me with RPG from close range, I won the match with my last 20 ammo and with help of luck. So when I realize, that I am one of the last from my team, long range radio in vehicle was destroyed, I decided to redistributed all equipment around me (take RPG and hmmwv) and try to feed enemy with their own medicine (rush them with rpg, like they failed do to me), unfortunately their vehicle had some infantry cover and after failed attempt to go over them, i was left with no choice....
  8. Aja

    Spotting meny glitch

    Yesterday I get (idk how) pop-up spotting menu on display with some information. I dont know if it is rare, or some bug. I hoped, that in A3 it can be disabled by config. It is need to be further investigated and maybe it will need to be fixed by this old script from A2:
  9. Aja

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    Changed spawn of attacking side. Added BTR60 for attack side. Transport pick up changet for BTR40. //All changes for balanc reason
  10. @Yuki_Hattori @LeerY_LOBSTER_ No Engineers and no repair box for more immersion could fix all the problem. If vehicle get hit, it is out of game forever.
  11. Aja

    Six days in Fallujah

  12. Aja

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    Description fixed and some other minor fix, more in patch notes.
  13. You hit our troops in head with machinegun barrel, when they walk around. I did nothink:-)
  14. I think, that there is no reason do dig deeper in this shits. This is Russian project, nothing will be translated, we need to deal with it. Also Me and Sixor know, that we are unable to cross red line, but we didn't know where the red line is located in jungle exactly, so we act in good hope. Personally, I am ok with punishment. At least there is precedent and probably there will be new rule for mission designer.
  15. That feeling when you go in jungle looking for red line.

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