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  1. I think, there were some changes in the armor balance. The last time we played the mission, it was easy to kill BMP-2 with the Warrior, but yesterday it was impossible. The BMPs were eating multiple rounds of armor-piercing rounds and were still operable. It was pointless, that we personally dodged 5 or 6 missiles if we could not kill BMP... [Думаю, в балансе брони произошли некоторые изменения. В прошлый раз, когда мы проходили миссию, убить БМП-2 Воином было легко, но вчера это было невозможно. БМП съедали несколько выстрелов бронебойных снарядов и оставались боеспособными. Было бессмысленно, что мы лично увернулись от 5-6 ракет, если не смогли уничтожить БМП...]
  2. We have played around 200 missions every year for the last decade... Sometimes it is good to try something different. I have no problem with some spicy plans and weird commands... [За последнее десятилетие мы ежегодно выполняли около 200 миссий... Иногда полезно попробовать что-то новое. У меня нет проблем с пикантными планами и странными приказами...]
  3. перед каждой игрой:
  4. It happens to everyone for the first time.
  5. Aja

    DCS World

  6. You just ruined my childhood! I have been remembering clearly that in this scene was real hind and not some mockup.
  7. Pls next one this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2129532219
  8. @LEYDEN CTU About the first mission: .jpeg
  9. фикс пропажи солнца на такистане и заргабаде fix for missing sun on takistan|zargabad lol
  10. This is how to aim the D-30. Only what I would like to add is, that the top number is for situatuion, when the tripod is elevatet/lover than the gun. If in the mission is no tripod, there are two ways how to "cheat" and use the "feature" of the game engine. You can use compas/buzzola in the map to align for deflection/azimuth. Or you can use the feature, that the optics is in a fix position at the start and use some random box or tree for aiming (optimally some one put the box in your field of view...
  11. For precision aiming you need to set up the magnetic-compass-aiming-circle on a tripod near the gun and get the right deflection from that device... It is long story to explain how to do while not to be in the game.
  12. "Removed Vinjesvingen "
  13. Today I have found why the new GPU is so expensive:

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