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    Arma, Metro, The Witcher, Gothic...

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  1. До

    Which mission we are going to play today at first game? Mission Silent Night is not confirmed by administration of WOG and it is not possible to download it...
  2. Next time admin should just lock dwon some squads on the both sides and it will be much easier to play. In case of too much people come late for slotting, they will have to wait until next mission. Start of the event is at 7:00 PM, everyone who want get slot should be ingame at 6:45 PM...
  3. It is easy: 1. you have to stop bleeding properly as soon as it is possible 2. check blood pressure and heart puls 3. if you have low pressure, you have to use blood bag, because you don't have enough blood (normal pressure is around 120) 4. if you have low heart puls you are hurt badly and you are going to die, so you must use adrenalin (normal puls is around 90) 5. if you are stabilized (you have normal blood pressure and heart puls) you can use morphine 6. this is not Arma2, your pain will be lesser by the time, so sometimes it is better to not use morphine You have to use morphine in the end because morphine will slow your puls and make your pressure lower. If you have puls under 50 morphine will not work correctly, it only make your life status worse. Next thing is: if you don't want to die, never use atropine, it is designed for slow your heart puls to minimum in case of gas attack. It will slow your heart puls so your blood will take less oxygen and also gas from your lungs. You should make some training and learn something about medicine... We are using this: http://www.morclan.cz/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ACE-3.png
  4. Ofcorse after the main mission we can play some TvT games :D
  5. Hi guys todays mission has been great, everything has been working well. But I hope, you have still addons for Arma 2, because I want invite you to Arma 2 COOP mission. Don't worry, there are not vanilla AI units :D More information: More more information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TRR_SHyJD9yuuT_BLkuITWeAm8GsaOABENqzh4QS8aM/edit#gid=1986308669
  6. Hello, I hope you dont't uninstall your addons for Arma2, because I want invite you to Arma 2 COOP mission. Informations: Date: 11.02.2018 - 19:00 UTC+1 - 21:00 Moscow Addons: A2 WOG addons -> @a2r_ts3, @WOG_ACE, @WOG_ACR, @WOG_Mods, @WOG_SM // WOG islands are not required... Server IP: Port: 2302 TeamSpeak: ts.morclan.cz [ ] Informations about mission and slot reservation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TRR_SHyJD9yuuT_BLkuITWeAm8GsaOABENqzh4QS8aM/edit#gid=1986308669 For slot reservation just write comment with your name into the table. In case of great interest it is possible to extend the mission. Estimated time of play is about 2 hours.
  7. What will be in the game? Vehicles with PIP (picture in picture), bad sounds, "interesting" animation of grenade throw, "interesting" riding model and low FPS. And I hope people from WOG will be there... :D
  8. Some Russian words are totally same like a Czech words or they have same dialect like a English words so it is not so hard to understand if you use correct words which are easy to understand and if you are speaking slowly... But Spanish words don't have any similiarity with Russian words and Spanish have also totally diferent dialect then Russia so they can't understand nothing... :D
  9. Ofcorse, finally we can start play tactically tactical games when the disruptive elements are gone...
  10. It is true. A lot of people want permission to dismiss and act acording to their "best" consideration. But best consideration for a lot of people is go random to the enemy back, throw away DV and use map as a chat... Some people can call it scouting and some people can call it high treason. These people who are going to random (2 and more km away) have usually only one way how to communicate with others, this single way are markers in map. So I have one question for @sup. What would happend if we invisible side channel markers for people who don't have activated DV? I think people from WOG 3 using something like that. What would be changed by this? - Will not people going to random anymore? - Will people more cooperate? - Will all guys in one squad going together as one squad? - Will we stop using scouts who are going 5 and more km away and they have only one job: make marker on enemy position or write "all clear"? - Will we play more realistic games? - Will we play games which will be still funny? - Is it possible to do that? :D I think we can't do nothing more for realistical and tactical game and for the "spirit of the game".
  11. 5TH didn't killed us. They try it, but they missed their PTUR and they died in kill triger. One or two minutes after that enemy Viper came and killed us with PTUR.
  12. We had one MTVR with infantry and one MTVR with boat, but MTVR with boat had been destroyed by metis on the hills so infantry had to swim... :D
  13. Mission should be played on the WOG or on the MOR server acording to number of people who will be interested in. Mission will use same addons like A2 WOG and it should be played on Sunday.