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  1. If server lagging the helicopter will be lagging only for passengers not for the pilot. Vehicles are never lagging for drivers/pilots. So, your helicopter crashed because your pilot made a mistake or because your pilot had low FPS (computer lag). BTW how many people died and how many people left the game after restart? I guess 15 people died 20 left the game after restart... #sadstory
  2. @ToxaSM Why WOG repository has 19 GB update (approx. 17 GB RHS) if RHS update has only approx. 700 MB update? I downloaded 700 MB RHS update from the different repository and after that, there was only 1,4 GB WOG update => 2,1 GB update at all...
  3. @LEYDEN CTU You can survive an explosion of the M67 grenade in your hands... :D
  4. Kubajs21

    Обновление сборки WOG 05.04.2020

    I have a question about bandages. Is the efficiency of bandages changed after the update? My medical system table https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M7zsdOc9RMC7MIo-Ldg6aML6fTKlpEvy7zJHu8ex8OI/edit?usp=sharing (bandages are not updated) Sources: ACE wiki:https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/medical-system.html
  5. Kubajs21

    Обновление сборки WOG 05.04.2020

    I forgot to Import userconfig file. I only copy/paste it into userconfig folder...
  6. Kubajs21

    Обновление сборки WOG 05.04.2020

    @crabe @MSC Is a surgical kit and a PAK working? I cannot find this option in advancement treatment... Server userconfig is updated, I am medic, I have a surgical kit in inv, the patient is stabilized (no pain, no bleeding, no fractures, normal hearth rate)...
  7. Can anybody update autoconfig URL for MOR repository in WOG tech info? Autoconfig URL: ftp://server.morclan.cz/.a3s/autoconfig URL: ftp://server.morclan.cz
  8. Yesterday you told me sorry so everything is fine from my side. Just make some countermeasures so it will not happen again. :)
  9. Kubajs21

    Breaking Even

    It is not possible to see the vehicle status in the damaged striker in a convoy. There is missing a fuel barograph and status of ENG, HULL, WHL, TRRT, etc.
  10. Maybe drivers should be more responsible and pay more attention to driving. Yesterday I was going behind your truck for about 30 seconds, I was about 10 meters behind you. Suddenly your truck just went off the road stop for a second and starts moving backward. When your truck starts moving backward you were out of the road, your driver just tried to move back to the road like it is just his own road. When you are driving you must always predict that there are also other people on the road, not just you... Plus people who were sitting back in the truck could warn the driver that it is not a good idea just ride back to the main road if 3 trucks are moving behind you. If I stopped I would explode with you...
  11. почему́, почему́ RIP...
  12. @dmb09 @JackReign @Avarax @Kidze Who wins?
  13. Kubajs21

    Lost cargo

    But who will win the mission? What exactly is a condition for the win? 1st option: REDFORE wins if all boxes are inside of the black zone at the end of the mission? 2nd option: BLUEFOR wins if all boxes are in the area of the airfield at the end of the mission? 3rd option: Everything else than 1st or 2nd option (boxes are not in any zone, 1 box is in the black zone and others are somewhere in jungle...) Maybe you can just delete the pilots or just let them remove the boxes with the script but they will die because Hilux with DSHKM arrives at the position approximately 5 mins after the start of the mission... So it is about the pilot's decision they will try to remove some boxes and they will probably die or they will try to make some random ambush in the jungle around the crash site...
  14. Kubajs21

    Lost cargo

    @MaDnEss I encountered the following bugs during testing: - Boxes inside of the airplane can be removed by the ACE interaction menu (drag/carry). - There is not necessary to wait 7 minutes in order to remove boxes blocking the way to the cargo. - In the briefing is written: Find the cargo and deliver it to the airfield. You should add the image of the cargo into the briefing. In the cargo space are many boxes + 3 military boxes. What is the correct cargo? If correct cargo is 3 military boxes what will happen if BLUEFOR delivers only 1 box into the airfield area and others will be inside of the black zone or what will happen if 2 boxes will be outside of the zone and 1 box will be delivered at the airfield??? - The boxes blocking the way to the cargo can kill you if you move them by ACE interaction and place them to a different location. - Removing the boxes which are blocking the way to the cargo by script takes 7 minutes for each box. If all boxes must be removed by script it will take about 28 - 35 minutes... + Holding middle mouse for 7 minutes is really boring...

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