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  1. Well, it looks like yesterday's missions were one great traffic disaster. I think WOG should organize some race because there are many racers who are not afraid to sacrifice their life for the victory. :D PS: If you do not want to explode, always keep distance at least 40 m.
  2. Because we didn't have enough units in / around the zones...
  3. @Kot Do you know that feeling when someone ask you if zone is clear, you say yes while one zone is captured, in second zone is everything exploding, all my guys in zone are dead and I die while I am reporting that we are all dead? Sad story. :D
  4. @LEYDEN CTU It is useless arguing that WOG is or is not international project. The WOG is Arma project where people may play something better than Counter Strike. I think everyone may play the WOG until they are able to communicate with other people who are playing the WOG and until they are respect the rules. I cannot say that the WOG is international because the name is in English. I also cannot say that the WOG is international because there are some texts in English. Everything in English or in a language other than Russian is only help from people who want to make it easier for people who do not speak Russian. Of course there is magnificent progress compared to how it looked like, for example, three years ago, but there is still a lot of work to be done. But the most important question is. Does everyone want to have WOG more international than now? Everything is about people who are playing the WOG. You may have large description of WOG but WOG are about people who are playing it, not about some text. If people want to make WOG more international, it will be more international sooner or later.
  5. Thats right. Jirka just dropped his toolkit so he was totally useless as mechanic. He destroyed 4 wheels to one of the mechanics trucks and when @Masaker got order from me to repare the CTU BMP (Jirka and Hall were supposed to go there and repare it), Jirka just didn't care and run away.
  6. Kubajs21

    Weekly Open Games 08.02.2019 - 09.02.2019


    @FlayeR 2. Выбор ВС РФ — USMC [ Остров — Черноруссия ] Сторона 1 в атаке ВС РФ Атакуют н.п Выбор. USMC в Обороне. So MOR is commanding ВС РФ attack side?
  7. @neVALYAshka our LZ was just too close to the enemy spawn. Everyone sow where is our helicopter landing and we died in few minutes because enemy forces were everywhere around us. Nevertheless we had luck that enemy tank didn't destroy our helicopter while it was landing...
  8. Yesterday's two missions were really sad, I hope today it will be better :D
  9. Kubajs21

    Arma 3 basic / advanced trainings

    Yes, you are right. MOR does't have it like you must do 5 tests and after that you can play. We have it like you pass basic training and you can play as ammo bearer, machinegunner, rifleman etc. But for AT soldier, sniper, SQL, FTL, tank crew etc. you must pass some small test. If you don't know how to pass test, you can ask for training...
  10. Kubajs21

    Arma 3 basic / advanced trainings

    Ofcorse everything come with time, but for example, I will not allow to any guy from MOR to take tank crew without test. I want to prevet fails... It can be significant impact for gamplay if there are people who takes slots and they don't know how to use potential of these slots... Next thing is that a lot of people do not know how much secrets Arma 3 with WOG addons has. I think the most people just start to play without checking ACE, RHS and Arma options, or trying some shits in editor...
  11. Hi, everyone who can speak English or know how to use google translator please respond to this questionnaire:
  12. Kubajs21

    Arma 3 basic / advanced trainings

    Does your team have any form of trainings for Arma 3, ACE, other addons, key bindings or else? I am just curious about it because MOR has a lot of trainings and tests which must be fulfilled by new comers. For example, we have basic training which takes about 5 hours for people who never played Arma 3. We have also some advanced trainings such as: Orientation test (training): Only with map and compass you are randomly spawned and you must arrive marked position in map which is about 1.5 km away from you within time 10 minutes. Drivers test (training): There is some orientation again plus we have tank training area… AT test (training): Just how to use RPG 7 (with optic and without optic), Javelin, Stinger, SMAW, MAAWS and others. Sniper test (training): … Bomb expert test (training) :D Armored vehicles - Commander / Gunner test (training): RHS options, equipment of armored vehicles and their weak spots.
  13. Kubajs21

    Неожиданный Поворот 84 | 120 | 145

    @Opozdant All tracked vehicles should have toolkit which can be used for basic reparations such as track reparation. BTW M113 are very ineffective in deep woods which are in Ruha map. HMMWV / MRAP with M2 / MK19 would be much better in this terrain. And some guys reported me that their squads didn't had any AP rocekts to AT weapons.
  14. Kubajs21

    Weekly Open Games 26.10.2018 - 27.10.2018


    @JackReign @Theory In view of the fact that there were some troubles with missions starts last weekend, I think we should start doing our good old tradition. Restart the game server after vehicle DM and test both missions before 1st briefing.

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