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  1. Kubajs21

    Weekly Open Games 26.10.2018 - 27.10.2018


    @JackReign @Theory In view of the fact that there were some troubles with missions starts last weekend, I think we should start doing our good old tradition. Restart the game server after vehicle DM and test both missions before 1st briefing.
  2. About RHS vehicels it is like this: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/955216889262364964/E299DB3807E2C0A171A48ADA0DA1DE942F091168/ Both crewmembers are inside of the LAV. For me they are outside. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/951841177144123072/96A488F5B808A532D23A741397343CF75D6FBC17/ I just went into position of commander in the BTR, but there was already somone so I just sit down into him...
  3. @Octopus, If you want practise your English language, you can play with MOR. We have always some free slots.
  4. Kubajs21

    UST101 presentation

    I guess CTU told you about WOG. If you have more than 3 guys who want to play here and you want play with your own squad, you should contact main administrator @Sup in order to get some priority for taking slots. Players who don't has any priority might be assigned randomly into both sides in order to make balance. If you start play as WOG guest, you will probabely play with your own squad in one side...
  5. @crabe https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m14-th3.htm Incendiary hand grenades might be very destructive for light armored vehicles. These grenades can easly destroy wheels or burn through the backplate of BTR and destroy its engine. When you throw this grenade under engine of unarmored vehicle some parts of engine will just melt... Ofcorse it will not cose the vehicle explosion but it can still cose serious damage.
  6. @GonzoPunkass BattlEye should be turned off right now. BTW about FPS drops we cannot do nothing more, yesterday we turned off all other game servers so only Arma server was running...
  7. Kubajs21

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    5 star crew... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1517335984 Komanda X :D https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1517335925
  8. Nick of the violator: [A+]Zano Violated rule: 0.1 Additional violated rules: Violation date: 09/15/2018 Mission number: 2 Mission name: Хушаб 1.1 Suffered side: участники проекта Witnesses (if they exist): [A+]MrMaster, [A+]Diametr, [A+]Modnik, [A+]VAiS, [A+]Lankaster, EveryDayVodka, [A+]Semi Violation description: Immediately after mission starts, @Zano incite (command) player @EveryDayVodka to go random whenever Vodka wants. This action is against meaning of what we are playing and it has major impact to gameplay (дух игр). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nRitb4oHHc&feature=youtu.be&t=1134 In this video from Zano is clearly visible his intention and ridicule towards tribunal (game administration).
  9. @almost I tried to do same thing about half year ago... I think nothing changed but if you want fucked up with some group which SQL is not on LW radio just tune their SW radio frequency and say them they are lazy shits. It's mostly working well, if you are close enough...
  10. I heard he said there is still rule about first ten minutes and players can't attack the spawn in first ten minutes. I read the briefing and in the mission rules wasn't anything about first 10 minutes rule so it was still in effect. No exceptions in WOG rules wasn't allowed by game administration. There was only one "exception" (extra rule) about landing into airfield area with helicopters.
  11. Friday's 1st mission (Radars 1.0 - Радары 1.0) This mission was totally terrible and playing it was waste of our time. 1. Almost same mission was on A2, but it was mWOG mission and both side were attacking and they were supposed to take 3 zones on NW AF. In the area of NW AF were a lot of bunkers, and other added buildings so there was some place for figting. In Friday's mission were't almost any added buildings or bunkers. There were only two radars... I don't want to hurt anyone but this mission looks like something what was made after 30 minutes work in editor. This mission should be played maybe as mWOG, but it is still very bad in comperison with old A2 mWOG mission. 2. I made normal plan for deffending, we could play this mission as we played a lot of other missions before, but attack side just consider that making any plan will not worth in, so they just rushed the zone and died. Around 40 minutes took me to made some plan for that mission + check the equipment and it was total waste of my time because attacking side rother died then play it. In the end we played 31 minutes. 3. Attacking side break the rule about attacking enemy spawn in first 10 minutes after start despite on game administration waring about this rule. Just check the ocap and you will see... To sum up I hope it will not happend again. On weekends we can play normal big missions in which HQ make some plan and where HQ present some skill and tactic. I am not happy to see that somone just choose quick rush insted of making proper briefing. HQ should make plan where all guys on his side has good game not just make plan which looks like easy win... I didn't like that mission despite on deffend side won. If attack side won it would be still same shit and waste of time because I am not playing here to wait 25 minutes until mission starts and after that play fucking 31 minutes mission. If somone want make same shit plan for big mission in the future and MOR will be HQ on second side, please write me and MOR left commanding for someone else or I will give up the mission after end of freeze time. @Dgors, @sup, @Theory
  12. On Friday we were slow because we flipped MRAP at leas 3 times :D. In the end we arrived the position from which we had clear view on enemy. MOR was moving acording to my WP markers. I don't know why but A+ start attacking on same position as MOR (MOR WP4 - small tower on the hill). That was waste of our power because there were two squads which were attacking on same position where was spotted only 1 scout. But main slowdown was RSG HMMWV which attackd our positions from north and killed me (SQL) (I think that should be covered by A+ because they were on the north flank but they were too quick). BTW it was not possible hear RSG HMMWV even for 10 meters. I was spectating A+, HMMWV came next to their position and just killed them because it is not possible to hear it riding due to A3 sounds... Next time we should use more WP markers in map for all squads, not just randomly attacking.
  13. I see a lot of new clans are nominated into rotation. I hope @sup will tell them expectations which all of us have about new clans. Everyone want have a good game with commander whose commanding will lead his soldiers to victory...
  14. BIS changed some vehicle parameters so the RHS vehicles are not working well... I hope guys from RHS will repare everything untill next weekend. BTW I tried some A3 tanks challenges and physics of new tank looks good. I was going quickly trough small rocks and small stone walls and tank wasn't flying :D
  15. I already test some vehicels. Both Abrams, Bradley + AA version and Shilka have glitched optical devices in the drivers position. And I think some vehicles have a problem with weight...

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