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  1. I got this error during whole mission.
  2. Masaker

    Hotel paradise

    View File Hotel paradise Mission is strongly focused on asymmetric CQB. Hotel building was extended with large underground pacing lot in order to enlarge combat area. In order to contain combat inside complex, the attacking side has imaginary feed from surveillance satellite which marks visible enemy units to the map. In order to be marked enemy player has to be exposed perpendicularly to the sky. Hotel is equipped with complex door system to slow down attacking unit progress. Doors can be locked with key, breached with gun and lockpicked with lockpick item. Defending side can obtain key at the spawn. Working elevator is inside elevator shaft. It can be used to transport personnel or equipment. Attacking side has multiple surveillance equipment (drone, robot). Defending side has variety of explosives including mines. Attacking side has HQ tent at the spawn, where visual feeds from squad leader’s helmet camera are projected on large screens. Side leader can use this technology to efficiently coordinate squads progress inside building in real time. Hotel halls are equipped with standard wall lamps which provide illumination during night time. Hotel is separated to segments and each segment of lights can be controlled by its own light switch. All lights are connected to one generator located inside parking lot. Attacking units can disable generator using its control panel or by explosives. Submitter Masaker Submitted 05/05/2020 Category WOG Number of participants 060 Year 2020 Time for a mission 40 Weather Random time, Clear Attack side win conditions Hotel area capture Attack side vehicles 4×SUV A2 6×1025A2 (Unarmed) 2×ED-1E Roller 1×AR-2 Darter Defense side win condiotions Prevent capture of the hotel building for 40 minutes Defense Side technique Mission features Working hotel elevator, lockable and breachable doors, hotel garage extension, helmet camera feed to the HQ tent Type mWOG Island Альтис Mode Захват/оборона WEST side SWAT EAST side Terrorists RESISTANSE side Attack Side West Defense Side East Thermal sights mode Включен / ON  
  3. Masaker

    Weekly Open Games 03.05.2019 - 04.05.2019


    BTK accept commanding for this mission from the MOR.

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