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  1. Ok sorry next time I will kill him that way so he can see me :D
  2. блин, спасибо за информацию :(
  3. @sup Это не объяснение отношений, а просто признание ошибок, допущенных обеими сторонами. Я пытался это сделать, но Steath немедленно забанил меня, и ко мне подошли люди из MOR, и мы справились с такой же проблемой, как и взрослые, а не как дети, Stealth не появился, но другие от людей сделали это и рассказали мне ситуацию на там и я прощаю его. Я извиняюсь, что мы спамили трибунал даром
  4. проблема решена в частном порядке, можете закрыть это нарушение.
  5. Well, I tried to solve this problem in private, not on a tribunal, when I joined your TeamSpeak, you instantly banned me = you don't want to talk about it, you have nothing to say. Rules are rules, just because I was a friend with you I closed my eye, but as I can see, you have to be punished as everybody else... To be honest, personal "violations on tribunal" were here approximately 2 months ago and all of these from personal hate were vulgar. For example: A:"You are a cunt" B:"No you are a cunt" etc. This is just rule you didn't follow as a team leader no matter if you banned me or you didn't like me. That´s like you commit a murder and said that was personal. Stop writing that it is personal and actually defend yourself, why you did it and why you should be punished. I bet you don't even know what 3.2 rule is, let me quickly translate that for you: 3.2 Failure to comply with the orders of the party/branch/group commander, entailing a loss of mission, death of the players of their side, disruption of the tactical plan, tasks and goals set at the briefing. This has nothing to do with personal issues. I put maximum effort to do this plan, it took me several hours to plan so we can win this hard mission. I'm not replaying to any other comment containing "personal hate/revenge"
  6. This is nothing to do with my problem with Stealth. I told him to hide the tow behind the rocks. On the hill where stealth put the TOW wasn't even bush. Next point is that TOW is undetectable by radar, only HMMWVs are. If Stealth asked me to put his TOW behind the front line and I give him permission, I would not write a think. The problem is when I asked him on why isn't MOR on his position, he didn't answer claiming he had too many people talking on KV so he couldn't hear me even tho I asked him on DV more than two times. I still consider this as a violation of KS command and he should be punished. After rewatching replay I noticed that they would actually destroy enemy BMP with 5th squad, maybe even BRDM which could have a serious impact on how the mission ended. I would not bring any personal problems here, that´s not appropriate, but I will let him in that he kicked me etc. even tho I left by myself.
  7. Nick of the violator: [MOR] Stealth Violated rule: 3.2 Additional violated rules: Violation date: 06/13/2020 Mission number: 1 Mission name: Восход 1.3 Suffered side: синий Witnesses (if they exist): синяя сторона Violation description: Я сказал командиру MOR спрятаться в их маркере, скрыть TOW и подождать, пока один наблюдатель обнаружит вражеские машины на южном горизонте. Я даже пошел в их комнату TS, чтобы убедиться, что они полностью поняли мой план, Stealth сказал, что да. Я хотел, чтобы они поместили TOW за камни на моем маркере, чтобы TOW мог стрелять на 2-3 км вниз на юг Но Stealth приказал положить TOW на холм в одном километре к северу от моего маркера и приказал CTU разбить лагерь в городе, который был абсолютно бесполезным Я думаю, что если бы TOW был на его месте, мы уничтожили бы хотя бы одну вражескую машину, что могло бы оказать значительное влияние на то, как эта миссия закончилась. Я не думаю, что это была клановая проблема, а индивидуальная проблема, поэтому я думаю, что должен быть наказан только один человек, а не группа
  8. Mattoni

    Cuba Libre

    не было таблиц расстояний на синей стороне на снайперах с одним крестиком в оптике без точек
  9. Mattoni


    хорошая миссия, у меня есть только одна просьба, добавить btr-40 в список бронетехники. Я не знал, что у нас это есть, и я сделал 3 TK
  10. You dont have to be ashamed, this can happen to anyone. Just when you release an update, try to test it :) #noshame
  11. Mattoni

    Dead Island

    I didnt know, I didnt played it :D This was my first mission on Saturday so yeah, sorry, you are right :)
  12. Mattoni

    Dead Island

    @ZAMPOLIT "This mission sucks" => translate to "I don't like this mission" (You are not familiar with American slang, they use "suck" often for something they don't like) "Your shittie maps" => didn't mean to be criticism, this is just hate and my opinion :)
  13. Mattoni

    Dead Island

    @ZAMPOLIT I won't bring here any politic ideas, that´s not what is gaming for. I have my own opinion and Im not sharing it here with you. Difference between you and is that Im not acting like a cock. Definition of constructive criticism: "Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one" - found on Google My comment: This mission sucks (First expression). (Here is starting constructive criticism) I played with RPG and I have only pistol. PLZ change and I will change to like! Im sad :( (I even add a bit of humour here) EDIT: I didn't even have a map or radio even tho I had it on the briefing in "my squad" section. Please fix (And I asked here to fix that problem) Next comments are just reaction to people acting like they are a god in map-making. And to react to you "Unicorn country and people living inside of it", Im trying to act as friendly as possible, even tho I don't like that person really much and I accepted that some people are acting wrong, but you clearly have some issues with me (which is OK). And my man, I have family in Russia, in Ukraine, Italy and here in Czech, but everywhere I go, I wouldn't find people like you. Jestli máš něco proti česku a mě, tak si běž vylízat prdel, nejsem na tebe zvědaví, protože to, co zde píšeš, není konstruktivní kritika, ale hejt :) (Use google translator here :) ) And this is my last comment here, its hopeless to try suggest here, better to miss that mission and go play something different. EDIT: I tried to get some ideas to improve that mission by my first comment, which I achieved (Added weapons for RPG slot) For me that´s victory :) правда

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