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  1. Nick of the violator: Rambo Violated rule: 8.2 Additional violated rules: Violation date: 10/04/2019 Mission number: 1 Mission name: Dimah mahzum Suffered side: MOR Witnesses (if they exist): Whole MOR squad Violation description: We kicked Rambo from our clan two weeks ago and this guy is still playing as one of us even when we told him to leave. He didnt listen, we told him to delete his clan tag and he continue playing with MOR tag even though we told him to delete the tag "MOR". He also took slots from different squad and tried to play with us but we didnt let him to so he went and played with KND.
  2. @MADBUG are you sure you weren´t shooting nerf ammo? :D
  3. I dont wanna be rude, but If you are making mission with total darkness, please, give people night vision, I couldnt see holy fuck and neither my driver, we raped like 12 trees and 2 stones.. Thank you, super angry SQL of BTR.
  4. Sorry for DSHR in my heli. Usually my landing is good, but when my mum start shouting at me, I was confused as fuck and panicked a bit :D You know, never argue with your mum! :D
  5. Mattoni

    Дебрифинг атаки Iraqi Freedom 01.02.19

    @neVALYAshka Don´t listen MOR, Im a good pilot, all under control, Im just a bit chaotic :D
  6. When MOR is totally retarded:
  7. @Rob when I saw you can handle situation, I let you without orders, you did really well :)
  8. Yeah, I was quite shocked about the whole think yesterday and I was bit rude to you @Makaveli, sorry.
  9. "ключевую технику" Well what should I do when I had 45% of my side dead? I know, first 45 minutes was terrible from my side, when I recovered.

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