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Mattoni стал победителем дня 14 августа 2018

Mattoni имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  1. Sorry for DSHR in my heli. Usually my landing is good, but when my mum start shouting at me, I was confused as fuck and panicked a bit :D You know, never argue with your mum! :D
  2. Mattoni

    Дебрифинг атаки Iraqi Freedom 01.02.19

    @neVALYAshka Don´t listen MOR, Im a good pilot, all under control, Im just a bit chaotic :D
  3. @Rob when I saw you can handle situation, I let you without orders, you did really well :)
  4. Yeah, I was quite shocked about the whole think yesterday and I was bit rude to you @Makaveli, sorry.
  5. "ключевую технику" Well what should I do when I had 45% of my side dead? I know, first 45 minutes was terrible from my side, when I recovered.
  6. @MSC Yeah that´s why I was so upset, they went there even they know what it will do. :/
  7. @xaec Yeah and one more think. I really did not enjoyed you and your "photo show". I was really upset about it :/
  8. First saturday misson was absolutely horrible! During slotting procces, I was dealing some stuff with A+ about Bradley and @Makaveli started mission without any text, if KS are ready. I wasnt and hopefuly DT took it. During briefing, @Makaveli didn´t even wrote time to start (CTAPT B xx:xx). I was in the middle of briefing when I heard: Start in 20 seconds. DUDE! For real? So I had to finish my brifing in game during freeze time. I was already little bit triggered, but It was still OK. When we left our spawn, I saw half of A+ with crashed HMMWV and some dead mans... I was still ok, you know, not many man dead, just half squad. But in the 2/4 of our journey to our LZs, I got DV message: One HMMWV is dead. We arrived to that crash and saw one full squad of KND DEAD! I was like ok, that´s bad and in just couple of seconds, I saw MOR BRADLEY in the same way where KND died! (btw they died by bug I guess). AND GUESS WHAT! THEY DIED AS WELL! So now, we are without 1 bradley and 1 and a half squad. I was like: yeah we cant win that at all, so I wrote to @Makaveli for restart ( no chances for winning... ) and he answered:"I am very sorry, but there is no such possibility". Yeah sure, that´s really nice, I cant have restart, but when some reta*d is doing at spawn something and kill one single person, there is a restart, but when I lose about 2 squads and 1 bradley, that´s fine. + At the beginning, I had 52 man in total and enemy had 54 man (I was attacking), WHERE THE F**K IS BALANCE? Oh wait, I didnt had a chance to ask for it... So I continued and did pretty well I think. Special thanks to GHOST squad (They did sick job) and to @SaLeeN and his Bradley (Also sick job). Thanks to all squads as well and I hope you didn´t suffered to much because of me and me sh*ttie russian leanguage :D . And please, somebody tell @Makaveli how to be better administrator, like all administrators are. Thank you :)
  9. WOG in a nutshell! :D Sorry for gram. mistakes, I tried my best :D

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