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  1. Maybe drivers should be more responsible and pay more attention to driving. Yesterday I was going behind your truck for about 30 seconds, I was about 10 meters behind you. Suddenly your truck just went off the road stop for a second and starts moving backward. When your truck starts moving backward you were out of the road, your driver just tried to move back to the road like it is just his own road. When you are driving you must always predict that there are also other people on the road, not just you... Plus people who were sitting back in the truck could warn the driver that it is not a good idea just ride back to the main road if 3 trucks are moving behind you. If I stopped I would explode with you...
  2. почему́, почему́ RIP...
  3. @dmb09 @JackReign @Avarax @Kidze Who wins?
  4. Kubajs21

    Lost cargo

    But who will win the mission? What exactly is a condition for the win? 1st option: REDFORE wins if all boxes are inside of the black zone at the end of the mission? 2nd option: BLUEFOR wins if all boxes are in the area of the airfield at the end of the mission? 3rd option: Everything else than 1st or 2nd option (boxes are not in any zone, 1 box is in the black zone and others are somewhere in jungle...) Maybe you can just delete the pilots or just let them remove the boxes with the script but they will die because Hilux with DSHKM arrives at the position approximately 5 mins after the start of the mission... So it is about the pilot's decision they will try to remove some boxes and they will probably die or they will try to make some random ambush in the jungle around the crash site...
  5. Kubajs21

    Lost cargo

    @MaDnEss I encountered the following bugs during testing: - Boxes inside of the airplane can be removed by the ACE interaction menu (drag/carry). - There is not necessary to wait 7 minutes in order to remove boxes blocking the way to the cargo. - In the briefing is written: Find the cargo and deliver it to the airfield. You should add the image of the cargo into the briefing. In the cargo space are many boxes + 3 military boxes. What is the correct cargo? If correct cargo is 3 military boxes what will happen if BLUEFOR delivers only 1 box into the airfield area and others will be inside of the black zone or what will happen if 2 boxes will be outside of the zone and 1 box will be delivered at the airfield??? - The boxes blocking the way to the cargo can kill you if you move them by ACE interaction and place them to a different location. - Removing the boxes which are blocking the way to the cargo by script takes 7 minutes for each box. If all boxes must be removed by script it will take about 28 - 35 minutes... + Holding middle mouse for 7 minutes is really boring...
  6. Kubajs21

    OFCRA - Arma international events

    Hi, this thursday OFCRA organize WWII event. Info: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=5854.0 Slot reservation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TRR_SHyJD9yuuT_BLkuITWeAm8GsaOABENqzh4QS8aM/edit#gid=0 Start for taking slots: 21:00 CET+1, 23:00 CET+3 (Moscow)
  7. @almost I really don't care about who wins or loses. I don't have time anymore to care about WOG so much so if I am commanding I always prepare some quick random plan. But I always try to prepare a plan which will be safe enough so my people will not die 5 mins after the end of the freeze time. The rest of your text is a little bit out of the point... My text is only about rush plans which are made by side commanders and about special "plans" where you finnish the mission after 15 minutes. I am not playing any mWOG missions because I don't want to play mWOG missions... If you make from the regular big WOG mission the mWOG, you will really not pleased me. BTW for me the word rush means direct quick assault toward enemy positions immediately after the mission start. I don't have any problem with active defending.
  8. I have one interesting point wich is related to actual situation. Attack side really often try to rush enemy position. Why? Because they want to catch defenders unprepared. Defend side also sometimes rush attackers. Why? Because they want to catch them unprepared inside vehicles and cause them as much losses as it is possible. Both sides have something in common. What is it? They both want to win. Almost every single side commander preffers winning than good gameplay. And this is the reason why everyone rush as much as it is possible or side commander just make some smart plan which breakdowns the mission. For example destroying stacionar jets inside of hangars by flying jets... I think people who are playing WOG are playng here because they want to play. Nobody want to wait 15 mins in lobby, 15 mins in briefing and play only 15 mins long mission because side commander just decided to fuck up with mission and with all of us...
  9. If you are interested in OFCRA games, check the link below: Perhaps we will be able to organize something like WOG vs OFCRA event in the feature... :D
  10. Kubajs21

    OFCRA - Arma international events

    Hi, after summer break OFCRA stars again organizing Arma PvP (TvT) events. If you are interested in, read the text below. :) OFCRA games are always played once per two weeks on Thursday's at 21:00 (EU+1). The end of the briefing is normally at 21:30 (EU+1). Public events are always posted on OFCRA websites: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php For example: "[PvP Publique] Matchlight - 42vs43 - 03.10.2019" Or you can check their calendar: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?action=calendar The websites can be switched to EN language... If you want to participate OFCRA events in the feature you can just enlist your people into this table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TRR_SHyJD9yuuT_BLkuITWeAm8GsaOABENqzh4QS8aM/edit#gid=0 Or your people can write just a comment into the table and someone with permissions will enlist them... It is not necessary to have a full squad, you can always join together with some other squad. People from the following countries are participating in the OFCRA games: France, Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britan, Spain, Italia, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc. Together they have max about 80 - 100 people... Basic information about addons: - each mission has special addon pack = you should check addons for each event in A3sync -> repositories -> events - basically OFCRA uses vanilla ACE, CUP Terrains, TFAR, RHS + BW, BAF, niarms + some special addons in OFCRA folder... - the basic medical system is used at the missions - A3sync repository: http://repo.ofcra.org/.a3s/autoconfig Basic information about gameplay: - in-game chat is active (only for tech problems) - AI is not turned off (all unused slots are closed) - it is allowed to use AI as a crew in the armored vehicles (driver, loader or commander) - AI skill is set up to the lowest level... - visibility for objects is limited for 5 km - vanilla OCAP is used for taking records from the missions: https://game.ofcra.org/ocap/ - in all missions is the main objective to accomplish the given tasks (from each accomplished task your side gets victory points, side with more victory points at the end of the mission wins) - mission time is normally limited for 1 hour 40 minutes Briefing for each mission always looks like this: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=5833.0
  11. Stealth doesn't remember any good game since we have new rotation... Actual gameplay is really bad and Stealth is sad. :( #sadstory
  12. 📁Local Disk (C:) └📁Program Files (x86) ⠀└📁steam ⠀⠀└📁steamapps ⠀⠀⠀└📁common ⠀⠀⠀⠀└📁Arma 3 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀└📁Skill MOR klanu ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀└⚠️This folder is empty
  13. Kubajs21

    Обновление сборки WOG 10.09.2019

    @MSC 05.09.2019 ???
  14. Kubajs21

    Shock and awe

    @MaDnEss - Crew + medic in the UN squad got their gear at least 100 times. They got new gear every 30 - 50 seconds, it always reset all their equipment to default one + it always reset their SW radios = their SW radios were always inoperative about 5 seconds because of initialization. - LW radio in the BMP doesn't work.

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