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  1. @ GonzoPunkass We know about it, it was Rambo. For some reason he was disconnected and his bot was deleted, so he just took some random slot (Makaveli's), after Matoni realized what he did, he told him that he is "dumb fuck" and that he should unslot, then he almost took my slot. He will carry responsibility for it, even if he is not punished by WOG.
  2. 3 dead, 1 heavily wounded ... and 1 MRAP /w 50 .cal
  3. До

    Why is side 1 in defense on both days in first mission ? Wasn't it always always tic-toc ?
  4. у нас уже есть Mattoni, хуже не будет
  5. I'm not sure, but I think I got the answer. (I hope it is the right mission)
  6. До

    I am at full health now and I hope I will not have to "command" again. Even if we start losing at the end again, we will just summon Avarax, he will finish it with style.
  7. At the start of the mission he said he knows what to do as a medic. Then in the middle of mission he was calling me because he had no idea what to do. So while I was directing our AGS on target I was also telling him what to do. The best moment was when he said that your heart rate is low and after 5s he started screaming "100, 102, 105, it's fucking rising, what am I supposed to do ?" and I just told him to give you morphine, and he said "u tebya net wlasty" turned and went off telling me how good he is that he saved you.
  8. Btw sry @Makaveli for the end, I was just very upset
  9. I was just realized that I had so much of unused video clips that I had to do something. So this is it. I will try to do some funny moments and kill montage later on. I still have like one day of unused videos :D