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  1. What? I mean I ain't no engineer but doesn't the bullet have the highest velocity right as it leaves the gun barrel ? There is no propulsion to accelerate it further....
  2. The number of "clicks" is limitation of the scope so you can't really "fix" it since there is nothing to fix, you would have to have a better scope.
  3. Spreekill

    Обновление сборки WOG 26.02.2020

    @MSC I highly appreciate the english translation... which is written in russian. :D
  4. Post it into the mission's thread.
  5. @Auslander 2000's called and they want their resolution back. Nice video tho.
  6. @LEYDEN CTU What did you saw ? We ain't ghost busters, we don't fight ghosts.
  7. @GonzoPunkass PS: we did injure someone :D
  8. Spreekill

    Morning walk

  9. Spreekill

    Morning walk

    @Tvorogok It truly isn't the greatest idea. The BMP cannot penetrate the Bradley's armor, but that doesn't mean that the Bradley has it easy. I did the some testing and the most I was able to do to the BMP with the Bradley's autocannon was to set it on fire, destroy the engine and it's autocannon. This was done from the front. When I tried shooting it from the side it did even less damage. I only managed to destroy the gun and only damage the engine. Both of those were done on 1.2km and 270 shots (3 clips). The Bradley's TOW can also only set it on fire, destroy the engine and gun, if fired to the front. If it is fired to the side of the BMP it will set it on fire and destroy the engine. I only managed to destroy the BMP once from side. The BMP-2/3 is able to do equal damage with single shot of ATGM to the front. If shot to the side it will usually destroy the Bradley. Taking into account the advice given I will swap two out of three BMP-2s for the BMP-3s.
  10. Spreekill

    Morning walk

    The mission has gone through a bit of rework. PS: I would be very grateful to get some feedback, preferably this year.

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