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  1. There definitely wasn't any order to anyone from A+ detachment to "split over the mountain and help". A+ detachment was supposed to hold their hill and cover the vast majority of routes towards the city with their BMP. The only detachment on those hills should be KND and 2 people from MOR SPG team because their UAZ ran out of fuel.
  2. And lonely @TRUE marching towards the zone knowing his friends are dying.
  3. I was doing scout fly by airfield when I got massive lag as all the objects were loading. Couldn't handle the plane and got stuck in farm shed. Then I just went on my 007 mission which is nicely documented by @Nyam_Cat.
  4. Why didn't he said a single thing when I was in the TS or when we were near the ural ? If @dmb09 doesn't know how to speak english, which I guess is right, he could ask anyone from his group if they can or when we were standing near the ural, he could ask anyone from 5thPK. At that very time there was @Octopus inside the ural, by simply asking her to translate the problem could have been solved. I don't understand russian language, but in the video when I asked about the mortar and someone else said something like "He said that CTU do not know how to use mortar" and @dmb09 replied something like "They don't have to, they will go as infantry". I don't think he was talking about me, he was talking about CTU. And also I would like the administration to define "start of mission". Because OCAP, which everyone is taking the time of the attack from, seems to start recording at the end of freez time, not start of mission. (For me, "start of mission" is the exact time briefing ends and (on most) missions freez time starts)
  5. At the briefing CTU found out that they have mortar squad. CTU told to @dmb09 (KS) that they don't know how to use it and @Stealth heard it and told me. So I went off to @LEYDEN CTU and asked him to confirm it. Then I went off to @dmb09 and asked him about it. He confirmed that noone is using it and I asked him if I could use it and he said yes. Then I went back to MOR and told them, I also went to CTU and told them to go with MOR. At the freez time we loaded mortar and 4 boxes with ammo inside the ural. The plan was to go to Pustoshka and fire from there. BUT at the end of freez time I was pulled out of ural by @Azard and told it is now their truck. In a few seconds after that @dmb09 came and confirmed it. So I and @Ziki_CZ quickly unloaded mortar and ammo and went to nearest flat space. And prepared it and stared calculating. Aftert some of our troops were close to the zone we fired first 5 shots, which missed. I forgot to set up the charges. Then we just fired all the ammo we had inside the zone. I just want to say that we simply forgot about this rule. And to be straight, this rule on this very mission doesn't make any sense. We spawned just 2km away from the zone. As the first shot landed our troops were just 900m away from it and all enemy troops on their positions. This mission is very fast paced. I take it, that the rule should give everyone a chance to leave the spawn area unharmed. I wasn't trying to spawn kill anyone. I was simply conducting mortar strike on the zone so our troops could go there with ease. If anyone was inside that zone, they would most probably be there for the next 4 minutes. Saying that we crippled the defense is unfair. I really don't understand how would you act differently in 4 minutes. The BMD was lost not even after 30 seconds after contact. No way you could affect that. And you want me to believe that after lost of one BMD you would order everyone to go back to zone ? WOW I think that on this very mission, it is just hiding behind rules that don't even make any sence.
  6. Well, where to start ? First of all, I wasn't the KS or better said I wans't supposed to be the KS. Aja was supposed to command. It all started when I and Panther with our BMP were on our route to LZ where both bmps should go. In no more than 2 mins from the start I heard on DV somethink like @Azard: "GG, well played, we killed our KS", as I was talking to Panther, I didn't get what happened. As we reached our LZ we found 5thPK already on their possion (2. BMP + inf), and as we stopped I heard FOX asking KS what they should do next. Then again @Azard replied with something like "We don't have KS we killed him." Then I was approached by (again) @Azard to be KS and @Sixor (one of the few who survived) told me what happend. And that is where the cluster fuck began. I had no fucking idea what we have, what the enemies have, where are they starting and so on. I wasn't even planning to play that evening. The plan that was on map was deleted and we started over. The already in contact A+ were commanded to keep pushing the tower on east from the zones, because it was quite good position to have. The problem was, as I learned later, that it was enemy spawn. So FOX were commanded to go on flank from south and 5thPK inf to go help the A+ with support of their BMP. Later also MOR inf (or better said what left from them) were also commanded to go hel A+. CTU were supposed to go on flank with FOX, but they were nowhere to be found. Later as the attack on the tower was still going, @Arcued asked on DV: "Why the fuck are we attacking this damn tower, it is the enemies spawn, we already lost half of our squad" (that is how I found that it was enemies spawn), so then everyone was command to "fuck" that tower and just move on west straight to the zones. MOR inf on front doing some scout things, behind them 5thPK and A+, FOX from south. And this is were CTU have come to life. So they were command to go from north-east. On their way they got enemies still in the mountains on east. in our backs. Not a big problem because the only one still there were CTU. Later, CTU were half way on their way, but they had to leave some inf behind. And the enemies from the mountains and tower started shooting on us. They managed to land some hits on me, but I got fixed up, so both BMPs started to move more on west, but our BMP got under fire from the enemy BMP. Also in the meantime enemy helicopter managed to crash near our position, no idea why. As the time was closing we moved with our BMP more to the west and got shot and I even killed. Then I guess, it was just good old "Alga" 5thPK starded to flank from the north, FOX from south, and the rest from east. @GonzoPunkass managed to destroy the enemy BMP, and our last chance, the 5thPK BMP started to happily moving downhill, closer to the zone. And whatnot ? They flipped. Our last chance flipped on a fucking tree. So, with no more BMPs in game, everyone started to fight over the zones. In the end ? I would say pretty fucking good game for not having KS.
  7. @ GonzoPunkass We know about it, it was Rambo. For some reason he was disconnected and his bot was deleted, so he just took some random slot (Makaveli's), after Matoni realized what he did, he told him that he is "dumb fuck" and that he should unslot, then he almost took my slot. He will carry responsibility for it, even if he is not punished by WOG.
  8. 3 dead, 1 heavily wounded ... and 1 MRAP /w 50 .cal
  9. До

    Why is side 1 in defense on both days in first mission ? Wasn't it always always tic-toc ?
  10. у нас уже есть Mattoni, хуже не будет
  11. I'm not sure, but I think I got the answer. (I hope it is the right mission)
  12. До

    I am at full health now and I hope I will not have to "command" again. Even if we start losing at the end again, we will just summon Avarax, he will finish it with style.
  13. At the start of the mission he said he knows what to do as a medic. Then in the middle of mission he was calling me because he had no idea what to do. So while I was directing our AGS on target I was also telling him what to do. The best moment was when he said that your heart rate is low and after 5s he started screaming "100, 102, 105, it's fucking rising, what am I supposed to do ?" and I just told him to give you morphine, and he said "u tebya net wlasty" turned and went off telling me how good he is that he saved you.