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  1. @LEYDEN CTU it is view distance, when you press the F1 key, and it sets the highest possible, you also have to press home key and set the terrain view distance atleast ~15% more than object view distance, because at the edge of terrain view distance the mist is created so the terraing isn't cut but faded.
  2. Spreekill

    Weekly Open Games 28.12.2018 - 30.12.2018


    @Semi if you are still interested, you could take ours
  3. Spreekill

    Quick Assault 6/10/2018

    So, for the beginning, I made 2 risky decisions. The first one was to abandon the southern zone. It was just useless, no cover, opended from 2 sides and no escape from the other 2 sides because of kill trigger. The second one was that we will expect the enemies to come from south and south-east and leave the north just to few people. Which was a good one, they did come from south. If they wouldn't then A2-3 (MOR) would go in their backs with MRAP with mk19 and MAAWS. In the first few minutes of the mission the enemy's SPN (URAL) somehow managed to "sneak" by A1-6 (A+) and flank them. After some time A2-1 (KND) went to help them. At the same time enemy hind was already trying to do something, but it was shot down by our stinger. After some time I received more info about more contacts on south. They simply pushed their way right next to the zone. And here comes the question "Why have I not put more forces to the West or South?" There was already enough forces, the density of our forces would be too high, there would be a lot of friendly fire, we would have to be careful when using GLs, grenades and what not. It was better to take positions near the zone and defend it. And the enemy could still come from center, which he later did. There really isn't much to debrief, as soon as the enemy was spotted near zone, everyone was ordered to go on their LZs near zone, and everyone just started to fight over it.
  4. If anyone needs to download/update the WOG addons when the server is down, we have set up backup repo on our server autoconfig: ftp://server.morclan.cz/a3wog/.a3s/autoconfig
  5. Me and @Dgors talked about it, he told me everything. It simply happend because of bad mission design (number of spaces inside IFVs) and the possition of BMP-3, that could see him if he would fall back, so he just went straight to the hill with castle, where he killed bunch of his enemies. Therefore I would like to cancel the appeal. I am sorry to interupt the administration of WOG with this, but again, at the start with the POVs that I had, it seemed bit fishy.
  6. I didn't know that there was 10 ppl in the squad. But he could just go to the LZ by his foot. It wasn't that far. He still missed the LZ by almost 1km and when his comrades got under fire, it seems that he doesn't even care.
  7. Nick of the violator: [RSG] Dgors Violated rule: 0.1 Additional violated rules: Violation date: 08/24/2018 Mission number: 1 Mission name: The Forgotten War Suffered side: OPFOR Witnesses (if they exist): Violation description: Through the povs that I am given, it seems that @Dgors went random to get those sweet sweet kills. From the start he wasn't even driving with his own squad. After some time, when the whole RSG squad arrived to thier LZ and got into firefight with URAL, he didn't even went there to help them. After while he got to our position and killed 5 people in total, one of them was @JackReign who was KS of that mission. From @Makaveli 's stream, there is no LZ marker on the map for any "nabl".
  8. There definitely wasn't any order to anyone from A+ detachment to "split over the mountain and help". A+ detachment was supposed to hold their hill and cover the vast majority of routes towards the city with their BMP. The only detachment on those hills should be KND and 2 people from MOR SPG team because their UAZ ran out of fuel.
  9. And lonely @TRUE marching towards the zone knowing his friends are dying.
  10. I was doing scout fly by airfield when I got massive lag as all the objects were loading. Couldn't handle the plane and got stuck in farm shed. Then I just went on my 007 mission which is nicely documented by @Nyam_Cat.
  11. Why didn't he said a single thing when I was in the TS or when we were near the ural ? If @dmb09 doesn't know how to speak english, which I guess is right, he could ask anyone from his group if they can or when we were standing near the ural, he could ask anyone from 5thPK. At that very time there was @Octopus inside the ural, by simply asking her to translate the problem could have been solved. I don't understand russian language, but in the video when I asked about the mortar and someone else said something like "He said that CTU do not know how to use mortar" and @dmb09 replied something like "They don't have to, they will go as infantry". I don't think he was talking about me, he was talking about CTU. And also I would like the administration to define "start of mission". Because OCAP, which everyone is taking the time of the attack from, seems to start recording at the end of freez time, not start of mission. (For me, "start of mission" is the exact time briefing ends and (on most) missions freez time starts)

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