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  1. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    If we are going to start fighting "outside the map", I suggest we should always fight on the western side - we will be closer to Argentina and Leyden's negros will have better ping.
  2. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    @TRUE - I believe you could get more accurate data by adding column "USERNAME". (Also, we could get rid of the uncomfortable people.) *POINTS HIS FINGER AT @almost *
  3. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    Meanwhile Avarax just discovered his left hand.
  4. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    soviet engineering at its finest
  5. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    mission so dark i couldn't even see my wallhack
  6. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

  7. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    that's because no one ever saw DSHR flying
  8. Palalalasaur

    WOG 49 - Last Background

    @MrPurple 1.) FIXED 2.) FIXED 3.) "FIXED" 4.) FIXED Thank you for your feedback.
  9. Palalalasaur

    WOG 49 - Last Background

    View File WOG 49 - Last Background We play this mission on MOR TVTs, it's fully working, fps friendly and aesthetic af. Mission objectives - INDEPENDENTS must defend the zone for 50 minutes. OPFOR must capture the zone within 50 minutes. OPFOR will capture the zone by holding it for 3 minutes. _________________________________________________________________ ISLAND- Napf Winter _________________________________________________________________ Sides - Independent Vehicles - few bikes OPFOR Vehicles - some 'ol rusty russian transport vehicles (2xUAZ, 2x URAL) Submitter Palasaurusnerus Submitted 12/11/2018 Category WOG Number of participants 049 Year 2018 Time for a mission 50 Weather 05:00 - with snow script Attack side wins condiotion Capture the zone in 50 mins Attack Side technique 2xURAL, 2xUAZ Defense side wins condiotion Hold the zone for 50 mins Defense Side technique bikes Mission features Snow Script, Halo Jump, Gut fps Type WOG Island Остров Напф (зимний) Mode Захват/оборона WEST side EAST side FSG RESISTANSE side Village Boys Attack Side East Defense Side Resistance  
  10. Palalalasaur

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    ... in case you ever wondered, why it takes so much time until medics arrive on your LZ to heal you
  11. Palalalasaur

    Arma 3 basic / advanced trainings

    I sell drugs to MOR members so they let me play.
  12. Palalalasaur

    Обновление сборки WOG 26.11.2018

    "120mm 2B11 mortar no longers kills the gunner" i thought that's a feature

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