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  1. After this spin I don't remember a good game we would play :-(
  2. I think WOG is about good gaming. But the second game showed the opposite :-(
  3. I apologize for what I said to Avarax when he came to us, but if someone invades us and greets us and starts talking to us in bad Russian it's not nice. And I'm sorry that because of personal disagreements you immediately ban someone KND :-( And if you want to win unfair game when banishing party commander so it is pretty sad.
  4. 0:58 You can see another RPG flying :O
  5. I'm glad we have a lot of game administrators to control missions :-) Yesterday it was really bad :-( I know that when MOR is in charge of missions it is not very good command, but yesterday we played 2 big games and it was really bad. .. :-( The first one we had a slot for LAV, but we didn't have a vehicle. And our command wasn't able to give us at least one AT. But we still enjoyed the game :-)
  6. Отличная игра! MOR спасибо всем за победу!
  7. That was that loong shoot sound from the back of our compound ahaaaaa :D
  8. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 16.08.2019 - 17.08.2019


    We want to termal in Warrioirs! :D And better 6 Warriors.
  9. Это друзья понедельника :-) Помните, WOG это наша семья, а не враг. Хорошей недели (Нахрен. Работа, дом, отпуск). И мы снова видим WOG. I hope its correct! :-)
  10. The defend side was happy when we see a smoke on the map. It was good without one pussy termal vehicle. And please Avarax isnt in MOR so dont waste with our name. By the way, shooting your helicopter down warm my hearth :-) A. And If anyone TK someone in the game they know they must say sorry and apologies. But yes sometime people are stupid and not say something.
  11. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 09.08.2019 - 10.08.2019


    OK MOR give OSN command on 10.08 First mission :-) Spasiba
  12. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 09.08.2019 - 10.08.2019


    MOR have not to much people this week all lot of us are on Holiday. So if anyone want commanding take it please.
  13. It was our Koko Squad :-( : D: D: D

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