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  1. Stealth

    Pirate Bay

    Older base was better. This is shit for defend :-(
  2. Stealth


    In this time our 2 guy die without reason: https://stats.wogames.info/replays/2309/?frame=1651&posx=4962&posy=4214&zoom=6.57717836547341&faction=2&paused=1 And killing people in freeztime is shit!
  3. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 10.09.2021 - 11.09.2021


    Can you guys make missions for both sides and not only for one side? :-)
  4. Leyden that is your Narco team? :-) And where are you? Behind Photo camera?
  5. Stealth

    Падение демократии

    Please let the person who approved this mission go to the hospital immediately and have an MRT head examination :-)
  6. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 03.09.2021 - 04.09.2021


    Hope all side enjoy playing :-) Someone here not listening on the second mission :-(
  7. Stealth

    Future War 198X

    Only the defense can win this map. So many OP optics on their side. And a shit map. You better delete the shit: D
  8. First of all, I would like to thank JW for a great game. And what about these spacings? Can players without a clan tag do everything? https://stats.wogames.info/replays/2287/?frame=1918&posx=11038&posy=11413&zoom=4.813640978513119&faction=1&paused=1
  9. It is sad if again someone ruin game for some people after start :-(
  10. Dgors Happy B. day to. We miss you :-)

  11. Happy B. Day :-)

  12. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 06.08.2021 - 07.08.2021


    Oh man, Saturday missions are like ........ When I see 1 mission I want barf :-(
  13. Stealth

    Combat Hobbos

    This mission is bad if you don't destroy Ka 52 right away and the attack will lose. Why do you still give against (Ka52, Mi24) shilka and ZU? THIS is terribly disproportionate. If so, give us at least 4 anti-aircraft missiles or Tunguska with radar :-). Then don't be surprised that someone gives the order to destroy the Helicopter at the beginning and you want a BAN for him :-( And these motorcycles! Don't put them there. They swing like a swing. These motorcycles have made some moron in the Bohemia Interactive. Many MOR members have worked for Bohemia Interactive or are still working there. And, believe me, there are enough morons :-) Но это свинарник :-( https://imgur.com/ELvZy8X
  14. Я помню, что у кого-то это уже было на А2. И даже здесь мы встретили людей, которые видели в окно 400 метров леса, чувак. :-( Я никого не виню. НО сколько раз действительно странно, как кто-то мог видеть кого-то в этом роде.

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