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  1. I was only driver :-) It was heroism of A+ not my :-)
  2. Я бросил эти гранаты :-( Извините. У нас не было карты, и мы не знали, где кто был :-(
  3. Stealth

    Dead Island

    The problem is that you do missions for yourself. Those missions are only for one side that is sure to win. And the other side is only there as a training target. BTW: I can't do missions if you want ask :-) it's nothing against you :-*
  4. Stealth

    Dead Island

    OSN Missions are Hopeless :-( Миссии ОСН безнадежны :-(
  5. Нашел ли я идеальную картинку для своего слота для второй миссии? Пожалуйста, не делайте таких глупых миссий больше.
  6. Stealth

    Dead Island

  7. Stealth

    Вторжение на Лемнос

    Я не понимаю, почему мы играем в такие миссии?
  8. Где записи? Большое спасибо за потрясающую игру с обеих сторон.
  9. What happend second game? It look like Command have home party they say ? :-)
  10. Stealth

    Star Citizen

    My nick in the Game is Milda/StealthCZ you can add me :-)
  11. Христос Воскрес, друзья! Счастливых праздников :-)
  12. This mission is bad. Unbalanced guns, uniforms, and the map is nasty as a dump of manure on a plate :-(
  13. Stealth

    Under Fire

    When you build a trench it is invisible.
  14. @grk That BMP got 3 TOW from Bradlek and lot of bulets and nothing happend. It was bug or armor 200 percent :D
  15. Stealth


    In Mission is writed Termal OFF. But Atack side have Termal scope? For defend side is this mission one big shi... :-(

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