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  1. Thank you True and Sorry for our way :-) Under Zone I have lot of work : :-)
  2. Stealth


    British Medic have not backpack.
  3. https://stats.wogames.info/replays/2425/?frame=856&posx=8066&posy=3712&zoom=9&faction=1&paused=1 What happend here SRR? Why you didn´t respawn? It was under 10 minutes. Poor Greid you kill him like dog :-)
  4. Stealth


    Another one of the stupid mission :-)
  5. Даже если это не так, мальчики тратят много времени на план. Но, конечно, кто-то поторопится. Но лично для меня не имеет значения, проиграю я или выиграю, я просто хочу сыграть в хорошую игру и пообщаться с людьми, которых знаю некоторое время, и люблю с ними играть.
  6. Best video commentary :-) Hope you have better teammates than us in the next rotation. Yes, we have weaker people, but we play the game because we like it here, and whether we have frags or not does not matter. Когда я вас слушаю, все некомпетентны, когда умирают, и только ваша команда лучшая :-)
  7. Stealth

    Pirate Bay

    Older base was better. This is shit for defend :-(
  8. Stealth


    In this time our 2 guy die without reason: https://stats.wogames.info/replays/2309/?frame=1651&posx=4962&posy=4214&zoom=6.57717836547341&faction=2&paused=1 And killing people in freeztime is shit!
  9. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 10.09.2021 - 11.09.2021


    Can you guys make missions for both sides and not only for one side? :-)
  10. Leyden that is your Narco team? :-) And where are you? Behind Photo camera?
  11. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 03.09.2021 - 04.09.2021


    Hope all side enjoy playing :-) Someone here not listening on the second mission :-(
  12. Stealth

    Future War 198X

    Only the defense can win this map. So many OP optics on their side. And a shit map. You better delete the shit: D

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