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  1. JK Sheived What the fuck are we playing? Counter strike? How come one dick went that far alone? Do we play WOG as CS or what? Where is the spirit of the game? Fuck. Such fucking dicks just spoil the game. You may not like my comment, but I don't care. You're just a jerk. I don't mind if I died, but in what way.
  2. it was verry sad :D We must make new Autist MOR division.
  3. It was you on the hill :D And my ZSU to from the Hotel :-) Good fight :-)
  4. Good job CU, cant say on other Heli :-)
  5. Stealth

    Soviet Assault

    This map is beautiful but not optimized. And doing missions across the map for attack is horrible. No one almost enjoyed yesterday's game. It is wrong to attack the entire map where the enemy may be in this brutally wooded terrain at every turn. I was personally killed by trying to cross the river. As a result, our group lost the only radio that had a map.
  6. Takistan's first mission yesterday. When the lag started and a lot of people threw it off the server, some thought they could get in their car and steal the equipment. Like AT4 and other things probably. Please don't do this, other squads need it too. :-)
  7. Stealth

    Yugo Thunder

    Stupid mission where AH1 sends 1.5 km in the air and shoots people at 5 km? How? Total imbalance. Spend time in this game. Didn't we even have the Radio?
  8. https://stats.wogames.info/replays/1981/ 01:02:36 Morison died. RamZesIV why did Morison go west alone and no one tagged him? Then we thought there was an enemy and we watched it there unnecessarily. And then he killed himself on our mine. And where did all the shovels end up? We could not make fortifications around the base and it was easy to get there.
  9. Yes, he had AT4, we kept watching him. Beast was a little upset that a solo player had killed him. But L13 are good players so we didn't solve it :-)
  10. Безнадежность найти безопасный путь :-(
  11. Это происходит, когда вы переходите от пулемета к AGS и обратно к пулемету. Он выбросит вас из машины и травмирует.
  12. That doesn't change the fact that the admin teleported from the fight when he was attacked by my team. Then, thanks to him, 3 of ours died when he teleported them to the zone. Then he teleported to his unit again, where most were already dead. He ported 10m from ours and they did not understand what was happening.
  13. Theory... Не лучше ли в субботу переключить первую миссию на вторую? На карте Таноа по-прежнему мало людей. Значит, здесь будет мало людей, так поздно для второй миссии.

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