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  1. Takistan's first mission yesterday. When the lag started and a lot of people threw it off the server, some thought they could get in their car and steal the equipment. Like AT4 and other things probably. Please don't do this, other squads need it too. :-)
  2. Stealth

    Guerra Contra

    Vanila Guns and uniforms. Car with low damage :D This mission is trash :-( Another waste of time
  3. Stealth

    Yugo Thunder

    Stupid mission where AH1 sends 1.5 km in the air and shoots people at 5 km? How? Total imbalance. Spend time in this game. Didn't we even have the Radio?
  4. https://stats.wogames.info/replays/1981/ 01:02:36 Morison died. RamZesIV why did Morison go west alone and no one tagged him? Then we thought there was an enemy and we watched it there unnecessarily. And then he killed himself on our mine. And where did all the shovels end up? We could not make fortifications around the base and it was easy to get there.
  5. Yes, he had AT4, we kept watching him. Beast was a little upset that a solo player had killed him. But L13 are good players so we didn't solve it :-)
  6. Безнадежность найти безопасный путь :-(
  7. Это происходит, когда вы переходите от пулемета к AGS и обратно к пулемету. Он выбросит вас из машины и травмирует.
  8. That doesn't change the fact that the admin teleported from the fight when he was attacked by my team. Then, thanks to him, 3 of ours died when he teleported them to the zone. Then he teleported to his unit again, where most were already dead. He ported 10m from ours and they did not understand what was happening.
  9. Theory... Не лучше ли в субботу переключить первую миссию на вторую? На карте Таноа по-прежнему мало людей. Значит, здесь будет мало людей, так поздно для второй миссии.
  10. Stealth

    Атака на Лиджинхавен

    Zwierdik don't be so bad :-( Maybe this could help:
  11. 2 Months ago I have it recorded what you talk to me :D So you be honest. So the decision to move Tow backwards resulted in the death of everyone on our side and the loss of the game: D What about Bradley AA? Did I hear they screwed up enough? Will you write a tribunal for them as well? A lot of teams will die every game because something goes wrong, etc. and that's why you'll blame them and want to bann for them? I remember the last game that L13 commanded. How you came to our room and cursed how some people at L13 are stupid, etc. And that this is a plan to fuck. So why didn't you write to them at the tribunal? We remember a lot of games where a team did something completely different or coughed up totally on what the commander told him and did nothing. And I don't even remember MOR writing a complaint about someone. We arrived at the position around 9 minutes, at that distance the DV could hardly be heard only in the vehicle to a limited extent. I had on the radio CTU it's an English speaking team, and MOR divided into 2 sections. Everyone was talking something different, and despite that, I had to find out what the commander on DV was saying. Right at the beginning, our TOW was cut off and the admin had to manage it for a few minutes. By the time he reported it, it was too late to move the TOW. I moved TOW to this position right away because I was afraid that the enemy would be in a city south of us where it was supposed to be. I could report to the DV right away that I won't put it there yet, but the connection was bad at a distance, almost impossible. About 15 minutes we had already spotted the enemy on the hill in front of us and TOW was still correcting it, I have the impression. Speaking English, Russian and Czech and rewriting brands, solving things is difficult for one person.
  12. Its not personal but punish only KS commander :D On TS you write me something diferent. <16:18:01> "[L-13]Mattoni" pokes you: ty si mi dal BAN první, absolutně bezvýznamně, když se chováš ty jako čurak, budu se tak chovat i ja you gave me BAN first, absolutely insignificant, if you act like a dick, I'll act like that <16:18:30> "[L-13]Mattoni" pokes you: jenom bych si tedka dávalů pozor, aby si porušoval co nejmíň pravidel :) I would just be careful to break as few rules as possible :) So dont tell me it is not personal. Please admin to lock this complaint I will not comment on it anymore. Let everyone interpret it as they wish. Admins can also ask the people I commanded if something was wrong.
  13. Lol? Really? : D Yes I place TOW on different poss. But even so, it didn't help because the radar from the enemy helicopter found everything anyway. And that's all? Are you writing such nonsense here? I repeat that Mattoni has a personal problem with me because I kicked him out of the clan and now he is threatening me at WOG to watch out for him :-) Depending on the situation, as a division commander, I considered it better to hide the TOW backwards where it would have a better chance of survival. But unfortunately it still had no value. And Mattoni writes this submission only because I banned him at MOR TS :-) So I think it's personal again.

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