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  1. Stealth

    Weekly Open Games 24.05.2019 - 25.05.2019


    Game Admin - [MOR] Avarax это необходимо? :D
  2. That happend when you have nothing in the base for defend. This mission end still the same. Anyone drive to base and kill everyone :-)
  3. If you made a AntiHero to, I think we have the winner for this week :-)
  4. By the way: There are some of Makaveli bad days in pilot seat :-)
  5. We are not angry on Makaveli hes one of the legend from WOG. Ofcourse some time he have bad days :D But everyone knew hes drunk and get in the chopper :-) But rules are rules ofcourse! Everyone must deal with his reaction :-)
  6. Dock we know :-( We prayed that you would die in the forest. On the next mission we have reward on your head :D
  7. We watching every zone and there were a lot of fight and then we look on CTU zone and we cant stop laugting :D CTU have funn :D And then we see a enemy coming to you :D :D But your fast reaction was awesome you kill them really good :D
  8. I spend a lot of RPGS here :D Ofcourse my frag I kill you to to prove it :D
  9. Its possible to add this vehicle to WOG? :D or VTN?
  10. Stealth

    WOG³ (01.02.2019, 02.02.2019)

    I think it was Misstake :-)
  11. Mr. Nevalyashka: Isnt MOR like MOR my friend. Spreekill fly to in this mission. We kill 18ppl, 2 Hmww 3 and 3 trucks and then he take all of this cars and bring them to the squads for help. It was alll only because Spreekill cigan :-)
  12. We lost lot of mens to atack this post :-(
  13. Stealth

    С Новым 2019 годом!

    Šťastný nový rok a spousta dobrých dnů v roce 2019. Milujeme vás Váš MOR tým :-) And I forgot to THANK YOU everyone who made and do WOG! Its the best project we ever seen! Thank you for your spend time and work on it :-) And VTN to :-)
  14. What the hell :D :D :D :D

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