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  1. Its possible to add this vehicle to WOG? :D or VTN?
  2. Mr. Nevalyashka: Isnt MOR like MOR my friend. Spreekill fly to in this mission. We kill 18ppl, 2 Hmww 3 and 3 trucks and then he take all of this cars and bring them to the squads for help. It was alll only because Spreekill cigan :-)
  3. We lost lot of mens to atack this post :-(
  4. Stealth

    С Новым 2019 годом!

    Šťastný nový rok a spousta dobrých dnů v roce 2019. Milujeme vás Váš MOR tým :-) And I forgot to THANK YOU everyone who made and do WOG! Its the best project we ever seen! Thank you for your spend time and work on it :-) And VTN to :-)
  5. Im only asking guys, dont want to make tribunal. We like you and play with you :-)
  6. Its like that: Hand from the driver seat :D
  7. How can anyone kill someone inside the tank with gun? Because he kill Beast inside?
  8. I will love this video for long time :D :D Stealth
  9. Stealth

    Titus (Tatra)

    Its From our friend from another clan. He have permission to sit inside and look to everything there.
  10. Negro Leyden have right. Please stay friends guys you are really good! :-) We love you all.
  11. Stealth


    I love this Russian movie :D

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