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  1. Stealth

    Route Block

    I not play this mission so I dont know. I want play missions with fair sides. Prefer without termal and wehicles. Deus Vult
  2. Stealth

    Route Block

    Again unfair mission for our side :D
  3. https://stats.wogames.info/replays/1479/ After 1 hour and 5 minutes, can anyone explain what happend in our forrest north from base? People were starting to see the enemy and die of themselves :D :D
  4. Eto byl KOCHEGAAAAAAAR :D :D :D
  5. @Mishel 4 People looking on same thing and no one cover :-(
  6. This weekend was great to play. We enjoyed all the games and laughed a lot. The best was DMB and reaction of Visu and Kubajs in second mission : D :-) We really like playing with you :-) A. By the way https://stats.wogames.info/replays/1423/ 43:00 min RIP KND and Darted :-(
  7. How you can kill poor civilian :-(
  8. Stealth

    sunday 10 Nov Op Imperio del Sol

    If Leyden cant come to WOG, The WOG come to Leyden :-) From the diary one small Server DDOS terrorist :-)
  9. Moments from the Friday game :-) That happend when you mess with Nigerian people :-)
  10. @almost Yes And you want to win too. Don't fool anyone and dont fool yourself. If you think you want win and prefare "dushok (soul) gaming", you will not think the same when loose 3-30 times in a row. You are wrong in this my friend :-( Yes, we also want to win. But we prefer a long quality game without loss, rather than winning. I can sit in the base for 2 hours without do anything. I have not problem with it, not like anyone. Kubajs only say he prefer good gaming then fast game. Do not be ugly on him we like you guys. And: PS If this not FUN for you .. So .. >>> Link <<< You can look on our steam account. And you can see here we not play games like this. : - *
  11. After this spin I don't remember a good game we would play :-(
  12. I think WOG is about good gaming. But the second game showed the opposite :-(
  13. I apologize for what I said to Avarax when he came to us, but if someone invades us and greets us and starts talking to us in bad Russian it's not nice. And I'm sorry that because of personal disagreements you immediately ban someone KND :-( And if you want to win unfair game when banishing party commander so it is pretty sad.
  14. 0:58 You can see another RPG flying :O

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