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Arma 3 basic / advanced trainings

Arma 3 basic / advanced trainings  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you / your team has any trainings for Arma 3 with WOG addons?

    • Yes, basic training.
    • Yes, basic training + some advanced training/s.
    • Yes, more than 4 trainings.
    • No, just download addons and play.
    • No, it is useless to teach new comers how to play.
  2. 2. Must you fulfil some special conditions to play with your team? (for example pass same test / exam etc.)

    • Yes, 1 test (exam).
    • Yes, more than 1 test (exam).
    • No, just download addons and play.
    • WTF?
  3. 3. Would you like to have some training/s for whatever you want? (Is there something what you wander to know about Arma 3 with WOG addons? - medical system, AT weapons, sniper rifles, armored vehiccles etc.)

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Does your team have any form of trainings for Arma 3, ACE, other addons, key bindings or else? I am just curious about it because MOR has a lot of trainings and tests which must be fulfilled by new comers. For example, we have basic training which takes about 5 hours for people who never played Arma 3. We have also some advanced trainings such as:

Orientation test (training): Only with map and compass you are randomly spawned and you must arrive marked position in map which is about 1.5 km away from you within time 10 minutes.

Drivers test (training): There is some orientation again plus we have tank training area…

AT test (training): Just how to use RPG 7 (with optic and without optic), Javelin, Stinger, SMAW, MAAWS and others.

Sniper test (training): …

Bomb expert test (training) :D

Armored vehicles - Commander / Gunner test (training): RHS options, equipment of armored vehicles and their weak spots.

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We are not. 

I dont think that its really helpful in ARMA 3 because when you learn the basics its better to form your unique playstyle. 

I try not to rely on others in terms of how to play and do certain things. It comes to you with time. You can FEEL what to do in different situations.

In DOSHIC'S we only play with each other on different servers and in different games. Thats useful and it helps you to be confidient in your teammates and be sure that you know where they are and what they are doing. 

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Ofcorse everything come with time, but for example, I will not allow to any guy from MOR to take tank crew without test. I want to prevet fails... It can be significant impact for gamplay if there are people who takes slots and they don't know how to use potential of these slots... Next thing is that a lot of people do not know how much secrets Arma 3 with WOG addons has. I think the most people just start to play without checking ACE, RHS and Arma options, or trying some shits in editor...

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@Kubajs21 Its all about fun in the first place. I dont think people get much fun whey we made them learn specific things. I believe its better to let new players to figure it out by themselfes at the most comfortable way for them. 

There is no doubt in statement of yours that we should only allow experienced players at such slots as tank crew, etc. etc. 

But my point is that initiative of learning some intermediate things about ACE, ARMA, RHS should go from the player not from the team leader because it kills all the fun. 

In the end. I'll be happy to show my teammate secrets of ACE or Show him how to play as tank operator or get in to movement and tactics with him, but only if he wants to know it and GET GUD. 

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Yes, you are right. MOR does't have it like you must do 5 tests and after that you can play. We have it like you pass basic training and you can play as ammo bearer, machinegunner, rifleman etc. But for AT soldier, sniper, SQL, FTL, tank crew etc. you must pass some small test. If you don't know how to pass test, you can ask for training...

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