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  1. Avarax

    Ни шагу назад

    View File Ни шагу назад Both sides have slots to close so as not to disturb the balance. The minimum number of players when closing all slots is 180 and the maximum is 220 RF Bundeswehr Submitter Avarax Submitted 08/11/2020 Category WOG Number of participants 220 Year 6.6.2025 Time for a mission 120 Weather 01:26 / night Attack side win conditions Capture zone Attack side vehicles Defense side win condiotions Defend zone Defense Side technique Mission features Both sides have slots to close so as not to disturb the balance. The minimum number of players when closing all slots is 180 and the maximum is 220 Type WOG Island vt7 Mode Захват/оборона WEST side Bundeswehr EAST side RF RESISTANSE side Attack Side East Defense Side West Thermal sights mode Выключен / OFF
  2. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    Update Add more AA rocket for bout side
  3. Avarax

    Запад 2017

    @Senpaii Read what write madnes same must be on bout side one for repair truks.
  4. Avarax

    Запад 2017

    Same add repair for US vehicles and change name of slot.
  5. Avarax

    Запад 2017

    Why on US side name slot is only crue ?? who is commander who shooter ?
  6. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    Thank you for the example file with an explanation of what to edit. Many should take this example. 1-3 I agree and so it should be. 4.I completely disagree with that because I released 3bm60, but for some reason unknown to me, they didn't release but they did 48. If i cant fix that i change balance 5. thunguska is also destroyed the same we can say to puma that it can destroy everything. 6. Gepard dont have apds i delet that. Všetky RF skupiny majú PRG-32 a RPG-7 . Protistrana má len panzerfaus. To the slots so the mission is done by 178 people I write it right in the first sentence to the mission. To the slots for the crew yes this mission is more mechanized than the other cards. I will definitely deal with the balance with German technology based on ammunition for tanks. So that I don't forget, Igla and Stinger PZRK are still in the game
  7. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    UPDATE Tiger change on apache 1.Apache no maw 2.Apache have 2x Sidewinder Bout have only 4x helfire k
  8. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    Go upstairs. You're wrong pr system president detects such a missile based on launch and short flight. It doesn't have to keep the rocket running. Is it such a problem for you to return the rockets to their original state?
  9. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    yes true. Only one aircraft and one heli on west side have info about heat or laser missile is fired on him. A-10 and viper. On RF side call system president . @MaDnEss And Crab certainly doesn't have time to fix it, the one who messed it up, let him reset the settings and everything will be ok.
  10. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    First of all, you need to study how it works. Let's start from the beginning 1. The optics of the shilky is crap with the M1 versions there is a TV channel 2. There are two ways of guidance. TV channel with the help of system correction and the other which is fully automatic. First of all, how does the RVR system work. The helicopter does not even know that after it is a rocket fired in the army, the whole system is implemented poorly and not to mention flares, etc. All Helina has to know is that she is aimed at the radar but not that a missile is flying over it.
  11. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    I admit that what was and who worked was far from ideal, but this is worse than if there was nothing. Why don't you make the Strela -10 port from army 2 100x better and 100x more it would be used. Ok I understand that it is not possible and it is a problem, but why, when you found out that you did not have enough for it, did not return to the state of usability? The optics that are there does not correspond to the missile poorly seen in the warthunder at least shone more and could be somehow navigated but not in the arma.
  12. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    And one more thing. If we had some other non-rifle air defense on the RF side, I wouldn't say anything like a strela - 10 , but we don't have the only thing that the RF had someone had to break.
  13. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    Start doing something and don't do it and cough it up because you can't do it and don't look for solutions how to do it? Or make a thunguski tow a launch station? If you did it like it's in warthunder but you didn't do it you didn't know / couldn't care. Now we have a thing that sucks ala thunguska with 2 rifles. I'd like to see you take down an a-10 or a flying helicopter. Probably the comrades in the USSR put the aiming radar in there, didn't they? And when you had it open, you could at least change the optics of the commander and the shooter and not use the optics from ZSU Shilka. Thx Thank you for publishing me for a while, I would like you to look at the balance against AA and the others. It has to use the GPS keyboard shortcut in me is key to close enter
  14. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    First of all, it is clear that he commented a bit on the comment compared to what was here for the first time. 1. I agree that you are right that there is no target for aiming unguided missiles and a suspended cannon. I will not be like another MM who will tell the pilot to learn to fly and shoot with it, so the helicopter will be replaced. 2. You are not entirely right about guidance. Watch the video really 0:21 seconds I turn on the laser and when I lock the rockets on the laser, it means that I control the rocket completely freely so helfire. 0: 57s I turn off the laser to interfere with the focus of the stingers. I have now tested it with the movement of the vehicle and the helina itself, and it works without any problems. To those AT missiles - it's German-designed missiles that control the system just fired and forgotten. So if it works via radar then it's right for me, the radar didn't want to discover targets, but I believe it can be a problem. Next time, please try to write directly what you don't like about it and not act like a grobian. No one is unpleasant as we see and you can always agree EDIT: I will add two apaches one with MAW and the other without. One 2x Sidewinder second whitout and only 4 helfire each next have only hidra. What a helmet should be with the pilots to see the HUD display.if you have another submission, I'm dreaming here, but please also see the mission and map.
  15. Avarax

    Пробуждение медведя

    I can test that. And if is true i can give him apache

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