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  1. Avarax

    Judgement Day

    Change Spawn zone for some units (to close can lag) BW now have MTV without m10781p2
  2. Avarax

    Финский кризис

    Bug: Scripts on drop have bug. He multi drop item 20 TOW 30 GP we have. Please FIX. Make box whitch is lock after he com on airfild he unlock more good idea.
  3. Avarax

    Финский кризис

    160 and 17+ Upload on server
  4. Avarax

    Финский кризис

    @Toxic nice . Can i reupload your mission 160 and 17+ player on server ? Or wait to friday and friday upload.
  5. Avarax

    Финский кризис

    @Toxici look on bmp 3 and bmp - 2 i scared from balance this vehicles. BMP 3 - have 8 ATGM BMP 2 - have 4 x2 Is 16 ATGM and defendes have only on vehicles 4. Can you give all bmp only 2 ? Next problem is leo 2a6 have 30apdst and 15 heat. I thing good ide is change on 15 to 10 will be mor balanc.
  6. Avarax

    Финский кризис

    @Toxic i am game administrator i can upload mission on server
  7. Avarax

    Финский кризис

    @Toxic is possible add parachute for pilot is standard in game where is pilot. Only 2 for each heli
  8. Avarax

    Judgement Day

    Change HLC BW weapon to RHS weapon. Change delete ammo truck from BW 1. bug fix 2. 1. Ok i give 1 panzerfaust 3 no 2 panzerfaust for squad (infantri squad must cover USMC wehicles) 2. You don't correct look all M2A2 and all version have 3 magazines for 70 bullet 210 bulet. Ok m2a2 missing 20 bulet 3. I change on 15 and 15 (looks like we have 30 and 30 but is big after you shoot you have only 15 watch) 3. BW don't have trucks. I must give him what we have
  9. Avarax

    The forgotten war

    Next map what we playd in friday what do not understand. If we come to see why we do not have night vision? Ok if night is light and everyone can see but yesterday I see one big ass hole and sit in BTR 70 like driver. I see only after what I crash somting or destroy stupid tree
  10. Avarax


    @Zaza you really thing viper vs shilka is balance ?
  11. Avarax


    1. balance - really i don't understand your balanc. Do you think about balance when making a mission? Why enemy have javelin ? Why enemy have viper and we dont have eny AA - (if you say me shilka is AA is realy big shit not aa) If you delet viper or add 2x igla vit missil and delet javelin mission vil be balanc.
  12. Avarax

    WOG 26 Hotel VIP

    Upload on server
  13. Sorry for mission Pelikan. Bad balance and ammo for defense. Sorry guys
  14. Avarax

    FOB 105

    FOB 105 View File Miniwog mission Submitter Avarax Submitted 02/19/2019 Category WOG Number of participants 105 Year 1.1.2000 Time for a mission 60 Weather 9:20, sunny Attack side wins condiotion USMC must cap one zone Attack Side technique 4x RHIB - armed 3x MK.V SOC - unarmed 2x MK.V SOC - armed 4x CGR CAT1A2 unarmed 4x M1151 M240 armed Defense side wins condiotion Defend one zone Defense Side technique none Mission features Type mWOG Island Черноруссия (зимняя) Mode Захват/оборона WEST side USMC EAST side ČDKZ RESISTANSE side Attack Side West Defense Side East  
  15. Avarax


    All fix Upload mission on server

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