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Silent Night

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Silent Night

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SLA are conducting missile tests with their Tochka rockets into the sea. However the targets are usually near US Army FOB island. The situation between those two countries is already at the edge of war. The US was trying to negotiate to stop the test, there was no response.

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Number of participants
  • Year
  • Time for a mission
  • Weather
    20:45, Fog
  • Attack side wins condiotion
    Destruction of both Tochka rockets
  • Attack Side technique
    2x Assault boat, 1x 1097A2 (D2), 3x M1025A2 (M2), 4x M1097A2 (4D/Open), 1x M1097A2 (2D/Open), 2x CH-47F, 1x M1025A2 (Mk19)
  • Defense side wins condiotion
    After 90 mins
  • Defense Side technique
    1x BTR-80A, 1x BTR-80, 1x Ural-4320 (ZU-23-2), 3x UAZ-3151 (Open), 1x UAZ-3151 (DShKM)
  • Mission features
  • Type
  • Island
  • Mode
  • WEST side
    US Army
  • EAST side
  • Attack Side
  • Defense Side


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@Spreekill, In the mission there are several inconsistencies to the requirements of the creation. It is necessary to correct what I write in red.

  • Section Attributes - Multiplayer – Type - change to Undefined game mode, Min / Max number of players  change to 0 (The Type section should remain unchanged)
  • Replace the briefing file on this briefing.sqf (I translated your briefing, as it should be in Russian)
  • WMT Main - Change the visibility range from 2000 to 2500, range of visibility of the surface from 2000 to 10000 (Less only if there are bad weather conditions on the map)

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@Spreekill you need to:

  1. Turn off the virtual arsenal of boats and Tochka
  2. Replace NVG with NVG from WOG because your NVG has small overview
  3. Remove medicine from equipment scripts because standard set is issued automatically
  4. Remove medicine from equipment script for medics because standard set is issued automatically
  5. Remove microDAGR from equipment scripts because it is issued automatically
  6. Optional - reduce the resolution of the image because it will be reduced by Arma to a small picture, there is no point in big weight of the file

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Number 5 & 6 is solved.

Number 1 is also solved because there never was any virtual arsenal.

About 3 & 4, I tried to delete all medical stuff from the scripts and it does not issue any standart set at the start to anyone, so because of that I left the medical stuff in the scripts. Standart infantry has 2x packing, elastic, quick-cloth and one morphine and tourniquet. Medics have way more in their bacpacks (surgical kit, saline, etc.).

And at last about number 2. That is the whole point of the mission to have those small NVGs. Only pilots have better ones which have dual lenses. So because of that I did not changed any NVGs.


With those changes the mission file is again updated.

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1) It is hard to play night missions without so much practice at Arma 3.
2) May be there is a way to give some chemlights and chemlight shields to all units to get light on map? Now as I understand only SqL have flashlights.



Edited by Liquid

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Updated to 1.3


All units without flashlights now have chemlights + chemlight shield

Added missing NVG to SMAW team

Bad mags removed

US KS now spawns with correct radio

Ural replaced with UAZ Dskm

All inaccessible buildings in zone are replaced by accessible buildings

Some design changes on US spawn

Addes 2x parachute and telescopic ladder to each chopper

Weather changes for better visibility


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