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  1. Dont put that video visible for minors that understend spanish.. lets just leave it there....
  2. In fact, school is optional in Argentina.
  3. Miguel CTU

    С Новым 2020 годом!

    Feliz año nuevo to all the staff and gallinoskas of WoG!
  4. Thank, thank you admin.. I owe you 100000 pesos argentinos.. that is like 0.001 Euro.. you will be millionair in Leydens land..
  5. Please, dont forget to upload the last mission (Carabiru), I made 5 kills and I need them for a CTU internal bet.. I beg Please please please
  6. It seems OCAP got bugged, I kill one enemy (checked in game) but on ocap I just shot the air... I want my kill My little and precious kill
  7. It was good kill, don't worry, he eats too much, is not a good prisoner.
  8. Miguel CTU

    Uniforms Guide Arma 3

    Muy bueno Vizard!
  9. Wait wait.. I am not from Argentina, I am from Uruguay.. just think of us like a little Argentina but not that poor and black.. and with legal marijuana
  10. Miguel CTU

    Дебрифинг: Атака BnS 27.07.19.

    That was my mistake, I yell BMP instead of armor when we were under heavy fire. We couldnt determine the extact position or type of armor, the mark on the map was a guess by the direction of the fire. When you ask what type of armor it was, we clear it that we never saw it, that we didnt know. We were just under fire and taking cover for our lifes.. we even play dead. When the fire stop, the vehicle may have move back, we never saw it.
  11. Miguel CTU

    WOG: Contact & Apex DLC в 2020 году

    Wog meets Aliens! (had to edit the bad guys flag, I dont wont spetsnaz on my home)
  12. Why make war when we can make love?
  13. Miguel CTU

    Обсуждение прошедших игр

    One of our first attempts to reech the moon... we never saw Jamal again, we hope he is killing aliens on the moon with his AK-47.
  14. First mission was 2 hours of doing nothing.. second mission was running marathon until that point. At that moment, we were so thirsty of blood that we were about o sacrify Meme to the Nigerian Gods... when someone said truck coming, we knew our prayers were heard and I shot the anti tank in the nouse of the evil demon!

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