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Апелляция игрока CTU LEYDEN по нарушению п.п. 6.4

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Никнейм нарушителя: CTU LEYDEN
Нарушенный пункт правил: 6.4
Ссылка на тему заявки в трибунале, по которой был забанен пользователь:

Поручители (если есть): 4 years of fair play on WOG
Доказательства невиновности:

By this means we want to appeal the tribunal judgment, by which some Nigerian fighters have been arrested.

[CTU] LEYDEN, [CTU] Miguel, [CTU] Guido, [CTU] Niko90, [CTU] Andrezote92, [UMC] Vizard_, luka

We want to make clear several points:

1- First: There were no rules, conventions or norms of the mission translated into English.



2- there have been previous missions, with a demarcation similar to the one that provides this mission, that if crossed, does not represent a violation, and much less one that repsents a ban on personnel.



3- as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago, this same mission was played and we were on the attacking side, and we suffer an ambush in the exact same spot where we try ours. With some players (defend) crossing the same trigger. Not a single warning or saction was issue on that mission.

4-  The mission is not clear at all. 
A) No single rule or convention in the briefing in english. 
B) The trigger not clear at all, with not a real representation in game (no pushing trigger, no GPS, no clear demarcation). 
C) The mission is played in a dense jungle, and if you add the heat of combat, is really difficult to know exactly where are you standing.

D) This trigger is a very important one to leave it so little demarcated. Even more if you take in to consideration that end up with the ban of 7 nigerians fighters.

5- CTU has been a proud member of the WOG community for four years. We are not a register combat team, but we always try to help in all we can playing fair, with not a single warning or sanction in all this years. We allwais play fair, we never try to gain advantage of the missions. Is for this that we consider this sanction an exageration. The thing that bother us is not the fact that we can not play for a week, what annoys us is the public humilation for something that we didnt even know.

6-We demand the liberation of the nigerians fighters and the removal of this post.





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I think, that there is no reason do dig deeper in this shits. This is Russian project, nothing will be translated, we need to deal with it. Also Me and Sixor  know, that we are unable to cross red line, but we didn't know where the red line is located in jungle exactly, so we act in good hope. Personally, I am ok with punishment. At least there is precedent and probably there will be new rule for mission designer.

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Yes Aja, we know that is a russian project from the first day, but to us reed russian, is like chinese, we only understand vodka, dabai dabai and not much more. 

The 6.4 rule said: 6.4 Violation of game conventions prescribed by the map in the mission description.

To us, the description was IMPOSIBLE to reed. We have been here 4 years, we do our best to adapt and we do not complain. We bearly know when we atack or defend when we take a slot, and we assume the role we take by sinbol assosations (machinegunner, sniper/ CHAÑEP, etc), and yet we dont complain, we adapt. 
But in this case, this a ban or not ban information, and we can not even reed that!

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I agree with Aja, we both knew about this rule because we asked about it during the briefing. I also accept the punishment.

As for the English translation, you can always ask people that will translate, you are playing on the Russian project after all.




PS: Here is a perspective of @dmb09  time 04:51:30. I wanted to add this because it is the best representation of what happened (in my opinion). 

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