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  1. WOG and MIG apologize for any technical problems Arma 3 Iron Front January 17, 2016, when I was forced to cancel the game. Subsequently, we discussed the situation at the meeting, and the result can be found in the video. ;-)   Special thanks for subtitles: English: Tklama Russian: [FMF]killer0K     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ByalpGHhjA
  2. 17/01/2016 action is planned Russian-speaking players vs German-speaking players (Arma 3 Iron Front).  ;)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmH4IStmWIc
  4. Orracle

    IfreR vs [SW]Leha

  5. Orracle

    ARMA 2 ACE | CTU vs MOR | 05.09.2015

    @GonzoPunkass, The only problem is ping. The German server has 250ms. On WOG server will be + 350ms.
  6. MOR clashed in a friendly match with the Argentine team CTU where we won this battle. Thanks WOG for gaming experience ! ;-)
  7. Orracle

    MOR Laika vs Red Eagle

    My mistake in translation ...;-) Who is next? I think MOR ...;-) Firefight MOR vs MOR on WOG;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZJwyOKpbwk?t=3m16s
  8. Orracle

    MOR Laika vs Red Eagle

    @crabe, In a literal translation. Laika met on a walk RE;-)
  9. Orracle

    MOR Laika vs Red Eagle

    Laika went to walk. And who met? :D
  10. MOR Laika - class name for armored vehicles MOR units. WOG is still unteachable in question, they do not irritate the layman bare foot. Laika we have from small puppies raised so that it does not bark but bites. Hard training we have created an absolute beast, which all from MOR love, but became a nightmare for the opponent. Oponent, bad news for you, Laika will have a puppy ...!
  11. Orracle

    26.04.2015 Corner to Corner

    Syria 2013 Syrian Army (SAA) after a successful conquest of the north airport Abu Wajman Airstrip and the subsequent rush managed to conquer the city’s suburbs Tall Kochak. Syrian Army (SAA) during rush into in the very center of the city and occupied the headquarters of the Free Syrian Army – FSA (headquarters is located in the mosque). FSA at the last moment, but in time reinforcements arrived, thanks to these reinforcements, which destroyed part of the heavy equipment, FSA forced to the SAA to retreat back to the suburbs. Additionally, because of the strong anti-aircraft fire had SAA withdrew the combat helicopters (MI24). The situation in the city is confusing and critical for both sides in the conflict. SAA regrouped infantry and getting ready to clean house by house and the retake the mosque – FSA headquarters. FSA fortified their positions and preparing to defend headquarters to the last man. Fierce battle for every house begins …! Name mission: Corner to Corner (60-70 slots) Date: 26.04.2015 (Sunday) Time: 16:00 hrs CEST – Check your time zone! Start login to server: 15:45 hrs - Mission is ready for login. Start briefing: 16:00 hrs - Mission go to briefing. Start game: 16:30 hrs - Mission start. FSA side - MOR Czechoslovak, Heeresgruppe Nord, Polska Jednostka Operacyjna (PJO) + guests from England (max 30 slots) SAA - ? More information and how joint it HERE.
  12. Orracle

    WOG - new intro made MOR Czechoslovak

    @Chezz, Seriously, because you (WOG) have no intro ... For example: Tushino (first 10s): Military International Games: Shack Tactical (First 10s):
  13. Orracle

    WOG - new intro made MOR Czechoslovak

    @AFLeon, Send us a font that you like.
  14. MOR Czechoslovak lacked for videos of WOG official intro, therefore MOR prepared for you intro, that you can use in your videos. Write your opinion in the comments, if you intro like (please especially WOG project management). Stealth and Orracle MOR Czechoslovak Leaders WOG intro - download original file

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