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Violation of a rule 6.2 by player Jirka151, 02/08/2019 during 1 mission

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Nick of the violator: Jirka151
Violated rule: 6.2
Additional violated rules: 3.1, 0.3
Violation date: 02/08/2019
Mission number: 1
Mission name: Выбор 1.0
Suffered side: OPFOR
Witnesses (if they exist): [BTK] Masaker, [BTK] Rasty69, [BTK] Hall, [MOR] Kubajs
Violation description:


At the start of the start of the mission Jirka for no reason build a camo net, which damaged one of the engineer's trucks. They didn't had enough wheels to repair it fully so the truck was slow and they arrived at their first position a bit too late, more than 50 minutes into the game, even our tank (probably the slowest thing we had) was there in little over 20 minutes.



Somethink about 1h35min into the game, him and Hall were ordered to go to the south and repair the CTU's BMP. After some time when Hall approached the CTU's BMP and @Kubajs21 also came there, @Kubajs21 discovered that only one of the engineers arrived and it was Hall. @Kubajs21 questioned @Masaker about it and that was the time when they discovered that Jirka was almost 1km away from where he was supposed to be. When asked what he was doing there, he told them that "he was just covering our back". His order was to go with Hall and repair the CTU's BMP.



Time: 1:41:32


When questioned further, he also said that he "lost" his toolkit, then later he changed this and said that he dropped it into one of the vehicles at start. Both of those vehicles were with Hall and @Kubajs21 and the toolkit was not found. As an engineer he lost his toolkit and because of it, the CTU's BMP wasn't repaired (it's gun to be precise).


Video of Masaker's POV



If you play the video from the time that is there, you can see what he did too the truck. 

At 1h44m of the video's time, @Kubajs21 starts the questioning.



When I myself questioned Jirka about it (when they arrived at their first position, 1h2m in the video) he just ran away and hide himself.

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Thats right. Jirka just dropped his toolkit so he was totally useless as mechanic. He destroyed 4 wheels to one of the mechanics trucks and when @Masaker got order from me to repare the CTU BMP (Jirka and Hall were supposed to go there and repare it), Jirka just didn't care and run away.

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Игрок Jirka151 отстраняется от игр на Проекте сроком на 14 дней (по 24.02.2019 включительно).

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