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Weekly Open Games — это проект для людей, которым интересен хардкорный тип игры. Мы стараемся максимально эффективно использовать структуру, слабые и сильные стороны, а также технику и вооружение различных сторон конфликта, но не ставим перед собой цель провести 100% сбалансированного боестолкновения. Командная игра, командное взаимодействие — фундамент нашего проекта.
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WOG 26 Hotel VIP

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WOG 26 Hotel VIP

Remake of Hotel mission. Defending VIP inside hotel building on Faluja.


  • Добавил
  • Добавлено
  • Категория
  • Количество участников
  • Год
  • Время на миссию
  • Погодные условия
    17:25, Clear
  • Условие победы атаки
    Kill 3 VIP inside hotel
  • Техника атаки
    BTR60, 3x BTR40
  • Условие победы защиты
    Protect 3 VIP for 25 min.
  • Техника защиты
  • Особенности миссии
    VIP cannot leave building
  • Тип
  • Остров
  • Режим
  • Сторона WEST
    PMC + German Officer
  • Сторона EAST
  • Сторона RESISTANSE
  • Сторона атаки
  • Сторона обороны


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//Animation and sound don't work yet:
player enableSimulation false;

[] spawn
    sound_effect_spawn = createSoundSource ["rappelling_sound", position player, [], 0]; //starts sound
    sleep 8.5;
    deleteVehicle sound_effect_spawn; //stops sound

player switchmove "AdvePercMrunSnonWnonDbr"; // animation swiming

player setPosASL [getPosASL player select 0, getPosASL player select 1, 25.5];

for [{_i=0}, {_i<85}, {_i=_i+1}] do
player setPos [(getPos player select 0) +0.33, (getPos player select 1) +0.1, (getPos player select 2)];

player setPosASL [getPosASL player select 0, getPosASL player select 1, (25.5 - (0.03*(_i)))];
sleep 0.1;

player enableSimulation true;
player switchMove ""; //stop animation swiming

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Solved problem with team-kill. Unit for bluefort is now created from blue-fort empty unit, not recolored from green.

Added more sand bag to protect instide of buildeng.

Hotel now cannot be destroyed.!!!!!!!!

Added marker in map to easyer way how to find hotel.

Green spawn outside of train to prevent bottle-neck at start.

(fixed addon check to no check)

Blue force splited in two group.

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On 2/21/2019 at 9:10 AM, GonzoPunkass said:

@Aja, you have to fix the version number for the mission:
"missionName": "WOG 26 Hotel VIP v.1.1"
Just remove the highlighted chars.

> Without the letter “v” before the version.

I will tell @Aja  ASAP, he should have a new version ready (some fixes were made) 

Edited by Sixor

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