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  1. Хоть сразу два бана
  2. Как на счёт нет? Или всё же нет? Скорее нет, чем нет. Нет, решительно - нет
  3. @Kostize ещё бы закрепить под постом Grow. Или в его пост прям закопипастить.
  4. 0. Make sure it's relatively safe around before applying first aid to the wounded. 1. Press "First aid" by using the scroll menu or with the hotkey that you previously bound to this function. 2. Examine the wounded. 3. Define the symptoms. Depending on a selected class - you would see different results in the First aid hint. Medic would see procedures in applying order and a regular soldier will only see symptoms and he'll have to decide by himself what to do first and so on. 4. Symptoms and medicines: Unconsciousness - requires the Nasopharyngeal tube to keep the wounded soldier breathing. To awake the unconscious person you'll need to use Smelling Salts Bleedings require bandages (Emergency bandage, Gauze bandage) and Tourniquet (in case of an arterial bleeding) Rapid pulse and Pale skin indicate a serious blood loss. The applying of Saline is needed. To reduce the pain of the wounded you'll need to inject Morphine or Trimeperidine. 5. Despite the availability of "special" medicines (Saline, Smelling salts and Nasopharyngeal tube) make sure to stop the bleeding first (using the Tourniquet and bandages). 6. As the bleeding stopped, you'll have to make a decision based on your own skills and availability of the required medicines: - To continue providing first aid (if you know how to and if it is possible) - Cancel the first aid procedure and call for a combat medic (if your own medical skills are low) 7. You decided to continue the first aid procedure: 7.1 If the wounded is unconscious make sure that he is able to breath (use the Nasopharyngeal tube) 7.2 If the pulse and breathing have stopped - do a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Adrenaline increases the chances of restoring the heart muscle, but it should only be applied by professionals (medics) 7.3 After restoring the pulse and breathing - apply the painkillers. 7.4 If the wounded lost a lot of blood - increase the blood pressure by applying Saline 7.5 If the wounded is unconscious - use the Smelling salts. 8. Contraindications and recommendations: - If a wounded person is conscious - applying the Nasopharyngeal tube will deteriorate his condition - If wounded has a pulse - CPR will also deteriorate his condition - Adrenaline, applied by non-professional (not a medic) may kill the wounded, so be careful - The Tourniquet is reusable - Smelling salts are also reusable 9. Notes: - The patient's condition has improved and he'll soon get back to business. - The patient's condition has deteriorated and that means you did something wrong. - Patient has passed away - you done goofed, buster brown. - There is no pulse - keep doing the CPR. - Pulse and breathing have been restored - stop doing the CPR. 10. Wounded poses: *Explanation of this chapter After one of the VTN's update, the wounded may perform various animations (they may also look like corpses). To check if the wounded person is alive or not - come right next to him and use the scroll menu. If there is no "First aid" option and his "Inventory" is available - the person is dead.
  5. Не один ты такой смекалистый. Работаю над этим. А за этим к бракоделу
  6. yanot

    Переезд форума

    Ты чё такой дикий?
  7. yanot

    Переезд форума

    Лолшто? На первой странице ничего про оформление не сказано. И, таки, шо ты мне можешь сказать за мою подпись?
  8. yanot

    Переезд форума

    А вот такое светлое оформление форума останется на постоянку или же вернёте старый тёмный вариант? Как это, в своё время, сделали на фрушечке: под новый движок взапилили старый дизайн, на выбор дали новый дисигн и старый. Тут так же хотелось бы старый-добрый тёмный вариант.
  9. yanot


    [spoiler='с матом']http://coub.com/view/a7rv7[/spoiler]   http://coub.com/view/9yfdd
  10. yanot

    Тег отряда для игрока

    Не уверен туда ли пишу, другого топика не нашел. Пожалуйста, измените "Продвинутый пользователь" на "VeteranMOD". Спасибо.
  11. yanot

    Обновление площадок WOG

    [b][member=Rumba][/b], нет. Она, по-идее, говорит о рассинхроне. 

  13. yanot

    Тег отряда для игрока

    Снимите, пожалуйста, тег отряда.

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