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88th Infantry Tournament 2014

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I came back to your forums to communicate the launch of the official maps for the Tournament. They can be downloaded through the following link:
These will be the maps to be used during the Tournament unless stated otherwise by the Organization. We have created a special forum where you can report any  bug you find so we can fix them before the Tournament. We would also like to provide you with some interesting links for the Tournament:
We have recently presented the CTF templates you will find in the maps to Make Arma Not War contest by Bohemia Interactive, and we would ask for your help voting it. In order to do so you only have to access the website of the contest and vote for us using the option "SUPPORT".


Finally, you can take a look to a video of the new spectator mode you will find in the maps, called TrackingCam, that will allow you to broadcast the games from different angles, and that would allow the Organization to supervise no cheats of bugs are used.

PS: Login, sure i remeber KnD! I have posted in their forum.
88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014 - Where the challenge begins
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I came a last time to your forum to announce that the tournament will begin next week. Inscriptions will end on September 19th, Friday, at 24:00 GMT+1 (CET). From that date onwards it will be forbidden to make any change in the teams or enrol new players.


On the 20th, a raffle will be made to establish the different groups, and once published, teams will be able to challenge each other through the official Tournament forum.



I also want to announce that the last version of the official maps (v2.24), with which the Tournament will take place, is available to download. We recommend you delete the previous version from your servers.


Downlad Link: Available September 18th. Visit our fourm for downloading!


We have been working very hard to improve the code in the maps so they are as competitive as possible. I remind you to report to us any problem you find through our forums.



I would like to remind you that before any match you can ask for an overseer to supervise the match through TrackingCAM, so to guarantee a fair fight, or simply to broadcast the match. Here you have the rules regarding streaming and supervising:


2.6.6. Each map has 4 civilian slots (two for each team) that can be used in the following scenarios:

- Under request of any team, the Organization can supervise the match to control the misuse of bugs.

- A team can request a member of a different team (preferably Manager or Captain) to supervise the match. In that case the overseer must be in the TS3 server of the rival team or the Organization's to avoid any problem (they must have the microphone enabled and be available).

 - To live-stream the match. A (minimum of) 5-minute delay must be applied in the broadcast.

2.6.7. If a team requests the supervision of a match through TrackingCAM, the rival team cannot reject the proposition. If the request is for the bradcasting of the match through the Internet, the opposing team can deny the request and that option would be discarded. 



The teams inscribed up to date are:


- 88th Co.”Walking Death” Z3Ro


 - United Nation Army I

 - RFPartizans

 - Red Mosquitoes

 - United Natios Army II

 - Polite Engagment

 - German Nato Corps


 - Armée de l’ombre


An important point to take into account will be that all the games must be played at the official tournament servers. Servers ceded by the United Nations Army team - www.united-nations-army.eu


 - 88th Infantry Tournament - Server 1

 - 88th Infantry Tournament - Server 2

 - 88th Infantry Tournament - Server 3

 - 88th Infantry Tournament - Server 4

 - 88th Infantry Tournament - Server 5


We expect a fair and respectful time during the tournament, since that is the spirit we want this tournament to have.





88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014 - Where the challenge begins

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