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    Op Retrosatan 22/6

    Hi guys, we prepare some missions for people to Sudamerica Arma groups, ever is welcome groups WOG for to play! we know its to late for WOG people, but if you dont sleep o play balalaika on the night waiting to play are welcome! OPERATION RETROSATAN Dia: Domingo 22 junio Horario: 2200s (Arg) 0400hs (Ru) Formato: TvT (Sin Respawn) Ts: ctu-ts.ddns.net Sv: CTU Addons: ACE- CBA - CUP TERRAINS (CORE+MAPS) RHS (USA+RU + COMPACT) PROJECT OPFOR - TASKFORCE (Last versions on workshop) SLOTS: 75 (Confirm on list presence, need to put your nickname and squad/group) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q9Xs-oaDq4A8kejABxrq1vLziNdM_NlyS1eifAP_Sqo/edit#gid=0 Historical situation: The SDF continues to advance over the cities occupied in northern Syria by ISIS. The Kurds surround the EAST to the enemy and are advancing faster than expected. This caused some alarm at the top of the SDF because if the Kurds first arrived in the city of Aleppo, from that point they will have the airport ready to be resupplied by the Americans and to have large supplies to continue pushing on the North . Due to this situation, the SDF were forced to attack the Kurds at the delivery points of supplies and equipment. to stop the advance of the Kurds towards Aleppo. Upon learning that the Officer "Retrosatan" of the SDF was the one who ordered and directed these operations, the Kurds prepare themselves with the help of the SF of Iraq to eliminate it. Objectives: SDF: -Guarantee the survival of Officer Retrosatan -The BM-21 must not be destroyed by the enemy Kurdish + SF Iraq -Eliminate Officer Retrosatan -Destroy the enemy BM-21 Extra data: -The mission has 1: 30hs duration -15 Min from Briefing on map - You can find units without: map, compass, gps, radio -THE RETROSATAN OFFICIAL CANT NOT CHANGE CLOTHING OR CLOTHING AT ANY TIME -THE OFFICER WILL HAVE A FREE ZONE BUT LIMITED TO MOVE. IN THE EVENT OF DYING OR LEAVING THE AREA, THE MISSION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY LOST LOGÍSTICA SDF -1 BMP2 -1 UAZ SPG -1 METIS (1 MISIL) -2 URALES CONFORMACIÓN DE ESCUADRAS 1 OFICIAL RETROSATAN 2 MEDICOS 1 INGENIERO (IED) 2 SNIPERS 2 CREW MEN 1 TL 1 MG 1 MG ASSIT 1 GL 1 GL 1 RPG 1 RIF 1 RIF LOGÍSTICA KURDOS + SF IRAK -BMP 2 (X2) -URAL (X4) -UH-1Y (X2) UNARMED (SF IRAK) -1 COMANDER OFICIAL -2 MEDICOS -3 SNIPERS DIV -4 CREW -2 PILOTOS CONFORMACIÓN DE LAS ESCUADRAS KURDOS 1 TL 1 GL 1GL 1 MG 1 RPG 1 RIF (M136) 1 RIF 1 RIF SF IRAK 1 TL 1 MG 1 MG ASSIT 1 SNIPER 1 MÉDICO 1 OPERADOR 1 OPERADOR 1 OPERADOR Oficial Retrosatan
  2. Sixor

    MOR Open mission testing

    Hello everyone, On Sunday 11.06.2017 in 20:00 (Czech Republic) which is the same time as WOG (Friday and Saturday), MOR will test missions that will possibly become part of WOG in near future. Everyone is welcome here but don't forget to respect the rules (MOR has very similar rules to WOG). The missions are MOR The Convoy - Chernarus MOR The Finest Hour - Zargabad MOR Filthy Armor - VTN Beketov All missions are "modular"! You can play them even in a small number of players cos of parameters settings. More info and details can be provided later
  3.   Hi folks, we are happy to announce that before end of May (Registration deadline: May, 17th), the second edition of the Electronic Sports Master™ | A-Series CTF Conference League 2016 will start. (Game mode CTF | Capture the flag) We take this opportunity to change our name with the aim to adapt to some issues that came up during last edition. This little change of organization is about ping issues faced by some teams located in the US or in Asia.     Main characteristics: ✓ Any team that fulfils the minimum requirements for an event can join. ✓ Game mode: "Capture the Flag". ✓ Mods/addons: Not allowed. ✓ The number of participants is restricted to 14 team per Conference. ✓ Teams can play with up to 8 players if both teams reach an agreement ✓ The local team selects the map that will be played     New features and rules for this new edition: The teams will have to pay a 4€ registration fee, which will be reimbursed at the end of the competition* The teams may register in any conference they want as long as they meet the ping criteria* The ESM™ provides the teams with a server in each conference to let them perform all the required tests before the competition starts. * Read rules   Conferences West, Center and East: West (South America, USA y Canada) - ESM™ | A-Series CTF WCL 2016 Center (Europe, Africa, Western Russia) - ESM™ | A-Series CTF CCL 2016 East (Eastern Russia and Asia) - ESM™ | A-Series CTF ECL 2016     Hereafter you can find the list of official ESM™ servers: USA (Western Conference) Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 4 [US#KS] IP: Port: 2312 Europe (Center Conference) Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 1 [EU#FR] IP: Port: 2316 Asia (Eastern Conference) Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 5 [ASIA#XX] IP: Coming soon Port: Coming soon     Here is the calendar for events from now to the beginning of the competition: Registration deadline: May, 17th Maps revealed: May, 9th First round: From May, 30th to June, 6th   Some useful links: Join Season: Conference West, Center or East League Rules: ESM™ | A-Series CTF Conference League 2016 Maps download: Coming soon   Match for the 1st place Broadcaster MicOne   Feel free to join the community! Follow and join us at:   ✓  Steam: ESM_Info ✓  Twitter: @ESM_Info     For more info contact us via our forum or eMail: info@esportsmasters.org       GL &HL   Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  4. LORD

    88th Infantry Tournament 2014

    We are pleased to announce that on September 22th, 2014 a new season of the 88th Infantry Tournament in CTF mode will begin. The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6 vs 6 and each team may register a maximum of 8 players. Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through MIONIX, we can offer the following awards to the first classified: 8* Professional Gaming Mouse MIONIX NAOS 3200 + bundle surprise courtesy of MIONIX *one for each registered playerSign up now and register your team BEFORE September 19th, 2014!. For more information please visit the tournament forum. Downlaod Official Tournament Map Pack: Available September 1st! Powered by: GL&HL 88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014 - Where the challenge begins Powered by MIONIX

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