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A2 @WOG_ACR compatibility

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About one year ago it was changed class name of wheeled vehicle Pandur II from "Pandur2_ACR" to "Pandur_2". It have result that some mission included in ACR DLC and also @WOG_ACR (which overwrite the original ACR) are unable to start because of wrong class name. I don’t know why it was changed. This new class name is used in a lot wog mission, so it is not possible to change it back without affecting the mission gallery. But there is a way how to bring the compatibility back by edditing the original single player mission in ...\@WOG_ACR\Addons\missions_acr.pbo  *\missions\*******\mission.sqm. It is needed to change the class name  "Pandur2_ACR" to "Pandur_2" in those mission.sqm where it can be found and delete the line in head of file in part: "addOns[]= " and "addOnsAuto[]="  whith specific line: "cawheeled_acr_pandur".

I prepare example of .pbo file which have edited this mission.sqm files.

Thank for reading and hope for consideration of this small change in future update.


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