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Violation of a rule 4.5 by player [MOR] ilbinek, 03/19/2024 during mission

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Nick of the violator: [MOR] ilbinek
Violated rule: 4.5
Additional violated rules:
Violation date: 03/19/2024
Mission number:
Mission name:
Suffered side: TvT Community
Witnesses (if they exist): HK/FNF/OFCRA administration
Violation description:

This player got banned from 3 Western European TvT events (FnF/OFCRA/HighKommand) for watching spectating streamer twitch while he was still playing.

OFCRA discord:




FNF discord:




HK discord:






When I contacted the admins of these events, I received the following supporting material (no response from Flip4Flap of OFCRA yet - offline on Steam for a few days):















Given the seriousness of the crime of which [MOR]Ilbinek has been accused and punished on these projects, I ask the WOG Tribunal to investigate this matter, ideally by contacting the administration of these projects, and to draw any consequences for his participation here.







Edited by Ziki_CZ

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TLDR at the bottom.


This is rather simple:

Was I banned? Yes

How long? 4 months

For? "Watching" a stream while alive


How do they know? You can view all logged accounts currently in chat

Was I aware of this? Yes

Was my account in the list? Yes

Do I know anonymous window exists? Yes

Why didn't I use it? My Bot farming channel points running on a headless VPS in Germany can't use anonymous window... To farm channel points


Do they know it? Yes

Do they think I watched stream? No

Did they tell me they don't think I did? Yes


Did they still ban me? Yes (lol), but only 4 months as... They know I didn't do it


Did they ask me to turn off the bot? Yes, I did. Then turned it on after games and forgot about it (runs for a year, I don't even think about it, it's all automated)


How long have I been using this bot? For over a year now. (Really good for tarkov drops too, message me and I can show you how to set it up)


So, now you might think: Wtf, are they slow in brain? Are they making fun of something or?


I'd rather not answer those, everyone can form their own opinion.


A "European PvP Alliance" (three events run by two people - FNF (Kerey), OFCRA (Nasa) and HK (Nasa)) was formed not long ago, this "alliance" is supposed to investigate rule breaks and in case of a rule break, the punishment is shared between all events.

Kinda funny that I was invited (because of TBD) and I voiced my opinions, mainly about "some proof may be not enough for me, maybe I don't want to ban this person on my event".

I think it hilarious, that I was the first investigated by this "alliance" and the proof is "screenshot of a name in a list".

This sets up a precedent that "being on a crime scene means you did it", which is great idea for "the European PvP police" they are trying to be.


(This is also what you get for helping those people with technical stuff :))



Бан: ДаС

делал ли я такое: Нет

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Заявка закрыта.

Приведенный в заявке случай является внутренним делом указанных иностранных проектов и не имеет отношения к сообществу Weekly Open Games.


Application closed.

The case cited in the application is an internal matter of the said foreign projects and has no relation to the Weekly Open Games community.

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