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Предупреждение игровой группе [CTU]

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Дата нарушения: 15.02.2020
Описание нарушения:

Игровой группе [CTU] выносится предупреждение за нарушение порядка расстановки на слоты во время брифинга, а также за игнорирование при этом просьб Игрового администратора.

В случае рецидива к отряду [CTU] будет применено наказание.



The Game Group [CTU] receives a warning due to violation of slot-arrangement order during the briefing, as well as the ignoring the request of the Game Administrator.

If some kind of same occasions will happen again, the [CTU] squad will be penalized.




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We have been asking for this help several months ago, that they warn us with at least some words in English when we are to be able to take slots or some change of server, etc... the administration had committed to this but is not always fulfilled and this kind of thing happens because of misunderstandings

They placed the mission, the groups took their squads. We wait for the time for the groups to take slots. We listened to the whisper (traditional in all missions) We saw a free squad (this one only had a ghost member in the machine gun slot) nobody had the squad leader or anything. We take it normally. The server fell down, restart. Traditional whisper that everyone takes the same slots. We take the same squad. and then began the discussion that ghost had previously taken the squad (when we never saw them there). The administration told us that we had taken slots from another team, which was not true because we never saw anyone there. until it was translated from Russian to English ... English to Spanish .... Spanish to English .... English to Russian throughout the debate. It took a long time, ghost ends up taking the 1-2 squad and they started the mission, it didn't seem fair to go to play separately in different squads as they indicated at the beginning. the whisper was never for the 2nd groups or gallinoskas to take slots. It was to warn that the server was going to restart (something impossible to know for us, since we always wait for the whisper after an estimated time for the slot taking) it is seen that at that time purple left the squad and then the wishper It was taken by ctu.

days later watching streaming with administrators we all saw that:

Mission restarts. administrator wishper (it is always "take the same slots before the restart") we took the squad that we had initially taken, all normal and there began the problem by a misunderstanding / communication. I request that the warning be removed since it was not our intention to take the slots to ghost, we did everything as the usual procedure, a communication failure. 


several more details will be sent by private to the administration



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