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Нарушение п.п. 4.1 игроком [CTU]LEYDEN, 01.11.2019 на 1 миссии

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Никнейм нарушителя: [CTU]LEYDEN
Нарушенный пункт правил: 4.1
Дополнительные нарушенные пункты:
Дата нарушения: 01.11.2019
Номер миссии: 1
Название миссии: Last Step
В отношении кого были нарушены правила: Участники проекта
Свидетели нарушения (если имеются): Участники проекта
Описание нарушения:

В действиях @LEYDEN CTU наблюдаю преднамеренное использование недоработок игры в свою сторону, будучи одной из целей миссии, а также по совместительству КСом, забрался в ту позицию, где убить его не имеется возможности. Не имея возможности поднять ствол оружия вертикально вверх и из-за ограниченности шахты лестницы, игроки стороны 2 физически не имели возможности его убить, сам Лейден, я считаю, был прекрасно осведомлен об данном факте, так как данная позиция была выбрана не просто так, но, даже если это произошло по чистой случайности, то не покинул эту позицию после того, как был неоднократно обстрелян в попытках попасть в него и была осознана невозможность поразить его стрелковым огнем.

Вижу в данных поступках неспортивное поведение, неуважение к остальным участникам проекта, а также, еще раз повторюсь, намеренное использование недоработок игры.




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A) You are talking about deliberate use of the game's flaws:
1-It was not deliberated, it was considered an optimal position to self defend, due to the fact that it cannot be destroy by abrahams and has only one entrance.
2-At the time I was in the stairs, was because I took refuge from tank that shoot the room, knowing that I was very exposed by the enemy infantry from below and my focus was to survive as much as possible to command the mission, I was ignoring everything that was around me, as proof of that, I never saw that someone was climbing the ladder until I saw a hand above my body.
3-At that time there is a situation of 1 v 1 where I could have died easy.

B) There is talk of the impossibility of killing me:
1-Situation of 1 v 1, where I almost died at the hands of "Toxic".
2-At the moment the abrahams shoot I had a chance of dying being in the room above. (Watch video)
3-At the time of being on the stairs, I was very exposed to the fire of grenades, RPG, etc (see video)
4-The enemy's attempts to kill me were very limited and minimal, at no time they used something as simple as a grenade.

C) You talk about the rule 4.1: (Use of game errors and their complements: program code errors
and technical failures of the graphic part (for example, textures that disappear), which give an advantage over other players.)

1-What game error are you talking about? With what criteria do you talk about game error? Are you a game developer?
How can you affirm that something that is from the beginning of the game is an error or just mechanic integrated in the game?
2- At no time took advantage of an error, use of textures, glitchs etc
I simply positioned myself in a vanilla place on the map within the boundaries of the area marked by the mission.

D) Regarding the mission
1- The mission commander (attack) was the same Event Manager (even though the commander slot was taken by someone else)
Therefore the commander of the attack being administrator was the one who deliberately interrupted the mission, being there a clear conflict of interest.
How could the commander / administrator know that I was in a position impossible to die when he was alive?
Was this checked personally or by other means?
Why did a mission end when there were still VIPs alive? In my opinion there was a conflict of interest which led to a premature termination of the mission, which is, as nevalyashka says, an unsportsmanlike behavior and disrespect for other project participants
Finish a mission without having checked that vips were still alive?

E) Personally I have been playing WOG for many years and I am far from doing something unsportsmanlike intentionally in this project that I love so much

easy way to kill nigerian-ñeri

using granades,rpg,tanks,bmp,and clim stairs and try to killme (toxic)



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Игрок @LEYDEN CTU  отстраняется от игр на проекте сроком на 7 дней по пункту 0.1 правил проекта.

По пункту 4.1 нарушений не выявлено. 

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