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Violation of a rule 8.2 by player Rambo, 10/04/2019 during 1 mission

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Nick of the violator: Rambo
Violated rule: 8.2
Additional violated rules:
Violation date: 10/04/2019
Mission number: 1
Mission name: Dimah mahzum
Suffered side: MOR
Witnesses (if they exist): Whole MOR squad
Violation description:

We kicked Rambo from our clan two weeks ago and this guy is still playing as one of us even when we told him to leave. He didnt listen, we told him to delete his clan tag and he continue playing with MOR tag even though we told him to delete the tag "MOR".


He also took slots from different squad and tried to play with us but we didnt let him to so he went and played with KND.






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I can confirm that the whole MOR squad knows about this and that he (Rambo) violated both WOG and MOR rules by this.

I also can confirm that Rambo knew about the fact that he was out of the clan and there was enough time to communicate with us on this topic (one or two weeks before this mission).

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