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Weekly Open Games — это проект для людей, которым интересен хардкорный тип игры. Мы стараемся максимально эффективно использовать структуру, слабые и сильные стороны, а также технику и вооружение различных сторон конфликта, но не ставим перед собой цель провести 100% сбалансированного боестолкновения. Командная игра, командное взаимодействие — фундамент нашего проекта.
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Introduction: Both side in this mission have freeze time zone for the first five minutes, but the zone disappears after 5 min with hint "war begin." And both sides can attack by will, but USMC need to have minimal one soldier in zone, the soldier called Lewis is minimal. But today I was chatting with player after mission (that was 5. mission I think with 15+-ppl), and was alerted, that in one bookmarks in briefing section is sentence:"УСМК запрещено покидать синюю зону." which can be translated (by google): "USMCs soldiers should not leave a zone".

Question: I would like to ask, if that mean, that no-one from USMC should not be able to leave, or whole side completly should not leave (is ok, if one stay in zone, like classical hold zone task).

Apology: If is the first option right. I would like to apology for multiples leaving the zone in this mission during last year (?). Also I would like to apologize to everyone who’s I instructed, that they can leave zone. Especially I would like to apologize those guys who get in firefight with me on east side from zone today.

Defense: I always play this mission as the attacking side. Because I thought, that it is easy to win with a lot of RPG, that you can destroy 60% of the city from range (don’t count the M2). But about more than year ago I saw that blue can easy flank you from behind on your "RPG artillery" spot. And from that time I played minimal 6x as attack and instructed others to leave city and cover their flank and also when I was in  attack (minimal 4x), I count with the possibility to be ambushed on the most exposed place.

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