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  1. До

    Thanks much :)
  2. До

    Can someone please send me a download link for Cold War mission file? Thanks much.
  3. До

    THX much :)
  4. Thanks much, I ask him yesterday (SUP) and he send me some version directly :) But thanks much for reply and links :)
  5. Download link does not work :(
  6. It was pleasure for me to participate, and hopefully a bit help, in that mission :) You was great, and that language mix was avesome too :) I hope it was not last time you command :)
  7. До

    Thanks much :)
  8. До

    Wich version of Špagino mission will be today? For 148, 129 or mWOG 100? And where to download it for preparing plan? Thanks.
  9. What about something like this (not exact, just inspired - something like "military" skin - khaki, browngreen, dark grey etc background and orange + white text):
  10. I just want to say thanks for all Kronos :) We enjoy it so much.
  11. I do not know what exactly happen here (why Kronos ends his leading), but I hope there will be minimum changes at all. And I hope for continuing A2 WOG too, because whole MOR is not so much interested in A3 at all (not just A3 WOG, but whole A3). If there will be no A2 WOG, we probably come to A3 WOG too, but we stay on A2 WOG how long it will be possible. ArmA 2 and A2 WOG is primary for us. PS: If it will be necesarry to pay something, we are ready to it (in some limits of course). Thanks Kronos and Crabe for all what they do for WOG.
  12. До

    No, but maybe it was some bug. Anyway thanks :)
  13. До

    In Sanaag Bari mission (2nd in saturday - MOR command) on green side there is no ammo for Mortar (or my mission does not work correctly? I have 134 people version).