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    WOG: Global Mobilization

    Ребят, с этим пунктом проканает поиграть? COMPATIBILITY DATA FOR NON-OWNERS People who do not own the Global Mobilization DLC are now able to download and install the DLC's optional data via the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. You do not need to subscribe to this Workshop item if you already own Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany ("GM"). This Workshop item serves to allow players who wish to participate in... Subscribing to this Workshop item makes it possible for potential buyers to try out Global Mobilization DLC assets (such as weapons and vehicles) prior to purchasing. It also enables non-owners to join multiplayer servers that make use of Global Mobilization content. Be aware that access to the DLC's Weferlingen terrain remains exclusive to owners of the DLC, plus restrictions to the use of non-owned content apply. На карту из DLC не пустит, но если миски будут на других картах, то у многих будет шанс скачать мод, и заходить с ним. Как временная мера до следующих скидок, может сработать?
  2. Это не dev, а profiling. Всегда самый свежий malloc alocator и exe-файл игры с исправлениями оптимизации.

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