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Violation of a rule 2.2 by player [JW]Kronis, 10/10/2020 during 1 mission

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Nick of the violator: [JW]Kronis
Violated rule: 2.2
Additional violated rules:
Violation date: 10/10/2020
Mission number: 1
Mission name: Удар в спину
Suffered side: [KND]Avarax
Witnesses (if they exist):
Violation description:

An order was issued to go in to the zone from KS. What we wanted to do. Before entering the zone, I informed by DV that they were going in zone and pleas dont kill ase. [JW] Kronis killed me when entering through the open entrance with GP not even at 15m nothing blocking him to look on me or somthing like that. After 1.5 hours of playing and staring into the ground, he will be killed by his half-player who cannot recognize a 15m uniform, and especially what is worst, he did not come or apologize. I guess he'll do it after unloading this bunny, but it doesn't matter.I deliberately waited for the start of the second game if he came to apologize did not come and did not write anything.Everyone makes mistakes, but the basis is to apologize and not beat the ignorant.

Foto where he shoothing



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Прошу прощения за TK, признаю полностью свою вину, убил просто с испуга будучи в не трезвом состоянии, не смог извиниться из-за дел дома, ещё раз извиняюсь за свою неучтивость. Готов принять любое наказание.

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Everyone and I have done the same, but the basis is to apologize. What kept you from writing me a message via ts when you couldn't talk?

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