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Electronic Sports Masters™ | A-Series CTF Conference League 2016

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Hi folks, we are happy to announce that before end of May (Registration deadline: May, 17th), the second edition of the Electronic Sports Master™ | A-Series CTF Conference League 2016 will start. (Game mode CTF | Capture the flag) We take this opportunity to change our name with the aim to adapt to some issues that came up during last edition. This little change of organization is about ping issues faced by some teams located in the US or in Asia.



Main characteristics:

✓ Any team that fulfils the minimum requirements for an event can join.

✓ Game mode: "Capture the Flag".

✓ Mods/addons: Not allowed.
✓ The number of participants is restricted to 14 team per Conference.
✓ Teams can play with up to 8 players if both teams reach an agreement
✓ The local team selects the map that will be played



New features and rules for this new edition:

  • The teams will have to pay a 4€ registration fee, which will be reimbursed at the end of the competition*
  • The teams may register in any conference they want as long as they meet the ping criteria*
  • The ESM™ provides the teams with a server in each conference to let them perform all the required tests before the competition starts.

Read rules


Conferences West, Center and East:

  • West (South America, USA y Canada) - ESM™ | A-Series CTF WCL 2016
  • Center (Europe, Africa, Western Russia) - ESM™ | A-Series CTF CCL 2016
  • East (Eastern Russia and Asia) - ESM™ | A-Series CTF ECL 2016



Hereafter you can find the list of official ESM™ servers:

  • USA (Western Conference)

Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 4 [US#KS]
Port: 2312

  • Europe (Center Conference)

Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 1 [EU#FR]
Port: 2316

  • Asia (Eastern Conference)

Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 5 [ASIA#XX]
IP: Coming soon
Port: Coming soon



Here is the calendar for events from now to the beginning of the competition:

  • Registration deadline: May, 17th
  • Maps revealed: May, 9th
  • First round: From May, 30th to June, 6th


Some useful links:


Match for the 1st place
Broadcaster MicOne


Feel free to join the community! Follow and join us at:


✓  Steam: ESM_Info
✓  Twitter: @ESM_Info



For more info contact us via our forum or eMail: info@esportsmasters.org






Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ...

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it is a pleasure to announce that the maps for this second edition are ready and available for downloading!

Download link: ESM™ | A-Series CTF Conferences League 2016 maps



The main changes on the maps are:
- Added the weapon SMG_02_F
- Improved respawn protection/area of each side
- Added and improved building placement

- Map pack reduced to 12 maps from 15 (this may change to 15 again for the second set of matches)



As in previous occasions we have opened a forum on which you will be able to report any kind of issue you may find on these maps.

Forum link: Support & Bugs


We would like to use this chance to announce that we already have 3 enroled teams at the moment (88th Co."Walking Death", United Nations Army and Nato Special Forces!


Remember that the deadline to enrol your team is the 17 of May. If we reach a minimum of 8 teams on this day the second edition of the ESM™ | A-Series CTF Conference will commence.





Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ...

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