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Found 1 result

  1. Masaker


    View File Border Island Altis divided to the two parts. Western part is controlled by Russia and eastern part is controlled by NATO. Russia decided to build strong border line with defensive objects to prevent spread of the NATO influence and spread over Altis island. As the situation escalated the US army on the eastern part of the island is preparing to perform push through the border. They strive to secure military base behind the border to get pivot point for further advance. The border will not be easy task for attacking side as it is guarded by fences, bunkers , watch towers, mine fields and barriers. Attacking side decided to use advantage of the night vision technology and attack will be performed in dark. Attacking side can use special truck with winch to pull antitank hedgehogs of the way. Each bunker is equipped with static weapons. Some weapons are placed on telescopic table to increase vertical range. Attacking side has Engineer Squad Vehicle with plow to deal with minefields. Uniforms photo. Submitter Masaker Submitted 10/18/2020 Category WOG Number of participants 161 Year 2007 Time for a mission 120 Weather 00:00, Clear Moon Attack side win conditions Main building in the military base is captured. Attack side vehicles 10×M1151 M2HB 5×M1151 (O-GPK/Mk19) 2×M1A1SA 1×M1132 1×M1025A2 1×M1043A2 1×MTVR (Repair) 1×MTVR (Ammo) 1×MTVR (Refuel) 1×MTVR (Winch) 1×M1133 MEV Defense side win condiotions Main building in the military base is defended for 120 minutes. Defense Side technique 1×T-72B 1×GAZ-66 (Ammo) 1×Ural-4320 (Fuel) 1×Ural-4320 (Repair) 1×UAZ-3151 14×GAZ-233011 1×GAZ Vodnik (Medical) 9×SPG-9M 9×KORD (6U16) Mission features Anti tank hedgehogs can be draged by winch. Type WOG Island Альтис Mode Захват/оборона WEST side US Army EAST side Russian Federation RESISTANSE side Attack Side West Defense Side East Thermal sights mode Выключен / OFF  

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