How to start playing on WOG³: Arma3Sync + TFAR

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How to start playing on WOG³: Arma3Sync + TFAR

This is guide how to install addons for WOG3 using Arma3Sync + guide how to install Task Force Arrowhead Radio


1. Make sure that you have original version of the ArmA 3;

2. Before you install Arma3Sync you should install Microsoft/Oracle software on you PC:  

!Attention. You may have already installed this software on your PC.

3. Download and install Arma3Sync;

4. Launch the Arma3Sync;

5. At your first launch, you will be prompted to specify the path to the folder with Arma 3

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 



6. After the path is specified recommended to go to the tab "Addon Options" and make sure the path to the folder with Arma 3 is given correct because there are accidents when the path wasn’t set correct:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common

7. Go to the tab "Repositories" and click on the +


8. Before you open the window of adding the repository. All you need - to copy the following URL and paste it into the first field:

After push button Import:


* If all done well, all the fields will be filled automaticly, and on the first stroke will be green sign "Connection success!

9. Now on your list appear repository of WOG3 Rep#1:


Attention to the fact that if the addons has been updated, the column | Status | It will be written UPDATED

10. To check addons for update choose needed repositorie and push the button: 5.png

Addons that need to update will be marked 6.png

It is IMPORTANT! We recommend  DONOT update folder USERCONFIG (If you install addons at first time you will need it)

11. After you donload all addons go to the folder with the ArmA 3 and find folder @task_force_radio;

12. Inside the folder @task_force_radio find folder TeamSpeak 3 Client;

13. On the screenshot wou will see folder contents @task_force_radio move it to the plugins folder located in the folder with your Teamspeak:



14. Now you must launch Teamspeak 3 (you must launch it with administrator acces). Choose “setting” > “plugins” > set the check on the Task Force Arma 3 Radio and push “Reload All” (since version 0.9.11all plugins automatically connecting)


15. Get back to the Arma3Sync and choose tab “Online”. In free stroke specify information like showed on the screenshot:


In left corner in the menu choose WOG server and push button START GAME.




Thx a lot Vincen for the guide


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