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  • День рождения 02/16/94


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    WOG :D

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  1. MOR will come, it will be 2+ people.
  2. MOR will come with around 2+ people, I think it will be a nice event before actual WOG.
  3. Yummy котлеты you making me hungry
  4. Tyan vs Czech language, the video is horrible but audio is ok
  5. mWOG 115 Face to Face by [MOR] Palasaur, if you don't like the song just turn sound off
  6. One older video of for me unknown guy (I don't know the voice and I got killed after it), Instead of killing me he started raging on me and I was able to kill him, Sixor the Cheater
  7. До

    По следу, 115 or 130 players?
  8. Hard time on Power Plant mission, the video is by [MOR] Panther. We are also sorry to the whole GHOST squad for killing 6epkyT and Alex, our BMP was shooting off the azimuth, you can even hear it in the video.
  9. TS - Server address - Port - 2302 password wogames PS: Even that mWOG is today right now, we will test missions anyway, thanks for anybody who will come.
  10. Reupload of 0.5, better audio, resolution quality, the video is extended and I fixed some "bugs" also. Enjoy!
  11. Hello everyone, On Sunday 11.06.2017 in 20:00 (Czech Republic) which is the same time as WOG (Friday and Saturday), MOR will test missions that will possibly become part of WOG in near future. Everyone is welcome here but don't forget to respect the rules (MOR has very similar rules to WOG). The missions are MOR The Convoy - Chernarus MOR The Finest Hour - Zargabad MOR Filthy Armor - VTN Beketov All missions are "modular"! You can play them even in a small number of players cos of parameters settings. More info and details can be provided later