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    WOG :D

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  1. До

    По следу, 115 or 130 players?
  2. Hard time on Power Plant mission, the video is by [MOR] Panther. We are also sorry to the whole GHOST squad for killing 6epkyT and Alex, our BMP was shooting off the azimuth, you can even hear it in the video.
  3. TS - Server address - Port - 2302 password wogames PS: Even that mWOG is today right now, we will test missions anyway, thanks for anybody who will come.
  4. Reupload of 0.5, better audio, resolution quality, the video is extended and I fixed some "bugs" also. Enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone, On Sunday 11.06.2017 in 20:00 (Czech Republic) which is the same time as WOG (Friday and Saturday), MOR will test missions that will possibly become part of WOG in near future. Everyone is welcome here but don't forget to respect the rules (MOR has very similar rules to WOG). The missions are MOR The Convoy - Chernarus MOR The Finest Hour - Zargabad MOR Filthy Armor - VTN Beketov All missions are "modular"! You can play them even in a small number of players cos of parameters settings. More info and details can be provided later
  6. [MOR] Sixor Arma 2 - 1500h+ Arma 3 - 1500h+ 1,5,6,7
  7. До

    I am looking forward to see how today's mWOG will be like and also games in new rotation, to speak for all of the guys from MOR, we didn't understand why @Shullman rotation wasn't accepted, now we do a bit more but we are still confused and so we (quite) accept the decision from administrators. Selected missions look to be fun so as I said before, we are looking forward to play them and we will. See you today and around weekend guys
  8. Fight with @Lutz and bonus featuring @Nyam_Cat.
  9. Me personally killed myself by trigger, I wanted to flank @Olegio cos @Terablick and @Aja, were under fire from him, and so I sprinted for 3 seconds... Welcome to the spectator! For me it was first time playing this mission, not sure if it is new or old mission, but I heard something about trigger but didnt know it means kill trigger. PS: Beketov is nice :)
  10. This time it is 0.5, next time it should be proper start of this series, it will be similiar to other WOG Moments but it will be mostly from cams of MOR squad. На этот раз 0.5, в следующий раз Будет 1, должно быть правильным началом этой серии. Это будет похоже на другие вог (WOG) Моменты, но это будет в основном из камер отряду MOR. EDIT - New extended version in progress, it will be 0.6 and it should be louder (thanks Terablick for letting me know), fixed of some smaller mistakes mostly with sound and it will be even more extended so final time of a video can be around 15 minutes.
  11. MOR Trash talk + some nice moments from [MOR] Aja
  12. Also @Shullman seems to be super star of WOG
  13. @CHEEKI BREEKI Lool... that is just Arma, enough said