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  1. Today testing was ended, we played for one hour or more and there was no server crash and everything went fine, we cant guarantee it will go all that well next time though but.. ...we should be ready for next event which will be coming soon. Сегодня тестирование закончилось, мы играли в течение одного часа или более, и не было никакого сбоя сервера, и все прошло хорошо, но мы не можем гарантировать, что в следующий раз. Тем не менее... ... мы должны быть готовы к следующему ивенту, которое будет в ближайшее время.
  2. Hello again, after some minor changes we are again ready for some OFP, but this time we will only test or play test for next event. Additional info will be specified few hours before the event. Server IP: Port: 2312 TeamSpeak IP: (WOG IF TS) Date: 29/03 (1830 hs Moscow) PS: We are sorry about late announcement but we both were quite busy so we decided to do only testing this time for next event that will come soon after that. Thanks for understanding.
  3. When BMP is just too close and you fail to reload RPG :D Когда BMP слишком близко, и вы не можете перезагрузить RPG :D by [MOR] Aja again
  4. First event just ended, there was around 10 people so I hope next time there will be more. This time we were rather testing the server more than playing cos some problems occured and also crashes multiple times. We are sorry about these issues and we will work on this project more to get it all working and we will try to fix all issues with the server. Acelga wasnt on the event because there was a big storm coming in that time so I hope he will be there in next event, also this storm could have possibly crash the server in the end cos multiple missions were bugged and we played only for like 5 minutes but this one was going around 40 minutes+ and whole server crashed so it is possible. *Thanks everyone who came to the event and there will be new updates and new things added for this event and of course we will put info about all of it in this topic. * @OceIot, @LEON, @Rexxar, @Bismut, @iGreenDay, @FatCat, @PIONEER, @Darks and... me @Sixor
  5. Everything should be ready for tomorrow game, I just hope, we will be as players Все должно быть готово к завтрашний игре, я просто надеюсь, что мы как игроки
  6. Updated download links and added repository for Arma 3 Sync + video showcasing features of ECP mod. EDIT 6.3.2017 - Repository updated, random weather (almost all the time bad visibility and raining) removed, weather will be set by mission conditions. EDIT 8.3.2017 - If you have 16:9 monitor and problem with UI and/or FOV use this lines and replace them in your UserInfo.cfg fovTop=0.81; fovLeft=1.44; uiTopLeftX=0.125000; uiTopLeftY=0.000000; uiBottomRightX=0.875000; uiBottomRightY=1.000000; Or you can use calculator for FOV (it is Arma 3 calculator but it works for Arma CWA too) - FOV calculator Video demo of ECP (lite) / Модификация ECP (lite) образцa: This is the additional menu next to classic options menu. Эto дополнительное меню рядом с классическим меню опций.
  7. Just to confirm about the addon, for date Thursday 9 of March it will be @ECP (Download links - 1,2,3 or 4) + A3 Sync (
  8. @OceIot We will let you know a bit later but as you can see, we will need someone to help us with communication and translation for sure.
  9. Just to inform you and maybe warn you in the same time, we were not expecting that you will all notice so quickly but I guess it is the magic of Operation Flashpoint, what I mean is that maximum slots for CTI right now is 16 + 2 commanders, On other ArmA it is normal to have much more slots but in OFP/CWA I never saw projects that big as on other ArmA games, did anyone? Is it even possible for this game to handle it? (from my experiance there is a small lag always even when you play 1 v 1). As for the language, Acelga is not speaking russian, he knows some words but for sure he will have a hard time with it. I am a bit better in it but another problem is that I cant type in russian cos my keyboard havent russian letters (I guess the same with Acelga since he is from Argentina and if I dont have it why would he). With that being said, we dont expect much from this event on start, later we will decide if to do it more often, I guess there will be possible technical issues at first and maybe a problem with languages a bit, also dont expect big strategies or tactics, unlike other projects/events here on WOG, this will be more like a back to the roots and for fun event cos on CTI/Warfare missions you have respawn, AI, spotting radio chatter, crosshair (can be turned off), third person (can be turned off) and all that kind of shit () but at least with ECP there will be more things compared to vanilla ArmA CWA such as leaning, improved sounds, improved effects, slight improvement in terrains textures (islands), player burning when near huge fire, bleeding (must be setup on server), lower a gun instead of gun on back (you can run even with lowered weapon), a bit different movement system (mostly animations), Idle animations and more, there will be a video about it later, also I will be adding a screenshot of ECP Settings (there is a one new options menu mostly client related where you can disable and enable all things). If you have some questions we will try to answer them.
  10. спасибо Ocelot