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  1. @Dock I hope you will like my respond in the questionarie. :D
  2. It is not about some squad make some bullshit. Sometimes people are making mistakes... But it is about main commander. If you have week main commander, squads will do what they want... And week commander is commander who just don't care about the mission plan. The week commander is guy who just go into the HQ room and he is waiting what will happend.
  3. I red something about how make a games on the WOG better, so there is my opinion: You know, everything is only about people... We have people: who are making good missions, who are good commanders, who care about to make very good briefing, who are good players... 3 years ago we were playing bigger missions with 180 people. Do you think this is the problem? Is it problem if we have not so much people like 3 years ago? I don't think so. Maybe there were just more people like these who I named above. Maybe there are less people who cares about games, or they are maybe still there, but they are bored about how todays missions looks like, so they don't cares anymore. I think all games which we are playing can be very interesting, but firstly you need correctly working missions which have been tested. Secondly you must have people who likes make briefing (mission plan) or who are very good commanders. It is simple, if you want have good game you must have a briefing where people gets evry information which is needed to success and you must have some plan / tactic. If you don't want to make same special plan for your mission you must be very very good commander who can go trought evry shits without total failure. Now we have some "commanders" who don't care about make some working plan for the mission or they don't have time to do some specific plan or they are bored with commanding so they don't want to spend time with planning. Now we have some games where is not any briefing and main commander is quiet and he is waiting what other people thinks up... This is main difference between what was before and what is now. So if you don't like to be commander maybe it will be better if you say that or maybe you can ask for some people for help. Main commander is not here to make victory plan, he is here to make "scenario" which will loved by other people. So stop thinking about best way how to fu**ed up with your enemy, stop doing some crazy rush plan, but make something where you will be sure,that will not be total failure. If you want try to do some crazy plan you have still third games or games on Wednesday. Maybe this can sound like a hate but you know, people normmaly forgot for good things (games), but they always remember for bad things (games).
  4. @Yuki_Hattori I think, I sow in the start of the mission 3 HMMWVs without wheels. And there were atleast another 3 HMMWVs which lost thair wheel in the mission.
  5. I writed you have been scouts and as I writed everyone made thair job well. Thats means you have been also great. I don't wont to judge individual teams, I wont only describe the situation and I wont judge everyone as one side. But you are right I didn't write about you almost nothing. I think you have been very helpful for people who has been in first line and for our aircraft. Because of you, our guys knew what is waiting for them in the front.
  6. Briefing of the blue (attacking) side: 1. Way Points: My plan was make a big convoy of 18 HMMWVs and go together on the first WP. We had 3 attaccking platoons: group west (LG + 5TH + RSG med) , group middle (GHOST + MOR-HQ) and group east (RSG + MOR + MOR med). 2. Scouting: This work was for BB Little Bird they go on the position of the first WP and check everything around there. 3. Aircraft (SF + LG): These guys have one simply task, cover the Little Bird while he is scouting. Someone maybe thought I am crazy, why I wont all aircraft to cover one Little Bird... That is easy Little Bird's task have been, scout everything around our WPs and there were 18 HMMWVs which have been moving on these WPs. So guys from aircraft have been covering Little Bird and all guys on blue side in one time. This was one of my main point of the plan, destroy enemy aircraft and stay alive. I did't wont to say just cover whole blue side, so I said cover Little Bird... There are some pictures: - My plan was stay together, because this map is fu**ing desert, so very important is, if everyone can cover everyone. - I marked all forrests and all important hills where people could cover yourself, in order to make it easier for our SQLs. Debriefing: We started slow, everyone left our spawn without any problem this is alway good start of the mission, but when we were 2 km from the spawn, enemy aircraft started attacking on us. I was going last and when I have seen around 5 HMMWVs without wheels I thought these guys are totally fu**ed up... We had 4 stingers, AVENGER + all aircraft in one position so enemy aircraft had casualties. We were moving in position of WP 0 regardless damaged HMMWVs and after that we were moving in position of WP 1. There was another problem, enemy infantry have been waiting for us in the city Shirk. We stopped here maybe for 15 minutes. This was very big problem, because if you are going in convoy you cant just stop somwhere and fight with enemy, because there can come more and more enemies from all sides. GHOST had task to attack on the west side of Shirk, MOR had task to attack on the east side of the city and LG + RSG were covering everything. We cleard the city and LG said they have more enemy contacts on the east from the Shirk. I didn't know how much enemy can be in this area... In this moment I sow 5TH squad is in position of west group (WP1), they have been alive and everything have been clear on thair position, so I made order to go forward. After the Shirk problem everyone went correctly on thair positions (west, middle and east). This was the momment when I have seen everyone are working together and everyone are prepared to fight with everything what would showed up, so my next order was go in position of WP2. In this time have happend what I wonted, enemy didn't have any aircraft, they had only a lot of easy targets moving in the desert. That was end of our enemies. Our aircrafft (SF Snake + LG Rino and Gamer) started killing every enemy unit, around 3 km from our infantry which were in position of WP 2. Thank you all, everyone have been working magnificently and I hope you enjoyed the mission.
  7. До

    @LEYDEN CTU @Lord of Darkness this mission will be funny. Green side captured the city which was under control of red side (green are in the zone). Blue side thinks, the red side is week so they wont to kill green side and take the city. But red side is not week and they wont to take city back under their control and deffend it. So in the end everyone wont the city and everyone wont kill everyone :D Next thing is, in the briefing is writed, we cant bomb the city. @onoda thats mean we cant shoot there with mortars and with rockets from aircraft? And another thing is there is writed something about Paladin and T55. I have been looking into the mission for 138 people and there are not any tanks or mortars... So which version we will play? I suppose we will play mission for 138 people...
  8. Hey guys if you need server, you can use MOR server it isnt problem... But it is better if someone from WOG admins, will be server administrator... We do not have guys who have enough experience about that. If you want use our server, contact Terablick or Stealth. ts.morclan.cz
  9. @DAP I played this mission for deffend side. We were just sitting in the zone and waiting for death. It was funny, we were three people at the bunker in the video and 200 m on the front of the bunker just showed up 8 people and killed us... And I think in this video are squads for 8 people where is 1 SQL with radio and map + 1 FTL with radio. But there are also some missions where are 8 people together and there is only 1 radio, in that case it is not so funny like your video... If all missions would works like your video there will be playing around 80 people, but now there are around 30 people...
  10. @DAP I dont have problem with that but as you see its not working, because you need all people who will play like this. Team is as strong as the weakest member of this team. I want have all sqads where is 8 people, with 1 map and 2 radios. Or in better way have 9 people with 1 SQL and 2 FTL (1 map and 3 radios). I want it for all because its make game easier and there will be more cooperation. Now its sometimes like a Battlefield without any communication.
  11. @DAP So what do you want from VTN on the WOG? I want game where is realistic physics, weapons and what I also want is cooperation and communication. But you said VTN just shows what will happend with WOG players in the war. I dont want play somethig what just show me I am not good as proffesional soldier. I want play something where I can play as proffesional soldier because this is what I am expecting from game. VTN is very good as addons but I cant say same about VTN games on the WOG. I cant say VTN games are boring but I cant also say it is good. People are making crazy Battlefield tactics because they dont have enough resorces to make normal mission plan with HQ and cooperative squads. People cant cooperate if they dont know what is happening around them. This is the main difference: Profesional soldiers dont need this "resources" to be functional on the battlefield but normal people without training cant do the same like a proffesionals corectly without some help. This is only about priorites. You can have a game where you can have a fun from people who dont know how to play as proffesional soldiers or you can have a game where people are not proffesionals but they have it easier and they can have a nice "realistic" game experience. This is the reason why we are playing in 30 people. People want play something what will looks like realistic battle but they dont want to play somthing what looks like some random people have a guns and they go kills some different random people with a guns... In the game you can have only realistic atmosfere not a realistic conditions, because these conditions makes everything unrealistic, because we are not proffesionals. Maybe you can think this is a hate but I am only try to make things better. I played VTN many times and it tooks 2 years, then game administrators make decision: its will be better for gameplay, if SQL have a map... There can be a lot of thigs better if you make it better :D
  12. @Dock things about realism in the game are much more complicated. You can just say this is realism but the others can say this is still a game. One and half year ago there werent any compasses in the game and everything were as hardcore as unplayable because in reality you can easy say where is the enemy contact but if you are looking in to the small monitor you cant just say shoot there... Same situation is with communication and cooperation. It is much more easier if you hav fov 160° and you can scream your commands for entire forrest. But in the game you cant, because fov is only 60° and you cant use minus on the keyboard for unzoom your look for better view in the close combat and other people can hear you only for 15 metres... Next things are maps. It is true and realistic if the taliban soldiers dont have a maps but in the reality the taliban soldier know every rock 15 kilometres around. When we are playing I am sometimes thinking a lot of people dont know where are they and they dont know where is the target. A lot of people can say we know that but this is only because of you play same mission for 10 times... I have been very disappointment when I have been commanding to 8 people and I dont have any way how to say to machine gunner to stop shooting on friends... I have been running and screaming stop shooting but they hear it when I have been next to them and that was too late. For me that was last time when I have been commanding on vtn because I cant and I dont wont to command to 8 people without fire team leader. Normal for playing is have 9 people in the squad where is one squad leader and two fire team leaders with tools for commanding. I am playing games for have a fun, not for be angry when yor guys kill friendly HQ commander. This is only my opinion and I cant introduce how vtn could working in 100 people. And this is maybe reason why there are playing only around 30 people.
  13. @LEYDEN CTU the most hardcore is shooting on target, which is going quickly around your position. Best way is shoot for longer distance when the target is moving directly on your position or directly out from your position. A lot of people thinks close range target is easy target but it is true only for very slow or statical targets... Next thing is correct timing and concentration...
  14. @GonzoPunkass If you have mission on the open field map with tanks or with aircraft it is better have view distance around 8000 m (4000 m effective view distance). The game will a little bit slow down, because people will see everything. Everyone will see all places where can be enemy, they will be thinking about all posibilities and they will be more careful. 2500 m effective view distance is not enough for big mission like this... Meybe someone can think it is too OP, because aircraft can see you for longer distance but you can see enemy airccraft too. If enemy airccraft shoot guided missile for long distance you will have much more time for hide your vehicle before missile comes... So I think it is harder for enemy aircraft, because everyone can see where it is going... Someone can also say it is not good for fps, but people who have 30 fps can't go into tank or aircraft. It is sad but it is true... I think there is enough people who can run Arma with this view distance because almost everyone have a lot of fps on the open field maps. For example on Chernarus map is enough 5000 m (2500 m) view distance, because there is forest everywhere... This is what I think about that. Do you wont have big battle with tanks and aricraft? You must have aslo big view distance. If you don't have it, there can be this "fair play" problem.