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    Arma, Metro, The Witcher, Gothic...

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  1. mor

    We are one of the oldest and the most active Czechoslovakia gaming clans in Armed Assault (ArmA) games. We have started playing in 2006 with game Operation Flashpoint. In now days we are playing TvT / PvP missions without any involvement of AI / NPC units. Occasionally we are also playing COOP missions, but only if someone invite us, or during trainings sessions. You can find more informations about our team on our websites: www.morclan.cz
  2. Check this favicon... favicon O shape.ico
  3. Well there is one big problem. Thats problem is WOG logo dont have aspect ratio 1:1 so you can use only one letter... I think its can be better if you use some picture which have aspect ratio 1:1... But firstly I will try remake your favicon...
  4. Now I know what you mean... But I dont have any idea what picture can be good for it :D But I made some favicon.ico, it is not nothing special, but you can try to use that... If you wont make same favicon by your self you can use this website: http://www.favicon.cc/? Its better firstly found some good picture which you can import into the favicon and after that you can remake it pixel by pixel... favicon military helmet.ico
  5. So you need some big header pircture? Which aspect ratio you need? 1:1 or for example 16:9? And where you wont to use this Picture? It will be on the light or dark background?
  6. Do you think something like this?
  7. I hope you know what are you doing guys. And I hope everything will be still working right.
  8. Thank you for everything what you did for this project. Only because of you, MOR can play games like these and I hope everything will going as well as now. :)
  9. Please update our emblem.
  10. Lets make a WOG great again! :) WOG trailer from 2012.
  11. Pls give tag MORto player Spreekill ... .
  12. Please give tag MOR to player Stealth. https://wogames.info/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=6463