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LEYDEN CTU стал победителем дня 12 ноября

LEYDEN CTU имел наиболее популярный контент!

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    Death Metal

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  1. Fox from CTU working on HK for VTN
  2. generator on shapur night
  3. from the ctu we want to thank all the participants. It is very important your participation in these games in South America. since tvt events are not played here. We will continue working on the basis of the experiences that will be improved day by day. We learn from wog all the time and we try to take this culture to South America. we dream of bringing together the tribes in South America and someday perform a large-scale event with wog. It only remains to continue learning and working! Resumen multicamara @Makaveli @ToxaSM Leyden y Mendia
  4. здравствуйте товарищи, This post is to extend formal invite to you to participate in our sunday's event. We are trying to impose the FRIENDLY TVT culture in south-america and your participation always helps and is welcome. блять. Operation Cheguet Date: Sunday 12 November TS: ctu-ts.ddns.net SV: CTU Time: 1500hs (Arg) 1900hs (Cz) 2100hs (Ru) - ATTENTION TO TIME CHANGES BECAUSE OF EUROPEAN WINTER Format: TvT - No Respawn Addons: ACE +(COMPATC RHS AFRF Y USF) - CBA-CUP TERRAINS(CORE-CWA-MAPS) + LITHYUM+JBAD - RHS (USA Y RU) - PROJECT OPFOR - TASKFORCE - SLOTS: 75 Some units may spawn without radio, compass, map or gps PRESENCE LIST: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zHGJ8SaIjhY6xsyQ_TaDVSLVEcLS-yp6zgAKsTKpaN0/edit#gid=0 2 mission 1 hour long will be played, the briefing will be given the day of the operation and it will last 15 minutes per side In both missions, the attacking side has superiority in ammunition and vehicles, be warned it will not be balanced. Main mission: "Operation Cheguet" in Lythium. Kurd forces must destroy 2 AA systems deployed in position Cheguet, defended by ISIS. kurd logistic: -1 HMMWV -2 BTR 80 -1 HMMWV Mk19 -2 HMMWV M2 -4 Ural Transport -1 UH-1y (Transport) Squads (x4) 1 TL GL 1 PKM 1 RPG 1GL 4 RIFLEMAN 1 Special Forces Squad 1 TL 2 M249 1 PKM 1 SVD 1 RPG 1 RIFLEMAN 1 GIL COT 1 Comander 1 Piloto 3 Medics 2 Crew Driver ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISIS LOGISTIC -1 Land Rover SPG -2 KORD Static -1 HMMWV M2 -1 Car Squads x 3 1 TL GL 1 PKM 1 GL 1 Assit MG 1 RPG 3 Rifleman -3 mens Bombers -1 Comander -2 Medics
  5. Теперь, когда 8vo round закончены ... мы перейдем в сектор vtn и начнем обсуждение с помощью vtn и zoom ... мы идем в гнездо ос, мы близки. Только 2 раздела на форуме! a la cargaaaaa
  6. Я перевел как 10 страниц на русский ...они заставляют меня работать сильнее, чем civilian Age of empire....