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  1. Thanks to those present today!
  2. Come to play tomorrow! Спасибо!
  3. Hi guys! this Sunday 23 april we have a mission tvt on arma 3 with some clans to sudamerica! the people to participate on WOG are welcome to play. I think we have 20/30 slots max for people WOG, try to confirm your presence team please for some best organization OPERACION CATRASCA Day: Sunday, April 23 Time: 1600hs (Arg) 2100hs (Esp) 2200hs (Ru) 2100hs (Rep Cz) Addons: ACE + CBA + CUP_TERRAINS + RHS (USA + RU) + TALIBAN FIGHTER TASKFORCE SV: CTU TS: ctu-ts.ddns.net Modality: TvT Slots: 90 (The organization can balance or de-balance the event according to the number of present on the day of the date in case its clan does not confirm at least 72 hours before its presence) Briefing: After being displaced from the center of Mosul by the Americans, the Taliban plan to attack FOB "Catrasca". They know that as the Americans are battling North, the base's defenses will not be at their peak and it will be a good time to assault this position. The Russians, upon learning of this movement, did not hesitate to join in bringing arms, troops and some vehicles. Intelligence informs that in "Catrastca" is a computer with a lot of information that can not be hacked from a distance, just entering and downloading the data manually ... Mechanics of the mission Main objectives: Taliban + Russians: Hacking the computer within 2 hours American Side: Defend the Catrasca base and prevent the Computer from being hacked Logistics: American band 4 Squadrons 8 men (FOB Catrasca) 1 Squad Special Forces (Start from another point) 3 mrzr 2 crew members 1 M2a2ods 1 Mortar Mk6 Taliban + Russian band 4 Taliban Squadrons x 8 men 2 Squads Special Forces (Airborne) 2 Snipers 2 BMPD2 4 Crewmembers 1 Mi8mt + Pilot 6 Ural Trucks
  4. Great idea to Crabe put mines on the south zone!
  5. Taiking the Hill (last mision)
  6. Some images for VTN
  7. some funnys moments for today on mWOG