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  1. Mission Defend Fabrica
  2. video incoming! i think the play of the year on wog :D
  3. hi kamaradas, this 8 of July we play a coop mission on Arma 3 with some people for sudamerica, we play later wog A2 if you like to play a coop mission you are welcome! Día: 8 de Julio Hora: 1800hs (Arg) 2300hs(Esp) 0000hs (Ru) 2300hs (Rep Cz) Addons: ACE+CBA+ LYTHIUM+JBAD+ RHS (USA+RU)+ TALIBAN FIGHTER+ TASKFORCE+R3F UNITS+R3F WEAPONS Ts: ctu-ts.ddns.net
  4. waiting for finish the summer on Rusia for masive combats on wog
  5. Official web: http://ctu-arma3.ddns.net/about.html Teamspeak: ctu-ts.ddns.net CTU Forum: http://ctu-arma3.ddns.net/forum/index.php
  6. Daniel from Argentina CTU he create control system not ussing much dolars! Enjoy!
  7. From maincraft to play weapon 2 as god commands!
  8. Hello partners, in CTU We have some new players on Arma 2. It would be good to do some missions before they came to play in wog someone interested? Only write privately or in the TS of wog Saludos
  9. any play or like Madden 08 for pc?
  10. Thanks for all kronos. Know that in the ass of the world we still play arma2 thanks to WOG. From the CTU thanks for giving us the possibility to belong in this great project and learn from it day by day. Thanks for marking a path and maintaining not only a game but a very important social project as WOG
  11. In the battles of arma2. Is a game of errors, humans are not perfect. We will not be able to go to the Olympic games playing arma2. It's just for fun. No need to fight .... Just worry the day that nigga-Argentines take the command in a mission of wog...
  12. Great first mision, bad lucky for me on the last...i dont know what pass with the Rpg some newebs guys for CTU play for first time on wog And they went crazy!