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  1. Remake Ibalguin Dock! Bring back to Old School vtn! some Sunday we could do the event, some South American players we could get to call for some Sunday
  2. passing files to my new disk I found several memories. Operation Ibalgin, early versions of VTN. I do not remember well that it had happened but that it was not possible to play the main mission, then it put another mission and pum 100 people aprox in VTN fighting! I remember that we defended 25 vs 75 aprox, We were CTU + MOR + FBA of Brazil in defense. The attackers 75 piranhas moving together, it was impossible to stop such a horde, flower victory for the attacking side! video from mission,one of the best combats I saw in vtn some pic
  3. VTN style! https://videos.funker530.com/bitmotive/public/funker530/v1.0/videos/funker530/8a8f190933f905ba859907789a02e54c/854x480.mp4
  4. Operación Tristeza de Verano After several years of struggle, we received information that would result in a large-scale assault on the city of the government army. NATO wants to take advantage to stay with part of the city knowing that the government army started the assault, must act beforehand. Our troops cornered and without supplies for several months ... we can only wait for the attack and try to resist as much as possible. at the last moment some extremist volunteers arrived to fight for the cause, they were able to introduce evading the controls 2 TOW and a Strela, we do not have extra ammunition nor night visors. only with our heart for the armed struggle and die for a good cause The Plan: Black lines: Mines Red Marker: zone free for enemies battle We knew that the enemy had multiple light vehicles, airplanes and helicopters. Mobilizing several detachments to the distant would be making matters easier for enemy air forces, the field too open and with little coverage. The idea was to avoid confrontation as much as possible for NATO and FGN to fight. For this we ceded much of the city to be killed among them, our troops would be north grouped between several streets with antipersonnel mines and RPG waiting. there would be 2 streets to enter and leave the area as everything would be mined. "that dominates the sky" ... 3 planes by enemy side, would be a great threat for us extremists, but we would not be a concern for them, they should remove their eyes among the crows in the sky or destroy enemy vehicles, they would be a weapon of double edge for us we would count on some observers advanced both west and east A claw was expected from the enemies from the east and south west. KND was awarded the TOW with the aim of mobilizing to destroy targets of enemy value and try to move the enemies towards the center to avoid being flanked and to lead all the enemies to face each other in the middle, we should seek that confrontation between both since it would be almost impossible to fight from equal to equal As soon as our troops were positioned and we flew over an enemy litel bird, they would be reconnoitering the west and north, Our Shilka positioned to the west began to open fire on the litel bird, continued running the time and we did not have information on the enemies, only to how far some SPG detonations were being heard, will NATO and the FGN fight against each other? I was hoping that was happening, but I really could not confirm if that was happening. Our observer gankstaer detects moving of hummvies and infantry by the SW and almost at the same time spreakill detects spg to the east, hunting team with TOW de knd has in sight several targets and destroying enemy vehicle of high value. DV continued shooting with Shilka towards Litel bird until a Harrier probably destroyed it in the West. MOR extremist volunteers were barricaded inside the Hotel with explosive vests, it was a very exposed position where enemies would initially shoot with almost safety. DV Infantry will cover the East and the rest of the KND west. After destroying another vehicle, the KND fighter team retreated to the safe perimeter within the city, we did not have AA systems, it was night time and we saw very little and NATO was advancing at high speed, we had to put up for about 40 minutes more in the city At that moment, when all the lights went out and the planes were flying over and over, pulling down every building where you could get in, it was really scary. I could only look from a window that gave me the little light and allowed me to see what was happening in the sky, it was a very intense moment. Suddenly that heartbreaking silence that happens in wog, that is not a good sign (infantry moves clearly inside the city) and nothing was seen and the first detonations of mines were heard in the cold night, began to fly rpg, GL , grenades, shouts, runs and shootings everywhere. the airplanes continued happening in formations, will be that there is an aerial battle? it is impossible to know. The good thing about having the enemy troops in the perimeter the airplanes had to cease the fire supresor to all type of buildings, would only shoot in case of marking a building precizo. Our troops continued to fight despite all the difficulties that were presented to us, we fought to the end for a good cause knowing that in advance we could not win. The result did not dull our effort and I want to thank the troops who voluntarily joined the extremist cause! Great work and collaboration of all despite all the circumstances Thanks for onoda for for yielding to me as commander and the volunteers who joined the extremist cause
  5. До

    ok i take indep side saladen bomb!
  6. I was about to negotiate some rare plants for a couple of dollars ... there was no deal
  7. @Sonar not everything always comes out as planned ... give me time someday I'll be like you mate