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  1. Today die Sonny Landham "Billy" from predator (was crazy today on mission wog start with music predator) Actor Sonny Landham, who appeared in “Predator” and “48 Hrs,” died from congestive heart failure Thursday in Lexington, Ky. He was 76. The actor, who was part Seminole and part Cherokee, was best known for portraying Native American tracker Billy Sole in Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer “Predator” in 1987. However, he did not appear in the film’s sequels. RIP Good travel
  2. Red Baron its Down!
  3. Do not forget us with the RPG manual! Dap ... deliver the manual or we'll go look for you like the video Joder Tio Hostia
  4. double RPG in the same time!
  5. OPERATION THE DEVIL'S HILL SUNDAY 13 AUGUST 2130HS RU 1530HS ARG SLOTS: 40 ADDONS: WOG + UNSUNG SIDES: NVA-VIET CONG (OPFOR) ATTACK - RVA + USA (DEFEND) LINK UNSUNG: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12267 TS: ctu-ts.ddns.net BRIEFING: Devil's Hill is a very important communications post in the Northern region of Vietnam. From there, the Americans use a COT (Tactical Operations Center) To direct the Logistics and Artillery Fire on the Viet Cong and the NVA. The armed forces of the North know the current position, it will be a great moment for Attack and destroy the communications antenna and thus for a brief period the Americans must cease Artillery fire on their positions. This will give them time To continue attacking other logistics centers. Execution: RVA + USA: Defend the COT "DONA" and keep the Antenna active for 1 hour (Code Devil Hill) NVA + Viet Cong: Destroy Antenna (Hill of the Devil) and COT Capture "Dona" Logistics: Atack side: 1 T34 (Depending on the people come) Extra: No gps, some units not compas Radio only FTL and RTO for Squad Sistem medic: All units can put Morphine and Epi but Medic only put Medic kit
  6. We work more than age of empire villager putting the mines!
  7. Hi Kamaradas! This sunday 6 August we play a mission TvT TEST on Unsung Mod (Vietnam) for Arma 2, if you like to play you are welcome! Operation Sunday Ticket Hour: 1530hs Arg - 2130hs Ru - 2030 Cz Addons: WOG + Unsung Link Unsung http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12267 Slots: 30 (try to confirm in this post) Teampspeak: ctu-ts.ddns.net Server: port:2302